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  1. Played Super Mario Odyssey on Switch for 2 hrs , i felt something wrong with this game i'm only collecting moon for my odyssey to travel around the levels , what do you think guys about this game ?

  2. Any news for Dark Souls Remastered for Switch ? 

    playing DS on GO Device was a dream !

  3. does internet speed matter in nat type ?

    1. SunnyCrappyYT


      Not as far as I know. I have terrible internet without a LAN cable plugged in, but I have NAT 2.

    2. Iiah


      nat1 = you have public ip and no port forwarding issues

      nat2 = you have private ip and no port forwarding issues

      nat3 = you have port forwarding issues (no matter if public or private ip)

      speed doesn't matter. nat1 and 2 are both good.nat3 is what you don't want.

    3. SunnyCrappyYT


      I had NAT 3 for a while and couldn't fix it. It was terrible.

  4. hi guys im having trouble with dropping weapon to my friend , any idea ?
  5. ودي اسبك بس مدري من ايش خايف 🤔
  6. it's bold decision , i was thinking to start new account but i feel like lost something big, but when i saw your post here i think i should step up forward
  7. Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 + Resident Evil 6
  8. i'm about to upgrade my PS3 Super Slim to 250gb SSD from Blue Western Digital.

  9. Yes it became available from long time ago
  10. Me! it was perfect!
  11. you can beat it man , just keep it up and let us know more about your experience
  12. Still waiting for my collector's edition
  13. Well i'll try then if i could help anybody
  14. i'm still to find any path for lp2 #1 after watching your YT video , thinks for your video :)

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    2. xDLloyd091x


      I can't really say that japanese dominates games like DMC4/NGS2 lol. It's just still the old cliché that people still believes "oh wow he's japanese, so he must be beast" lmao. Ofc they are better than Trophy Hunters without any doubts haha. 


      About Uncharted 4... who knows if you just got carried for them? I'm not here to offend you with this, but heck lol. 


      I wouldn't set up your hopes to much for Nintendo, since they messed up things again very badly. They're basically dead lol. 

    3. Sergen


      Being born a specific way doesn't make you special. Japanese people do have more of a work ethic than most other cultures, but that doesn't make them naturally talented. It's American gamers that are often more famous and making more e-sports money than Japanese gamers and sure it might be for COD, but becoming good at COD isn't a walk in the park since it has way more competition than any other game. Uncharted 4 is a pay-to-win game, you bought a high-powered sniper and go through co-op with it, well done. If you have Uncharted 3, why don't you play co-op arena with me? If you're so good at Uncharted 4 you should be good at Uncharted 3 as well, just for fun <3 

    4. er_campanario


      Of course is a cliché.


      I could, I could not, or maybe it's mixed. Who knows? . 


      About Nintendo, they are doing it great, sales are huge. The only problem is that the console arrived without an online infraestructure, but well... releasing incomplete things and developing them bit a bit is what we have nowadays. Happened the same with PS4 when it was released, having less features than PS3 lol. 


      We'll see what Nintendo has to offer . From what I know. is just great. 



  15. DAMN what i'm doing here