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  1. @Jaffar79 Yes, there are still a lot of people online, mainly in the D and B rankings. I started playing at the end of December 2020 and took the trophy of 91 victories this week. So right now there are still a lot of people playing.
  2. today I managed to get the trophy of winning 91 times and the pole positions ... it took me 4 weeks, playing online every day since then ... you have to be patient and especially have good time on the track to start first. Last week a track fell that I worked very well and I won an average of 45 victories. Now I'm going to start the more grind part of the platinum, which is 322 runs and lvl 50
  3. I only miss bullring and school 2 to get the trophy, school 2 is driving me crazy, anxiety a thousand, I tried yesterday and today for 4 hours and I couldn't. I have difficulties reaching the last gap, and when I arrive, my manual is already super sensitive and I can't grind on the stairs
  4. I have this same problem, and only this trophy was missing for platinum, I can not search for any crew, nor do one from scratch