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  1. No. i used this video and found all the fishes:
  2. Tune your car to have good drift parts and parts for the off roads. You can use any car that you want just they needs to have the drift and the off roads parts.
  3. Today i got it. You need to complete DLC 7
  4. Today i got the mission. You need to complete DLC 7 to have it.
  5. What about me :). I have all the DLCs and almost do e with them without finding him. Could anyone explain how we get the quest to defeat Arges?
  6. Hi all, Where I can find this quest? I went to the location and he is not there. only this trophy left for me. Thanks
  7. Hi, In Kashyyyk, the Albino spider already killed but I can't see him in the tactical guide. Maybe I didn't scan him and I can't earn the trophy because he didn't respawn anymore. Any ideas
  8. What i need to do after taking the quest? How can i enter the raid? DID IT THANKS