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  1. I first played this back when I was a baby trophy hunter and I found Master difficulty really easy probably because I was playing Battlefield 1 multiplayer at the time which really sharpened my senses. I'm actually surprised by the amount of people saying how hard it is tbh However, Becomes the Master alone is enough to put the platinum up to 6. Very tough gauntlet, requires a lot of patience. I got it today and subsequently the platinum but I think the rating is fair.
  2. nah, it's not as bad as that. Becomes the Master is actually fair, got it today after a few hours. The race in Mafia 1 was BS.
  3. For anyone reading this thread wondering how to do a private solo match. Create your network and make sure it's active, go to 'invite network' and launch your match then quit as soon as you gain a lead against the bots.
  4. Yep. I actually hope they remove developer commands next time. I used it for my second playthrough but for the first it was far more rewarding to do it legit. I don't like to gatekeep how other people get their platinums but i think this developer deserves our full support given that they've made two excellent games now in Below Zero and this one. It's ruined other survival games for me now as Subnautica is so polished with excellent quality of life that games like No Man's Sky, which I also like, feel janky by comparison. Can confirm this is correct. Upgraded to the PS5 version for free.
  5. I love this game and the Subnautica universe in general. I hope we get a proper sequel. I know people don't like it as much as the first but it's not trying to be like the first one at all. The original is more horror based and this one is more about exploring and base building. It's supposed to be more relaxing. Plus it has significant quality-of-life improvements and much better graphics. I love the first one as well just as much but they're different games. I plat the PS5 version legit without console demands but used console commands for the PS4 version as unfortunately this game does not support cross save. Would highly recommend doing it legit for newbies; it's more rewarding.
  6. In the poster's defense, I think they were more saying that in the grand scheme of things super hard platinums may earn you a cool rep but don't do much for your rank in terms of tangible numbers. I know the poster referenced some unknown Russian site but I'm not even sure it does much for your rank here seeing as it's points based. So it's more about how many trophies and the type of trophies you have i.e. plat, gold etc. Spending 50 odd hours on one bronze trophy for Wolfenstein II, for instance, is counterproductive when you could be playing many other games and getting more and higher value trophies.
  7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla. To be clear the platinum, itself, is incredibly straightforward but the game is so bug ridden and broken with collectibles that span the beginning to the end of a game so that if just one of those collectibles glitch out, which they most certainly will, it's over. It's amazing the amount of people I see complaining that a glitch held them back from getting the platinum despite all the info out there showing that this game is broken. Destiny 2, more specifically the leviathan raid on prestige difficulty. The trophy list is actually fun and Destiny 2 is one of my fave games of all time. The problem is I got the platinum before I discovered PSN profiles and the D2 community is toxic AF, ruined the experience and is why I havent returned. You will hear everything from racist, sexist language when things don't go as planned, or even people just being casually racist and sexist out of nowhere, seemingly assuming everyone in the voice chat is white and/or right winged. It was the game that made me very selective when doing gaming sessions to avoid encountering such people again and helped me identify patterns of behaviour to easily identify such people because some are sneaky about their bigotry. There's also some players, not necessarily trophy hunters who take it way too seriously. I saw one guy freak out in a chat as he documented his frustrations playing a ranked match with randomers and he wasn't winning so couldn't get the weapon he wanted. He immediately left the clan and stopped playing D2 altogether. Some serious psychos out there, be careful peeps lol Mafia III. This is the only one on this list that i do not have the platinum for and there's a very good reason: This platinum is so easy which is why it's absolutely infuriating that Hangar 13 cocked up some of the trophies with the definitive release recently by introducing a glitch that resets your 'save/kill all bosses' progress whenever you quit the app, forcing you to play the campaign in one go. The problem is the game is so poorly optimised that good luck making it to the end without a crash. There are some ways around this glitch but none that I have the time nor patience to deal with. Such a shame because it sours an otherwise decent instalment in the series.
  8. Uh, I've only just returned to Valhalla to complete the DLC so never fully read this thread (if at all). I wanted to start the mastery challenges but I remember reading on the official forums that they currently have problems so came to psn profiles to check. I only saw your post at the time I responded. Your 'opinion' will be valid once you've played it. In VALHALLA there is a lot of micro managing. You would know that if you've played it.
  9. I think you need to get over yourself tbh and not be so quick to dismiss others. I've played every AC game and been a fan for over a decade. Have the plat and 100% in all of them. I know the lore and characters inside out so I can tell you that Valhalla is mechanically broken. You cannot judge a game by "how it looks". Video games is an interactive medium. You're also not actually listening to the complaints - it's not about "accessibility for the average gamer" (Who are you to define who is an average gamer or not?) The game is extremely buggy. This includes the core mechanics and things not working as they should. A.I. killing themselves and insta detecting the player with eyes in the back of the head is not a challenge. That's a bug that needs to be fixed. Also, ACIII 100% sync was easy; what the hell are you talking about? The only difficult one was the one with the ship and the storm which could be avoided if you just don't upgrade the ram. The optional constraints were very good at first, they only started to become a bit silly (and incidentally easier) later on. Reading the complaints on here I 100% believe them and I won't even start the challenges until these bugs are fixed. Until then I'm moving on to games that I don't have to micro manage.
  10. I had to boot up my PS4 version to quickly pop some trophies using cloud saves and even just loading cut scenes was long. It's best played on the PS5 and ideally at 60fps.
  11. Top 3 protagonists: 1. Ezio 2. Kassandra 3. Evie/Jacob
  12. I played Odyssey and got the platinum before I was even into trophies. I only got the platinum because by the time I reached the end of the campaign I realised i only had a few trophies left so thought why not. If you simply just enjoy the game and not worry about trophies you'll have a better time. Most of the trophies come naturally and there's only one missable trophy anyway which you're unlikely to miss unless you're playing Kassandra as asexual. It's an amazing game and the best of the new ancient trilogy. I've returned to Valhalla to play the DLC and wow, what a slog. Go play Valhalla for a few hours and then switch to Odyssey. It's like a breath fresh air. Odyssey is also more of an Assassin's Creed game than Valhalla which is like a bad viking game. Stealth is actually viable in Odyssey and you don't get detected by enemies with eyes in the back of their heads. Also, Origins is not an AC game either as the assassin stuff is tacked on at the end in a very insulting way. I wanted the entire game to be about how this organisation came to be but instead it's generic revenge quest. The story is terrible.
  13. Looking at your list, the rest you have left is very easy to redo. Some of them like the breakable door and fish should pop the moment you do just 1. The only one you might have trouble with is the sword in the stone and the first raid in England, the latter of which will only take about 3 hours max. If you have a save before speaking with King Alfred at the end reload that as that should auto pop a lot of trophies once you've completed the quest. As for me, only Thor's Hammer and the sword in the stone trophies popped. I had to reload the save before speaking with King Alfred in the final mission for the more annoying trophies to pop but even so not all of them did, so I just redid the rest as they were easy and could be done any time. For 'Orlog champion' I had a save before doing the last 5 so I just redid those and trophy popped, same with the treasure hunt. Not ideal but I've come to expect that from this mess of a game by now.
  14. This makes sense, thanks.
  15. And if just one bugs - which a few of mine did - you have to reload hours of save.