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  1. I think some might have misunderstood this thread? Isn't it basically the easiest plats/most doable plat that you just can't be bothered to get?
  2. Picked this up as part of the season pass, having ever played it before. A bit controversial but I found it really overrated and it’s my least favourite Far Cry. Other than the 80s references I don’t think it’s that great - it’s style over substance. And on the note of style - visually, the grain effect was a strain on my eyes and I found the environment difficult to make out. Had to max out the brightness settings. It uses self aware humour to disguise how stagnant the gameplay formula is - ultimately, it’s Far Cry 3 but worse. I found the Borderlands-esque humour obnoxious and it also does one of the things I hate in video games where it makes you do something tedious and then the main character comments on how tedious what you’re doing is as if that’s supposed to make it better. For instance, the tutorials are non-stop even after the joke of it has long played out and the game is constantly prompting the main objective when you’re just exploring. I was originally bummed about it not having a platinum but now I’m glad it didn’t because Ubisoft would have added more trophies to extend playtime lol
  3. Ok, I'll just stick to PS4 to PS5 then to be safe. Thanks for the response.
  4. Thanks for the detailed post. When you say exit back into single player after "doing it", do you mean exit into single player after playing the raid or exit back into single player after auto popping the raid trophies?
  5. But according to somebody on here, Sucker Punch were working-on a patch to make it online so that Legends progress wouldn't be tied to the local save, thus enabling popping trophies both ways for multiplayer only?.
  6. So do the Legends trophies officially pop both ways now, i.e. PS5 to PS4 and PS4 to PS5? I heard Sucker Punch were working-on a patch to make it online so that progress wouldn't be tied to the local save. I will be tackling NG+ and the single player DLC on PS5 for the best experience and don't mind doing all single player content on PS4 from scratch but if the raid is as hard as people say I'd rather just auto pop them.
  7. No worries lol. I don't blame you for being paranoid seeing as Sony seems to quietly remove stuff from PS Now regularly. How is the streaming quality for New Vegas btw? My old New Vegas copy is on my Xbox 360 and I don't have a PS3 so I will be platinuming it through my premium subscription.
  8. Where has it been confirmed that Fallout New Vegas is leaving PS+?
  9. I keep checking back to see if this game is fixed as I've heard about every bug under the sun...I think I'll wait a while.
  10. Oh, definitely - we did really well overall. I'm just setting expectations for those who haven't done those yet to let them know that the maps, themselves, on mastery 3 are not a cakewalk like the launch ones haha. I was more referring to how far the water sources are from one another on that map (while the PG-240X goes up really fast on mastery 3) which is why the method we used of me carrying the PG-240X and you scouting ahead for water sources was a solid strategy, and why I'd recommend doing this map in co-op (as opposed to solo). And yeah, Ubisoft being Ubisoft...You should have seen the trouble I had with Ghost Recon Wildlands servers recently - messed up my trophy progress and I had to start a new game!
  11. Can confirm this method still works, thanks. Also, just wanted to add that completing level 3 in someone else's game will unlock all levels for the special operation in your own game regardless of where you've done the lower levels or not. So, you can help someone else out by hosting a mastery 3 so that they don't have to suffer running through all the levels just to unlock the one they need.
  12. I think they're fine if you have the right gear and level as they're clearly endgame content. The ones that were there at launch are quite easy and can be done solo. It's the new ones that are annoying,. The flamethrower enemies on the Eden map are absolutely ridiculous. Way too many of them. It was hard in co-op so I can only imagine what it would have been like solo. The Los Tres Santos map is also tricky on mastery 3 because the water sources are quite far from one another and the PG-240X meter goes up so quickly on that difficulty, so whoever is holding the PG-240X either has to know the map really well or have your co-op partner scout water sources for you. But for the most part, mastery 2 & 3 are not too bad. In fact, the bigger problem is the fact that the game forces you to play through all the lower levels to unlock the higher ones which feels like a desperate way for Ubisoft to extend playtime. However, there is a way around this: if you complete level 3 mastery in someone else's game it will unlock all levels for that ops in your own game which means you can help someone else by hosting level 3 so that they don't have to run through all the levels. Saves a tremendous amount of time for new players.
  13. Updated as I did get Mafia 3 plat in the end . Even did all the DLCs lol . Like I said, never say never. Homefront still sucks though.
  14. The answer is, yes, you can make strategic saves to quickly pop the other version. Also, like the main game, so long as what you're trying to get isn't finite, like the collectables, you can even pop it after you've got the trophy on the first version. For instance, if you get the 8000 cash trophy on one version, spend it, and then upload that save and get 8000 cash again on the other version it will still pop. ETA: not sure if it works for escaping though so best to use a save file where you haven't escaped just to be safe.
  15. Underrated comment. The infinite takedown coupled with knockdown resistance made the shovel enemies a joke. I was practically swarmed by them but they hardly did any damage and takedown after takedown meant I could save ammo. Also, as you say, coupled with the 'earn penance with takedowns' and ‘earn significantly more penance’ you could get up to 5000 penance just by doing Faith's trial alone on mind level 1. The only enemies I actually used guns for were the boss ones and, even then, a headshot with a poisoned pistol or headshot with a shotgun made quick work of them. Having completed all 3 of the villain add-ons, it's very, very obvious to me that this expansion started off as solely a Joseph Seed DLC before Ubisoft tacked on the other villains. For one, it's the only story context that fits with the concept since it presumably takes place while Joseph is losing his mind in the bunker, and we know he survives at the end of Far Cry 5. It also explains his regret in New Dawn. Additionally, the mirror ‘sins’ fit with the religious theme and the DLC is literally called ‘Collapse’ and at the end of completing all 3 story missions Joseph’s mind starts to ‘collapse’. Whereas Pagan Minn’s fate is up to player interpretation but this DLC seems to pretty much confirm he’s dead making Control rather pointless. As for Vaas, we literally watched him die… His return makes no sense and feels like bad fanfic. Also, the constant shouting between him and Citra in Insanity made it easily the worst of the three DLCs for me. Annoying AF. The Pagan Minn one was probably my favourite in terms of mission design but I think, overall, I like Joseph’s DLC the best for the aforementioned reasons. It was also nice seeing the Family again (even though their faces look nothing like the original models). Jacob was my favourite and I actually enjoyed his trials in Far Cry 5. Only yoooou…