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  1. I will not include Fall Guys even though I already have the hardest trophy, so the Platinum is guaranteed. I'm just waiting to get other stuff done first. If I counted it, it would be in most categories. Most fun platinum's: 1 - Assassin's Creed Syndicate 2 - Spider-Man 3 - Bloodborne Syndicate is my first Plat on this account. I have really fond memories of it. Third place was hard. Bloodborne is the most rewarding in term of "satisfaction of killing that one hard boss", out of the Soulsbornes, so he takes it. Most grindy platinum's: 1 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (bruh) 2 - Demon's Souls 3 - Batman Arkham Knight RDR2's Online. Demon's Souls' Pure Bladestone's farm. Done after servers shutdown too, so it was 100% legit. Arkham Knight's various ridiculously hard challenges. Especially for the 100%. Highest skill based platinum's: 1 - Demon's Souls 2 - Batman Arkham Knight 3 - Mad Max I am really proud of my Demon's Souls Plat. Extremely difficult game if you're doing everything by yourself. Mad Max's ingame challenges terrified me, I was surprised on how relatively quickly I got rid of most of them. Had to be some luck involved. Most boring / tedious platinum's I earned: 1 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (bruh x2) 2 - Mad Max 3 - Dark Souls 2 RDR2's RNG for animals spawn in single player. Like, come on. That alone must've taken me 2/3 weeks. Mad Max was extremely fun until I had to actually get the Plat. Too much driving around. Dark Souls 2's spells collection. The absolute worst out of all Souls games. Luckily I had a friend for the Sun Medals, so I didn't have to farm them. Platinum's that I did not achieve, but wanted: I don't feel like putting games in this category, as there aren't really any games that I've given up on yet, or that I couldn't get in time. Maybe Batman Arkham Origins. It looks like it will require too much effort for me to actually do it.
  2. The exploit still works after the most recent update. I got the trophy today, I had to quit out one time before my 5th win.
  3. Fruite chute is an easy one to lose. I've lost my 3 win streak on Royal Fumble. The very last second someone grabbed my tail. It actually happened. 0:00 on the clock. Lads, never go for Royal Fumble during a streak.
  4. That looks like a latency issue.
  5. Lag

    I think you should ask the developers. I've died several times because of framerate dropping while fighting a lot of enemies (especially around those indestructible roaming balls), but the most annoying thing for me is the 2-3 seconds stuttering that happens when you enter and exit the menu. Truly unbearable. I also just got the pun in your question, very nice.
  6. I just got very angry while playing Infamous on the hardest difficulty, I can definitely relate to you, I also often curse at the game (without shouting though, since I game mostly at night, it's a skill I had to develop). Like others have already pointed out, the best thing you can do is take a break. It really, REALLY, does help. The longer it is, the less likely you'll be to get angry again. After quietly insulting the protagonist of Infamous, I put the controller down, looked at my phone for about 10 minutes, picked it up again and beat the level without getting angry.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but I wanted to make this topic to clarify some information present on the guide, which may be incomplete or incorrect. So I just got the Platinum Trophy for this game and I left "Expert Creator" for last, as it seemed one of the easiest. As the guide says, the trophy might not pop if you decide to skip the tutorials instead of doing them/watching them, which is what happened to me. However, after creating a new save file to get the trophy, I realized that as the trophy description says, you have to play all the tutorial levels, and it does not include the videos/watchable tutorials. Which also means that the trophy is not glitched (as stated in the guide), but simply done incorrectly in case you decided to skip the tutorial levels. In addition, if you go to the items for which the tutorial is required, you can replay them at any time. Unfortunately, I did not think of this possibility before creating a new save file, therefore I can't confirm if replaying them will in fact unlock the trophy. Hopefully someone else will confirm. So to conclude, besides the obligatory tutorial levels that you access from the "?" icon in your Pop-it, the items/gadgets that are necessary for the trophy are: Gadgets - Switches: Button 2-Way Switch Sticker Switch Grab Switch 3-Way Switch Sensor Switch Magnetic Key Switch/Key Gadgets - Connectors: Bolt Sprung Bolt Motor Bolt Wobble Bolt String Elastic Rod Spring Winch Piston After playing all the tutorial levels for these items, the trophy should pop, nothing else is required. I hope this will be of help to somebody like it would've been to me. Good luck on all your trophy hunting!
  8. The trophy will most likely not pop, so you'll have to redo the chapter. Regarding the save file, it should work by overwriting the current one, but I've always made new ones, just because I was paranoid. So I'd suggest you do that, if you can keep track of the save files. But again, I'm pretty sure either would work. Regarding the collectible, the trophy should pop even if you go back now and collect it, as long as you collected the rest of them in the same save file.
  9. Hello, first time posting here. This is my level: I'll go through some people who posted before me and heart their levels. I'll make sure to return the heart to the level and the author. This is the link to the profile for the author heart: (I hope the links work, if they don't please tell me) Thank you --------------------------- Just got my Platinum, thanks everyone for the hearts. I also had the help of a friend for the Create trophy. If you've hearted me before this Edit and you haven't received any heart from me, please send me a message and I'll make sure to heart you.
  10. Try beating the last chapter on Crushing again.
  11. You know, with 400 plats in your pocket I don't think you need much of an advice, especially not from me... But I would say Death Stranding, since it's quite a popular Platinum to get. And it doesn't seem too difficult if you get into the game
  12. There are +1 rings in NG+ and they do stay there for NG++ also. It doesn't matter if you get them now or later, it's up to you. To farm the covenant items it's preferable if you do it on NG because the enemies have less health and it might be quicker/less tedious. The Dark Sigil doesn't carry onto new games. You'll be vacuous when you start, but you'll be able to return completely normal just by using a Purging Stone or similar. If you want to get The Usurpation of Fire in NG+, you'll have to do the Yoel/Yuria quest line again. Hope this helps!
  13. Is the one you're farming right before the last boss? If it is, there's an easier one you could go to. But if I remember correctly those lizards have only two possible drops, so it makes sense you keep getting the more common drop. Don't worry, I also had to struggle a few hours to get it, but it will eventually happen. Still a cakewalk compared to the farming of Bladestone. That took me a good 4-5 days. Good luck!
  14. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy