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  1. Just reloading. Not sure why I'd change language? lol
  2. Yep, you need to reload the save. I also encountered this glitch and reloading an auto save from the start of the mission helped.
  3. Yeah, and the Lunden arc reminded me of old AC games as well. It made me wish I was playing them instead... My favourite activity in the whole game were the animus anomalies which felt very old school AC and took me out of the boring world I was in.
  4. I think some are being needlessly outraged by my post. There was no “bashing”, intentional or otherwise. @Crispy. I am an Assassin's Creed stan, it’s true. I own the sword of Altair. I've played every game and platinumed all apart from Brotherhood and Revelations which I am saving for later. My recent save file in Valhalla – which I have also platinumed - says 150 hours. That said, I can separate my love for the series to review what is right in front of me. The situation is not good. I cannot in good faith recommend a game this broken. I am talking purely about bugs and performance. The issue as to whether the game itself is good or whether this is a “true” Assassin’s Creed game could be argued back and forth endlessly but at the end of the day that’s about personal taste, technical performance is not. People are experiencing game breaking bugs across the board. Recommending the game knowing this is risky to the OP and IMO irresponsible.
  5. This was pretty much my strategy as well. Played defensively by constantly blocking while building up enough tokens to do a devastating Thor strike. You pretty much win every time this way. Playing aggressively with higher skilled players by chipping away at their health with axes and arrows will end in your defeat each time.
  6. The problem with threads like these is that you're going to get die hards rushing in to recommend the game no matter what rather than looking at it objectively. The truth is, no one should be recommending this game at the state it's in. It's completely broken. 30 to 40 hours of gameplay is not enough time to be recommending this game because there may be bugs that you probably haven't even realised are present until it's too late. One such bug I didn't discover until many hours in and had to reload like 3 chapters to fix it. The game also gets buggier as it goes along, most of the game breaking bugs are late game. It's really shocking because IMO it's very difficult to make a bad Assassin's Creed game as the core mechanics are inherently fun. However, this game ruins even the most basic elements by being incredibly janky. Bugs aside, it's 6 /10 game AT BEST. The bugs bring it down to 5/10. Definitely the worst Assassin's Creed game BY FAR. Even Revelations is better than this lol REVELATIONS. The story is unwieldy and ill paced. It frequently grinds to halt to plonk in arcs that are not needed. You could have easily pulled out about 3 chapters to tighten it up. Also, the main character is NOT AN ASSASSIN. In fact he actively makes fun of the Assassins. This game is a spit in the face to the long term Creed fans and serves only those who like Assassin's Creed iconography on a superficial level. It brings back nostalgic elements for fan service purposes but does them horribly For all the crap Odyssey took it was an extremely fun game and the Order of the Ancients were the main antagonists. Here, they're a glorified side quest. Watch Dogs Legion was buggy but fundamentally a fun game. This aint even that. Absolutely do not buy this game at full price and do not get the season pass either. I regret buying Gold and on digital. Now I have to slog out the DLCs as well.
  7. Or sometimes it's completely black or complete white making it difficult to see the map and the only way to fix it is to reboot the game.
  8. For anyone who has come across this bug : The reason why this bug occurs is because the NPC gets killed by another NPC off screen if you're close enough to the event. So you need to do this event the moment you're near it to avoid this happening. Had to reload an old save. Lost several arcs.
  9. It's one of the worst Assassin's Creed games. Well below my expectations.
  10. Whelp, there goes my platinum. Over 100 hours in and I've discovered a bugged world event called The Horn of Ragnar where the quest giver is dead. Reloading an old save or restarting does not help. This bug has been reported by others. Ubisoft sucks - three out of the four platinum breaking bugs I've had this year have been from them. I've been a lifelong fan but I'm not buying any more of their games. They're complete trash lately.
  11. Nope, I have the PS4 edition and no 'editions' button.
  12. Interesting! Something to note for anyone reading this who is still not able to build the house despite completing the Lincolnshire Arc : I've just built the house now BUT it seems I only got this option after choosing the "right" Ealdorman. Therefore, I'm not sure if it's missable or not or simply delayed if you make the wrong choice.
  13. Thanks for the heads up OP. This game along with Watch Dogs Legion is really buggy. Might have to hold off buying Ubisoft games on day 1.
  14. I have. I voted for (redacted). Still no option to build the house. (Wish I hadn't voted for him as I remembered to take a peak at my Order of the Ancients menu and spotted him in it (I had already got 2 out of 3 clues for him). Gonna reload the save haha.)
  15. OK, so I've reached settlement level 5 and one of the structures that needs to be built is Hunwald and Swanburrow's house. However, there is no structure to build from, no sign to enable this. When I use my raven it shows the icon for the house but when I actually go there it's just a bunch of trees knocked over where I assume the house would be. I'm not sure if you need to progress further in the story before it becomes available or if this is a game breaking bug. Can anyone confirm if they're experiencing the same thing or if they have already built Hunwald and Swanburrow's House? No spoilers please, thanks.