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  1. Well, the requirements are only purchasing the skin pieces from Whispers, you could check the amount you have by selecting a skin and pressing on it to change to the one you've bought. This wasn't a problematic trophy, unless the game doesn't count the ones from Subject 2923, but that doesn't seem to be the case since someone from TrueAchievements got the trophy by buying them (which actually costs less than buying the full sets, as you can just buy the head pieces of the majority which will be cheaper). It's worth keeping a backup save before you buy them all at once, in case the trophy remains glitched, so you can restore it to see if it pops then. You are correct, restoring the World and keeping the Chraracter save can help you get different items that would require another playthrough (such as getting Ruin from the Undying King and restoring the save to give the Guardian's Heart to the Iskal Queen without losing it). It also works if you want to farm Trait Points by restoring a save before you complete a quest or pick up a Tome of Knowledge.
  2. Getting through Fetid Pools is the best method for acquiring Glowing Fragments, but it's not recommended to do it before attempting Survival because by trying to reach 10 boss kills in a row you'll naturally get a lot of Glowing Fragments, and depending on how many tries it takes for some players, they can acquire enough to buy all the armor skins without the need to farm. But that's not the case for everyone, so there's no need to go back to Survival after you get Dominator to farm as you can just do the method i posted.
  3. Your Division is way below of your co-op partner, which means winning a match will grant you the maximum amount of points due to the K-Factor of the division you're in, and losing will get you the minimum. Your co-op partner is winning and losing the standard points of the division he's in.
  4. Even if on FIFA 20 it shows your original foundation date, it would be incorrect on FIFA 21 as you already started the club, and deleting it would obviously have a EST date from the current month. It's messed up for good, unless you get a positive answer on the EA Forums and a someone manually reverts it, but the majority of the players that tried it didn't have any success.
  5. The current workaround is to do two milestones in one session, and of course, finishing two in the same game will work because it's in a single session, obviously. I got the trophy by doing MLS and SBC, when i finished the 15th game on MLS i went back to the menus without claiming anything and sent the final SBC and unlocked it instantly.
  6. You can't. But you can wait for Stadium Development III and do that alongside MLS Squad Foundations (2-4 hours).
  7. Thankfully. Got worried when they released the League Player on the Objetives tab, but now with Squad Foundations it looks like we'll have more options and attempts for this trophy. Last year we had 10 Milestones due to League Players, let's see how many more of Squad Foundations they intend to add.
  8. You might as well edit your first post on this topic, then, considering you're the OP and the supposed initial fix can be misleading for those that aren't following this topic on a regular basis. All in all, this trophy remains glitched as of now. The description of the trophy is to complete two milestone groups, not two milestone groups in one session. I already have completed 6 and should've had this trophy for a while now, and if it remains like this, there's a big chance people can finish all milestones and not receive the trophy, considering you supposedly need to get two in the same session (not just redeeming them, which i've done in the first two, but finishing them), and even still isn't a foolproof method. Given that the only milestones i have left that don't require an absurd amount of grind or effort are SBC's and the yet to be released Stadium Development III, if i don't get the trophy with the two milestones in a session method i will just wait until EA publicly acknowledges this glitched trophy and fixes yet. I already tried reedeming two in the same session and finishing the first two milestones i started and didn't get the trophy (the latter being the method the OP posted).
  9. Yes. Combine the knowledge from the first post with the subsequent tip from Arcesius below for faster results:
  10. What Community Manager you talked with? I've been sending messages on Twitter to team on @EAFIFADirect, which is the Twitter responsible for updates on the game. This year they added a Trello tracker to put problems they are investigating, so we'll know for sure they are looking into it when this problem appears on that list (
  11. Depends who you buy. I was buying English CB's and selling for more than i paid until i learned that relisting them counted as well. And like i said, pressing R2 won't work, you have to do it manually to count, but it's still faster than buying through the market and selling them.
  12. Buy 100 Bronze Players on the market and list them for more than they are going for, so they don't sell. Every hour you come back to relist manually each card (not pressing R2 to relist them all) will count as 100 listings.
  13. Oh, man. And this year they decided to release the League Players on the Objetives tab instead of Milestones, otherwise we would at least have 10 extra chances of getting this trophy.
  14. I had left the Group Reward from the Assist one unclaimed and finished the Transfer Market objetive on the same session, and still didn't unlock the trophy a few weeks ago. Seems even messier than i thought. Already finished 5 Milestone Groups and no trophy, i wonder if deleting the club restores them, although i don't want to lose almost a million coins to test.