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  1. Hi I would love to make some new friends as well. PSN ID is iShadowSoldier1
  2. Oh crap. Do you have any experience in this? Like is it enough to delete the save or do I need to delete the entire game disc from the console and install it again? Sorry, but I'm new to this. Edit: apparently just deleting the save doesn't work so I'm re-installing the game to see if that works.
  3. Hi As I understand, the bottom row of suits is supposed to unlock without meeting any additional requirements but mine haven't. Please see picture for reference if it is unclear which ones I mean. Do I need to have them to get the trophy for unlocking all suits or are they excluded? If I do need them, how can I get them? I'v restarted the game and console and neither fixed the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated