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  1. Yep, that was the first one that came to mind too.
  2. I had the same issue. You need to do it on the website instead of the console and then link the account to your playstation. That worked for me. This will likely be the first of many issues you'll encounter trying to gain access to this game as the install size is ridiculous and so much content you have to manually install.
  3. Yes, I would add that you need to wait until enemies turn hostile for the game to register them as a "threat" so don't shoot the women until they go for the weapon.
  4. I got this on my first attempt (by "attempt" I mean attempt to actually get the trophy, not simply to complete the mission) and without using a video guide. Looking at the trophy description, I thought it would be tough but it's really easy. You just have to be thorough, circle the perimeter and don't interrogate any hostages as that spawns more enemies. You also don't have to kill any guys that are not in those 3 specific locations.
  5. Blake only attacks if you kill the security guard before entering the underground with Greene because at that point he is convinced you are the murderer. In your final dialogue options with him Erica says, "I thought you were a cop" and he says "And I thought you were a victim" or "I am. And you're a threat." The underground spy spot is damning but it's still unclear how much he knows despite Mia insisting he is in on it.
  6. Could you link the analysis you read, please? Also, you make a good point about there being too much evidence to use against Erica for the police to have not caught her sooner which is why the whole, "it was all in her head" theory makes the story even more nonsensical. Additionally, if you kill characters and not Dr. Lucien he will sedate Erica but if you don't kill you get the 'happy family' ending. So that means Dr. Lucien would still have to know that Erica murdered/didn't murder people beforehand - how did he know that if not for the butterfly/Erica's mother? And how can you get the 'happy ending' family if it's presumed that Erica was responsible for all the murders? Why were all the girls getting nose bleeds and warning Erica about the strange things happening at delphi?
  7. So I platinumed Erica. It's... OK. My first playthrough was blind. I befriended and saved Tobi, killed only Dr. Lucien and left with Tobi and Kirstie so I was quite proud to get the good/best ending on my "true" playthrough. The way the game handles choice is great, even the small choices that shape the main character's personality and thus dictate the actions and dialogue options that are later available to you. i do think the way the story is told though is heavy handed in places and treats players like we're idiots (the flashback sequence connecting all the dots about the oleander was cringe worthy) There's also some mediocre to poor acting. The lead , Tobi and Dr Lucien were probably the best of the lot in that regard. The rest...eesh, especially Blake. Almost felt like he was in a spoof at times. My main gripe with the game though is that the story has some plot holes that become harder to ignore with each subsequent playthrough. These are just some I realised but there's probably more (spoilers, obviously): Was Blake in on it or not? On the one hand, Mia insists he was but we see in one spy location he is questioning Dr. Ballard seemingly clueless as to what is going on, and then in another spy location which reveals him heading into the basement with Dr Lucien where Erica's mother is being kept captive. Then on the 'tell him the truth' playthrough he acts like he doesn't know what's going on again and even warns you against being too near to the drugs. In the 'prisoner' ending Dr. Lucien sedates Erica because he knows she has killed people prior to their confrontation, presumably via Erica's mother. If he has a 'butterfly' that can see the future why didn't he intervene sooner and prevent all the deaths? The timeline of how quickly the women die is inconsistent. For instance, Mia is still alive and only just dying when we first meet her despite having been a patient at delphi house years ago. Erica breathed in oleander her whole life, as explained by Mia, and is still alive so why did Hannah die so quickly? There's also some dumb or just straight up out of character moments for the sake of dramatic effect or moving the plot forward: Mia says, "I would never hurt you" to Erica while pointing a gun at her... Why did Mia send the medallion with the severed hand without even a note to say where the lock was and then complain that Erica "threw it away"? What did she think Erica was going to do but report it to the police? Anyway, these are the things that bugged me. Maybe other posters who platinumed the game or have done a few playthroughs can shed some light here because to me these are glaring issues that reek of the director tying himself into knots.
  8. I got this trophy earlier this morning and I agree with others who said it's not hard per se, just tedious and awkward. The lobbies tend to be dead and it felt dishonourable crashing my ship instantly just to get the fighter. You have to make sure you're on a team that's good enough so that they don't die and end the round quickly but also mediocre enough that they don't end up shooting all the hero ships or stealing your kills. This is the biggest problem with this trophy imo - the rounds end too quickly. There’s also making sure you don’t end up in a match where everyone is going for the same trophy. I once ended up in a lobby where 3 out of 4 of the enemy team crashed their ships at the beginning of a round lol Some general tips for those who are currently going for this trophy without boosting is that the millennium falcon is the easiest hero ship to kill due to how slow it is, so if you find yourself on the villain side prioritise it. Problem is a lot of people realise how crappy the ship is in this mode and so don’t use it but occasionally you get a noob who will lol. Also, I personally found the vulture droid to be the best and the one I got the most kills with. Lastly, I’d also say that whenever you have a hero ship that is just flying round in circles don’t chase them as you’ll be there forever. Just pull out far and fly back so that you're going at them straight again, just like at the very beginning of a round. Repeat as necessary. Good luck!
  9. Iden Versio was my go-to. By the time I started actively going for this trophy I cleared it with her in like 2 or 3 games. Thank goodness you don't have to grind HvV!!!
  10. Just wanted to stop by to spread some love for Battlefront II because I think along with games like Destiny 2 this has quietly become amazing but has not received the No Man's Sky comeback it deserves. I should preface this by saying I rarely buy games day 1 so naturally I missed all the lootcrap nonsense at the beginning so have no leftover bitterness towards it. From what I have read about the state at launch this is almost like a different game. The progression seems to be completely overhauled - I don't feel like I'm being gated from content at all. In fact, I am surprised at how much is available to the player right off the bat. I have more than enough credits to get all the cosmetics and emotes i like and I don't feel like the game is trying to frustrate me into paying for them. The weapons and mods are acquired by simply being skilled with a particular weapon which makes total sense. Star cards are won via battle points/xp in a match which means, again, you're rewarded for being skilled as expected. From what I've read, they've even improved some of the trophies by making them less luck based and/or tedious. While I prefer the PVP and obtained most of the class specific ones in PVP it's good to have that option because now one can easily farm 500 hero kills in co op rather than being forced to grind out Heroes and Villains ,which is perhaps the weakest of the modes I've played so far (a bunch of OP characters whacking each other does not appeal to me personally). The animations, character quips, sound design and locales are top notch. The different weapon and abilities look and feel great. With some much attention to detail, Dice has really captured the atmosphere of Star Wars. Mostly, the game just feels accessible to all types of gamers and those with different lifestyles and commitments. In others words, it values your time. A shame it took such immense backlash for EA to see sense because if it had launched like how it is now it probably would have been a GOTY contender. 👍
  11. What made the glitch work for you?
  12. This glitch just won't work for me either.
  13. A sobering reminder of why I don't generally do 100% especially for games like these. It's never finished. The Division 2 is a good game (not as good as the first) but not good enough to want to get every trophy for every bit of DLC Ubisoft churn out.
  14. True but it's the idea of being held hostage to a game that annoys me on principle and there's no guarantee that for whatever reason the PS4 won't accidentally shut off or that it won't crash when I return to the game after rest mode. Playing under that sort of stress is basically permadeath mode - and all for a silly bug that is easily fixable. I mean it's a fun game, don't get me wrong - the killing animations and shooting are great. I wouldn't have even continued if I didn't like it. However, there are other games I'd rather be playing right now I bought this game at launch and wondered why I never bothering platinuming it as I only had a few trophies left but holy crap do I regret leaving it late now. Patches are supposed to make a game better but Hangar 13 is one of the few companies where you have to platinum the game as quick as possible for fear that they're going to ruin it somehow. Anyway, glad you got the trophy but that's it for me personally. The ball is in H13's court.
  15. So I was playing it again today just to see if it would unlock with the first few bosses. It didn't but seeing as I was moving so swiftly I thought I might as well see how far I can get without closing the game. I had 4 racket bosses left when the game crashed. I have to admit this poorly optimised, buggy piece of trash game held out a lot longer than I thought it would... But yeah, in the first instance the game isn't stable enough to even attempt this trophy without closing the app I'll be waiting for a patch. It's not worth my time.