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  1. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
  2. Life is Strange. It would be pretty hard for me to get back to that game and get the Plat, because of all the feels.
  3. Sekiro. I have to play that game before Elden Ring comes out.
  4. Child of Light is not a kids' game
  5. Oh yeah, I know, that's the one I'm trying to get.
  6. #9 The Last of Us (PS3) Got this a few days ago. One of the Platinum trophies that I'll remember the most. I started working on it soon after the news about the servers shut down came along. While not having any intention of getting every single trophy, I thought that I couldn't risk never be able to obtain the Platinum for a game I care about so much. And so I did, played the multi-player for a month, with a short break in-between. After more time passed, for whatever reason, I thought that maybe I could've gotten the dlc mp trophies, if all it took was some boosting. Problem was, I had the realization the last day before the servers would shut down for ever. I came on here, looked for people that were looking to boost at the very last minute, like me, and I found a Discord group with tons of people. It was messy, there were a lot of people who needed different kind of trophies. After 5 hours or so, finally found a group of 8 people willing to boost together, and we got through it, more or less. At the end, I made a couple new friends, and I also stayed after I completed my dlc trophies to help other people who needed them, before going to to bed at 5am. It was one of the best experiences I ever had playing a videogame, so this Plat is one I'll hardly forget. Also this game is obviously fantastic, the multi-player was/is phenomenal, I only wish TLoU2 would have one too. Sorry for the long post, hope it didn't cause a clutter.
  7. Well done! I'm working through it right now and hoping to get it before 2020. I hope it stays Ultra Rare for a long time, as it's the only UR Platinum/Trophy of the series. Not too sure why though... The 100% synchronization missions don't seem so bad to me. Revelations is far worse.
  8. Yep, I had the exact same issue with The Last of Us on Ps3. Last 8 trophies I obtained weren't showing but the game appeared at 100%. Tried to fix on PS3 but didn't work, I might have skipped a passage. Logged with my PS4, hid every trophy, updated the profile, restored to public for everyone and updated again; Now every trophy is correctly showing. Very strange indeed.
  9. There are tons of other activities you can do in Red Dead Online that don't include PvP, luckily. You might wanna try to give the PvP shooting sessions a chance, since there's also a team deathmatch mode which can be fun at times, but aside from that, you have three main activities, Trading (hunting animals and selling the pelts), Bounty Hunting and Collector. These are roles in which you can gain experience, they were patched in not too long ago. Keep in mind, I've done most of my experience past level 25 just grinding these three activities. Granted, if you play with a friend you'd make more XP much faster, as for Bounty Hunter for example, the hardest bounties require to be done with other people. So in the end, I don't think it's impossible for someone lacking PvP skills to get the online trophies, since you could avoid interaction with other players almost entirely, it's just very grindy.
  10. #7 Red Dead Redemption 2 Enjoyed a good portion of it, except the RNG for the animals and the Gold Medals. The trophies that required these tasks made me rage more than all Soulsborne games combined. Still finished the story mode 3 times, because it's such a good game and deserved to get the Platinum, but it was probably the grindiest I've done so far. Took about 130 hours for the 100%.