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  1. 2,5/5 this DLC was longer but worse than previous. That american accent mixed with russian voice act was cringe af. Boss fight was weak like they havent any better idea ? It felt outdated. Have to mention its terrible on PS4 alot of bugs and FPS drops
  2. No MP I guess. Pretty fun game even on NG4 where I achieved my plat. Lord Ishiin and Emma was tough challange. What a shame Dark Souls series have annoying and BS grind trophies so I will stick with Sekiro and Bloodborne plats. Bloodborne plat was harder, Sekiro more tedious (all Skill points rly ???)
  3. Bloodborne. Enjoyable run, but get to the Blood Queen was lighty annoying
  4. Days Gone. Just because it was easy platinum, but at the end of day I am glad its over. Overrated game, boring. Platinum I didn't enjoy, now going for Metro EXODUS - awesome game
  5. I am curious who is behind these trophies, who comes in the studio with an idea of such a difficulty or ridicilous trophy. Not saying that is impossible trophy, but I can see it as a pretty frustrating one.
  6. Pardon me, I had 2 windows with PSforums and typed it into a wrong one It was 50/50 chance and I failed. New Colonels - awesome DLC, ending was heartbreaking, but cannot see myself doing a trophy not using medkits, after a final boss fight experience
  7. Its gonna be God of War but you never know. I thought its gonna be fun doing a platinum, because I saw it has like 35% average completion, but JESUS I hate that backtracking and Odins Raven collectibles. RDR 2 - I hate MP trophies and MP in RDR 2 is incredible boring. Any FPS shooters that requies Superhard difficulty to beat.