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  1. I'm enjoying this game but can see where you're coming from. I do miss the old structure. I would say I'm a bit of a Lego noob since I've only played three of them but every Lego game I've played so far has a structure that distinguishes very clearly between freeroam and levels. The levels are linear and have mini goals like 'true villain' or 'true jedi' and some self contained collectibles, and that would the majority of the actual mission. Whereas this one seems to present more like any other semi open world game where you are frequently thrown into story missions that entail just walking to A to B in the hub world to pad outs it length, and the actual levels are very short and sandwiched somewhere between. I think it's visually great and I enjoy the puzzles and activities. I do like how even if you don't reach 'true jedi' in a level you can sill get a brick for every stud tier you complete which takes away some of the deflation of coming so close and failing. My only real gripe is the performance. I've had a few hard crashes and frozen screens, particularly when fast travelling. I've heard this game is buggy as well so I'm somewhat mistrustful of it. But other than that I'm having fun.
  2. Yep, I know what 'doable' means and that's what I thought this thread meant as I mentioned below. My point was that I frequently see people posting to say they can't get this or that plat because they "don't have the skill" so it doesn't really count because technically, for them at least, it's not doable. 😊
  3. I honestly don't see what is so hard to understand lol. Maybe the OP should change the title to make it clearer or maybe people's definition of "doable" is different to ours!
  4. Got the Skull Storm trophy and still haven’t lost a single run. The RNG on my Skull Storm run was perhaps the best it had been; rarely had to do re-rolls and had so many good options that I got choice paralysis. Almost felt like the game had just decided it wanted me to win at that point (probably so I could get to those long-ass credits 🙄). I still have to get the all decks trophy and the teeth pulling one but they should be fine. The former will be interesting as I’ll have to build my ideal deck from scratch which I haven’t needed to do since unlocking the black goat deck. There’s been some great tips here already but just wanted to share some additional ones which might be useful: 1. Common sense but if you’re going to do the oil painting on the road to ‘skull storm’ make sure you do it during the first 5 runs where the challenges are trivial. 2. As we know, you can re-roll the entire map at the beginning of each new map but be careful with this. If you get up from the table (for instance, to check the painting) and then sit back down again it will save that map. On the flip side, if you find the map order you like then get up off the table and sit back down again to save it. This way if you come across a question mark, for instance, but you don’t like the cards you can do the chapter select re-roll without losing your map order. 3. For Drbloodmoney’s strategy, I would use the moose as my main three-blood (since it’s offered right away) but if I got lucky early on with the Direwolf then I would power that up instead because it has double strike on it. I would also say that though many have advised not to pick up another one-blood I personally found that having at least two Black Goats is useful if doing Bloodmoney’s strat. You can put the Unkillable sigil on one and then a magpie search on the other so that you’re guaranteed to get the card you need at that time and/or you can play multiple three-bloods without being starved for sacrifices. It does mean more chapter select re-rolling but it shouldn’t take too long to get the right combo. Just don’t pick up any other one-bloods. 4. I switched to Formanskin’s fantastic Mantis God strategy from about challenge 11 onwards because it pairs well with ‘annoying’ (which I chose to activate at that point) and is effective at dealing with the bears on the all challenges run. It should be noted that Mantis God is quite vulnerable in the first map where it doesn’t have many upgrades so you might need at least one three-blood and a Black Goat as backup. However, by the time you get to the second map the Mantis God will be so powerful that the whole mode honestly becomes a bit broken lol. 5. Formanskin has also suggested some sigils to put on your Mantis God but I would go as far as to say Unkillable or Fecundity are mandatory to have on your Mantis God before the first boss at higher levels. For the ‘all bears’ challenge try to get Fecundity sigil. For normal bosses use Unkillable. You can also use double strike sigil as a last resort if RNG is being a pain but that’s if you’re desperately tired of re-rolling. If you can make it past the first boss in the ‘all challenges’ run then the Skull Storm trophy is pretty much in the bag but you’ll definitely need the suggested pack consumables for the first boss. 6. As mentioned, don’t bother with the airborne totem sigil on any run with the bears challenge activated. Generally, totems are optional. I didn’t even finish a totem on my Skull Storm run and it was still a cakewalk.
  5. Some really great tips on this thread, thanks everyone. Have just beaten challenge 3 and I haven't lost a single run yet in Kaycee's mod, though I'm sure it's bound to happen (especially with the oil painting puzzle forcing me to use cards you don't necessarily want at a particular time). It is tedious constantly re-rolling for what you want but worth it in the long run as it makes the entire mode a joke. What's funny is that some of the comments Leshy makes shows that the dev was totally aware players would manipulate the RNG because at one point he admonishes me for changing the map, saying something to effect of ,"hmm I've never encountered this order before. Kaycee, did you refresh the map?" hehe Your strategy is genius in early runs. Applied it to my third run when the deck unlocked and was winning rounds and bosses in one turn lol . Dunno how powerful it is at higher challenges but will stick with this strat for now, cheers. True, this strategy is very RNG dependent but, as you've established in your own tips, the RNG can be manipulated greatly. Transferring the magpie sigil to the black goat proved useful so thanks a lot for that tip however, given that the starting hand can also be re-rolled you can probably get by without it. Also, Bloodmoney's strat can be used from the third run onwards whereas I believe your deck of choice can only be unlocked at higher challenge levels. Might give your Mantis strat a go once I unlock the deck. Your main tips thread is great by the way. Just a quick note - either I was unlucky or you can't re-roll campfires anymore. Got health 3 times in a row at one point. Found painter/ mushrooms trick more reliable.
  6. I got Inscryption on a digital sale. Sadly, it’s one of the most boring games I’ve played in quite some time. It also has taught me a valuable lesson in hype: if a game’s entire hook is that you shouldn’t read anything about it, go in blind, avoid spoilers at all costs and just trust the people who tell you it’s good etc etc etc then that usually means the gameplay, at its base, isn’t engaging enough on its own. As you make your way through it becomes abundantly clear that the real reason why this game is shrouded in secrecy is because that’s the wool that’s being pulled over your eyes long enough for you not to see that it’s a very average/below average card game, and by the time you do realise this it’s too late and you’re probably so far in that you might as well finish. If this had been a 5 hour card game that ended at act 1 I would have said it’s OK but I think even card game lovers won’t enjoy the second and third acts to be honest.
  7. The post is specifically about people complaining about having to replay the same game in such a short period of time and it's in response to The Last of Us part II in which you have to play the game at least one more time for 100% (two times to be more efficient). Not every platinum is meant to be tackled in one go, especially those with missable trophies. Sometimes they are best parked until enough time has passed for a fresh playthrough. I agree that Detroit Become Human is fun to replay immediately after for some reason - I actually mention that in my response to that post, but I also mention my experience with Heavy Rain and how I wanted to go for the platinum even when I wasn't a trophy hunter because I loved the game so much. But attempting a playthrough again so soon after I'd beaten it diminished my story, making it feel less immersive. David Cage games typically aren't meant to be played more than once and the man himself even advises against this. So I left Heavy Rain for a few years and when I finally returned I had an absolute blast replaying it because it was nostalgic. It became one of my favourite platinum experiences and I will now forever be left with fond memories of the game all because I left it alone for a while. Regarding the topic at hand, personally, I love new game plus modes as they are the ultimate time travel fantasy. Forcing myself to do a new game plus when I'm not in the mood would ruin that but that would be on me, not the game.
  8. Just gonna leave this here:
  9. Same. Took me about 15 minutes on normal difficulty to beat her, possibly less, and without any accessibility assists, but that was after the real boss in the game which is the King and he's every bit as annoying as people say. Really not sure how people are struggling against Gna other than perhaps having a poor loadout and being too low level.
  10. It's way faster to do it in multiplayer. Most of the lobbies today are full of sweaties who will one shot most enemies before you've even got the chance to aim down sights while practically carrying you to extraction. Just stick by them and help out where you can. It's funny because the multiplayer is so grindy that it probably would have taken the same amount of time for those sweaties to reach the point where they could even tackle gold missions as it would beating the entire game on Insanity from scratch. So I understand why the trophy gives players the choice between SP & MP since it probably balanced out back then. But those players back in 2017 walked so that the trophy hunters today can run! BTW I love Mass Effect Andromeda so much, in fact, that I ended up doing basically everything all over again on NG+. Maybe at launch it was a disaster (I wouldn't know because I bought it when it was fixed) but I don't think it deserves the kicking it still gets today...
  11. So, let me get this straight: if there is a game that somebody loves enough to not only play more than once but also go for the platinum, for instance, say The Witcher 3 which takes about 200 hours and doesn't support auto popping as far as I know then there's no value or effort in that because it's the same game? Respectfully, this take is so bad that I honestly think you're gonna look back on it in a few years and cringe, I really do. I'm noticing a pattern with posters who like to talk sh*t about other players' gaming habits...
  12. Yennefer. End of discussion.
  13. Agreed. If you don't like this game your experience levelling up will be an absolute hell. If you enjoy it it will be a breeze. I love that the levelling is basically cheese-proof once you hit level 20. That's when it stops giving you easy XP boosting tasks and forces you to engage with it. I got my last 5 levels just playing other user generated content, including a collection of souls-like games from a specific creator named 'Lampazzu' (seriously, check this creator out, stuff was awesome). You get loads of XP for spending long amounts of time in a game and then liking and reviewing it, and these original souls-like games were challenging enough to keep me occupied but fun enough for me to beat them all. Afterwards, I found a city building sim which was so addictive that I hadn't realised I had achieved the platinum in the background. Once you find a creator you like, levelling up is faster than designing, at least in my case it was. I even really loved the main campaign and the music. This is one of the most unique games I've played in a while. Hope there's a sequel.
  14. On the one hand, though, if the person is mixing in Expeditions with Wastelanders, Steel Reign and the main campaign they may not have to grind as hard since they can move back and forth between Expeditions and the other stuff. It's only really if you've only got Expeditions left that I can see it being a pain. The Pitt, itself, is easy, it's the fact that if you missed last season then you'll have to grind it for the stamps to buy the auto axe which is tediously long.
  15. I'm so glad I got the auto axe before the last season ended as I knew this would happen. It was much faster to grind the challenges to seasonal rank 15 (where the auto axe is awarded) than do boring expeditions while relying on other players for more. I do hope FOMO isn't going to be a part of any future Fallout 76 trophies going forward though. Nothing worse than having to install a game in a hurry before the developers mess something up.