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  1. Exactly. That's why I concluded that on my first playthrough it was the killing that voided the trophy rather than other decisions I made in the game. Game doesn't seem to care if you miss side missions. It's actually very difficult not to help at least some NPCs in the game anyway as they offer rewards that help you progress (unless you outright kill and loot them).
  2. Hi all, I’m making this post to clear up any misconceptions about some of the more delicate missable trophies in this game so that anyone reading this hoping to get the platinum can do so with complete confidence that they’re on the right track, as I noticed a lot of misinformation from confused players when I was googling for tips despite a full guide being up. Friendly advice although not strictly necessary: The very first time I played Prey about 2 years ago I was not concerned about trophies. Just played it my way and had a blast while doing it. Got most of the trophies naturally because I explored absolutely everything. As a result, I never found it difficult as some other players did - and this was on normal difficulty. I have since played it 3 more times to clean up remaining trophies for the platinum. My NG+ playthrough (on normal difficulty again) included a mix of typhon and human mods - as per the campaign it was based on - and I got I and Thou and Do No Harm with it. I then did No Needles, I and It, and one half of Split Infinity (typhon) on story difficulty in 9 hours. Lastly, I did the second half of Split Affinity (human) which took me under 4 hours on story difficulty mostly critical-pathing. I know the guide says the plat can be achieved in 2 playthroughs but I honestly think one will have the most fun if done in three, the first time just playing as you want. I did it in 4 just because I wanted to experience what NG+ was like but my final playthrough was super short anyway so don’t worry about time. General tips/clearing up common misconceptions: Playing on New Game plus does not void trophies. Playing on story difficulty does not block trophies either. I would recommend story difficulty for subsequent playthroughs if you want to do it quick. Installing typhon abilities does not void I and Thou. I and Thou: I’ve seen folks complaining how they didn’t get the trophy despite doing every side quest but then casually mentioning that they killed 1 or 2 people... It’s simple: don’t kill anyone. Not even the cook. Killing seems to just void the trophy, or at least gives so many negative empathy points that you’ll never make up for it no matter how many loyalty side quests you do. The trophy requirement is to complete the game in the most empathetic way possible so killing is obviously a no-no. On my very first playthrough when I wasn’t trophy hunting, I had high empathy but didn’t get I and Thou. I did all loyalty side quests however I killed the mind controlled guy in the trauma centre pretty early on, released Aaron Ingram but a Phantom killed him later on and I lied to Mikhaila about her father. Amongst all that, what voided the trophy was killing the guy in the trauma centre. The reason I know that is because when I achieved I and Thou on NG+ playthrough I dropped the cook with my disruptor the moment he let me in the kitchen. I found Danielle but never completed her quest to kill him, so the cook was unconscious to the end. Even though completing Danielle Sho’s quest to end results in the cook’s own accidental suicide, simply knocking him out the moment he lets you in his kitchen is safer as it’s not seen as intent, from the game’s perspective, to kill (it also saves you time having to chase him down). You should still find Danielle but just don’t do what she asks. At the end, the Danielle operator noted I let the cook live and have a low capacity for retribution but also noted that I went out of my way to save many mind controlled humans (I saved them all) so the consistency of preserving human life seemed enough to offset the fact that I didn’t do her quest. The game didn’t seem to care that I ignored her dying wish. In short, just don’t kill anyone. With Aaron Ingram, release him from his cell but then use the disruptor gun on him to knock him unconscious and lock him in the room he gives you the code for. That way he is safe and the phantom that spawns later cannot kill him. Even though the game doesn’t count humans dying by other forces as your kill, Aaron Ingram is technically your responsibility. Split Affinity: This one seems to cause headaches for people but it’s really simple: on the No Needles run you can make a manual save right before the final decision, reload and then install either a typhon or human mod. The moment you complete the game with a neuromod that campaign file becomes locked to that neuromod playthrough, so if you try to reload that manual save again and complete it with the opposite neuromod type it will not work - the game will still only count it as the FIRST neuromod completion, giving you one half of the trophy. So you will have to do a full playthrough with the opposite neuromod on a separate campaign slot. I hope that helps. I can see why some players were still unsure but it's actually more straightforward than it seems.
  3. If these are on normal mode I can quickly kill them for you with my level 72 character. Let me know
  4. Achieved. Thanks Pablocebo, you're a star!
  5. EDIT: Reached level 50 and got the platinum but anyone looking to play through campaign and DLCs just for fun hit me up.