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  1. Enlightenment Acquire all trophies 6.30% Time: 1 Day, 1 Hour Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Opinion: Masterpiece "It's hard to think of a concept more simple, or effective, than a boy and a girl holding hands." - Matthewmatosis
  2. I would love that thank you!, still a bit sus Descending Descendant was the only one that didn't pop and it took you quite a while for speedrun standards to go and get it, lucky for you it popped the second time you tried.
  3. The former WR holder for the Top Dog category Kyzirado has Descending Descendant before he gets Sakigami and so does the current WR holder, even the Top Dog route mentions nothing about getting bloom before meeting Susano. There may be a way to skip Kamiki village go to Hana Valley and get bloom, but you would have to reload an old save get Descending Descendant and redo Hana Vally anyway so seems rather pointless in your "speedrun". The game has been out for like 13 years so you may be very good but if you whereas competent as you say you probably wouldn't have made the mistake in the first place.
  4. The Horned Boy Acquired All Trophies Time: 16 hours, 29 minutes Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 2/10 I've played SotC at least 100 times across PS2/PS3 versions and this is the definitive way to play it, the PS2/PS3 versions were breathtaking for the time but this takes it to a whole other level (apart from Wander's face), Truly an unmissable experience that I would recommend to just about anyone. I now have to find it in my heart to do the PS3 version with its outdated controls, frame rate, and the Cornucopia & Endangered Lizards trophies.
  5. Time to pour a tinny for a fallen brother.
  6. The Garuda can be repeated but it's lv.120 and ignores magitek exosuits so I wouldn't bother with it, exploiting timed quests or exp magic is probably better.
  7. Collaboration quests with Final Fantasy XIV and Terra Wars, Terra Wars can be replayed from the quest log, pretty sure the one you're talking about can't. Been a while since i'v played the game so i could be incorrect.
  8. You gain 1 point for every kill and you lose 10 points when you get paid, if you don't get kills in between payments, your rank will decrease. EDIT: Pretty sure you need to be level 30 at least to be able to do all the SeeD exams so depending on how you play could take you a while before your able to do them all.
  9. I was wrong GF kills don't go towards the character that used it there separate to the GF but still counts towards the 1000 kills trophy.
  10. No clue, monsters killing themselves probably count as a win and doesn't add to the kill count, monsters escaping might count as a win with no kill, I had 575 battles with 551 won and got the trophy so no clue why you don't. Edit: Monsters escaping counts as a win, so if you farmed Cactuars or anything that can escape and they all escaped could explain a difference between wins and kills.
  11. I would imagine a kill is a kill and the kill would count towards the character who used the GF.
  12. Most likely, I wouldn't worry about it popping though I farmed a lot during my playthrough and still had to grind 300 kills after the main game to get the trophy.
  13. I believe so. Pretty sure it's recommended to grind the remaining kills at the Fire Cavern since the levels of the monsters don't scale with yours.
  14. Took me close to 2 hours to get 1000 kills with speed up, couldn't imagine getting the plat in sub 10 with the sidequest trophies, kills and GFs, absolutely insane.