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  1. AC Valhalla is the first game that came to mind as to why I'm glad that for some of these collectibles you don't have to get all of them. It's generally a bad idea especially for a game as broken as that. Even CDPR had the common sense to make it so that you get a trophy for clearing each region in Night City as opposed to one trophy for all of it.
  2. What you said about wearing parkour gear and and just one-shotting everything with a silencer has been my preferred way to play as well. Just a tip though, you can mix and match items and their perks. No need to equip the entire set so if only one item makes you move faster (for instance, there are boots that make crouching faster) then the rest of the pieces you are free to wear what you want without having to constantly swap out. Agreed about them taking activities from Far Cry 5 and making them less fun. They somehow managed to ruin the treasure hunts which were my favourite thing to do in FC5 and New Dawn. Here, they're uninspired and lazy.
  3. Thanks for the guide, OP. It's not too complicated to do and the percentage tracker on PS5 means it's obvious when you're approaching the end of a quest line without accidentally spoiling things for yourself online. It is jarring going from PS5 to PS4 visually. The PS5 at 60 fps is so crisp whereas the PS4 has a weird, blurry vaseline effect that hurts the eyes lol
  4. I actually 100% agree with you but that's blasphemy on this site lol
  5. Fair enough but given that the OP said it's not for them but needed to do it so it's not incomplete on their list I'm not sure mentioning that you don't need to 100% to enjoy it is relevant. 🙂
  6. You need 100% to get the super flame.
  7. It's growing on me as I wasn't sure how to feel about it at first but I will say that it's just unnecessarily long. I popped the first story arc trophy last night and I'm 15 hours in... I like an epic but the story and characters here are quite poor and tonally it's all over the place. It's trying to deliver this serious narrative but Far Cry is inherently silly so I find myself laughing unintentionally. It's not helped by how weird the character models look - looks early last gen at times. This engine is showing its age; needs an overhaul. Also, there are just too many systems to manage that it's unlikely you will engage with them all to their full extent. A lot of it feels superfluous. Somebody mentioned hunting earlier - I haven't even done any proper hunting and probably won't until I actively pursue the related trophies. Why would I need to trade animal meat when there are so many other systems that grant materials? Mechanically it's still fun just going around and one-shotting everything with a silencer but there's just so much fat I find myself getting exhausted by it at times. My personal ranking of the FC games I've played: FC5 > FCND > FC 3 > FC Primal > FC 4
  8. Yep, fixed now and my Russian PS5 save file is compatible with the UK upgrade too so don't need to start again. My PS5 has created two separate save datas, classing them as different games but the save file transfers just fine. In fact, I didn't even have to download the save data from the Ubisoft connect cloud; I jsut pressed continue and it picked up where I left off. Not sure how it will work with DLCs but should be fine.
  9. I've only platinumed this one and the first one and, while no cakewalk, this is definitely easier than the first. The platforming is far less random and awkward, as in if I missed a ledge i knew it was my fault, and I didn't mind the mini games either. Also, the speedways (which were pretty frustrating in the first game) are waaaay easier this time round mainly because, again, they've improved the mechanics - you can actually fly near water without diving head first into it now... I generally agree with the OP that I don't think the Spyro remastered trilogy so far is as easy as some say and I suspect the people who think it is are those who played the original. The only trophy that really annoyed in Ripto's Rage was the one for beating Gulp without consuming fodder. It takes forever for the birds to drop ammo and if you get hit more than once you might as well start again because they'll only drop fodder and Gulp will just consume it, healing faster than you can damage him. Ironically, it was when I stopped trying to go for the trophy - with the idea that I'd come back later for super flame - that I ended up getting it naturally; no super flame needed lol.
  10. Cheers, mate, downloading the PS5 upgrade now. I'm assuming that Ubisoft will provide a free download code as compensation seeing as I don't think it's the seller's problem at this point?
  11. What happens if you accidentally press continue without enabling duo mode? Can you quickly back out and re-enable it or is it an instant fail?
  12. Done. Thanks for the recommend. It was my first Lego game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even bought the season pass and went for the 100% which I rarely do. Will be playing the Batman ones soon as I had such a good time with this one. As for you, I'd say you should go for The Last of Us Part II platinum. Looking at what you have left you could get through it pretty quickly with a guide. ETA: I can see that you've already been advised to get COD MW2 Remastered which you don't have yet so perhaps get that first before The Last of Us Part II... To the person below me (whomever that may be), just some disclaimers: - Don't recommend me 100% please as I'm not that big on 100%; only platinums. - Don't recommend a platinum that you don't actually have... - Don't recommend me games I don't own lol
  13. god, you're obnoxious. No, I don't care. The only reason why I commented is because you were being a nuisance. If anyone cared then you wouldn't feel the need to constantly seek attention. You're so lacking in self-awareness that you honestly wonder if a single sentence is what makes you so annoying as opposed to you constantly going in threads, including this one, to flex even when it defeats the purpose of the thread. Whatever. You don't read posts properly anyway so explaining this to you over and over is like talking to a brick wall. I'm afraid I've had enough. I hope your desperate attempts to come across as an Internet Badass adequately replaces whatever is missing in your life. Peace.
  14. Didn't need your entire gaming background; that's irrelevant. My "pointless" comment was referring to you essentially making posts that goes against the thread title. My point is, if you feel the need to hop back in every time just to flex that no game/platinum has ever broken you then this thread isn't for you. We don't care. You should start a thread about "games that haven't broken you but have other people" or something. The flex in that sort of thread would be more appropriate.