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  1. Just Dance 2015 is already unachieveable , you must unlock all 6 monthly mash ups ( 1 each month from october to march ) and 6 parts of 6 monthly multiplayer .
  2. Nice profile pic LOL

    1. TazDevilz1986
    2. Banana_Sausage47


      Haha! "I myself am a former pro fighting game player."

  3. Played Super Mario Odyssey on Switch for 2 hrs , i felt something wrong with this game i'm only collecting moon for my odyssey to travel around the levels , what do you think guys about this game ?

  4. Any news for Dark Souls Remastered for Switch ? 

    playing DS on GO Device was a dream !

  5. does internet speed matter in nat type ?

    1. Yuukiyun


      Not as far as I know. I have terrible internet without a LAN cable plugged in, but I have NAT 2.

    2. Iiah


      nat1 = you have public ip and no port forwarding issues

      nat2 = you have private ip and no port forwarding issues

      nat3 = you have port forwarding issues (no matter if public or private ip)

      speed doesn't matter. nat1 and 2 are both good.nat3 is what you don't want.

    3. Yuukiyun


      I had NAT 3 for a while and couldn't fix it. It was terrible.

  6. hi guys im having trouble with dropping weapon to my friend , any idea ?
  7. ودي اسبك بس مدري من ايش خايف 🤔
  8. it's bold decision , i was thinking to start new account but i feel like lost something big, but when i saw your post here i think i should step up forward
  9. Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 + Resident Evil 6
  10. i'm about to upgrade my PS3 Super Slim to 250gb SSD from Blue Western Digital.

  11. Yes it became available from long time ago
  12. Me! it was perfect!
  13. you can beat it man , just keep it up and let us know more about your experience
  14. Still waiting for my collector's edition
  15. Well i'll try then if i could help anybody