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  1. It seems that barely anyone played the game and platinum is yet to be achieved. Is it unachievable due to glitched trophies?
  2. I got blocked as well. I don’t update any other profiles, but mine. Being a premium, we get the possibility to update every minute. However, it seems that we shouldn’t be updating often at all
  3. This trophy popped for me without completing the requirement. I was cleaning one of the saber outposts and after cleaning the game crashed. I reloaded it and was on the stage where you need to open the door for prisoners after the last round. It popped immediately after I resumed the game even though I’m sure I was kicked multiple times during cleaning. You may try to quit and resume right before opening the door, but after cleaning the last round. I don’t know if it will work but it is worth trying.
  4. yes, you’ll lose it. So, it’s better to drive 50km prior to deleting the save file
  5. Deleting the save file worked for me. Trophy popped right after i launched the game again
  6. How do you trade? I didn’t find a trade option with my friends on a list Edit: I realized that split screen trading isn’t supported. That’s probably why I wasn’t able to trade.
  7. I would pick Medievil. I loved the classic version on ps1 back then