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  1. Sign me up for Champion of the Gods, should have GoW1-3, Ascension, GoS and CoO on PS3 and GoW on PS4 platinum. Could make it 8 if you count Remaster as well.
  2. Yeah don't you need like 4 players minimum to officially start the game?
  3. I would recommend creating a boosting session for the game on this site. The exp/salvage grind can be done solo, however. Just create a session, add all intended trophies and wait for the session to fill up. Easy, simple, and most important, effective.
  4. I'll add a screenshot where you can see my timestamps. All trophies acquired after v.1.05. It appears I now top both leaderboards as latest achiever. As long as you didn't encounter the 190/191 glitch, you can safely plat the game. Don't update to 1.05 since it messed up big time.
  5. Just a small heads-up, I did manage to get the Archangel trophies. However, a few notes about this. 1. I didn't attempt the glitched races, as I completed them before. 2. All I had to do was win the final race with the Speed Freak archangel. All trophies popped, so I you have completed the glitched races before, you can still get the Archangel trophies. EDIT I can also confirm that the 190/191 locations glitch is still broken, as it is the only challenge preventing me from getting the platinum.
  6. As I got the trophy AFTER North Sea update I can confirm the Naval Cutlass is the only melee weapon required for this trophy.
  7. Side story: I had a glitch in the dragon room on PS3 version. Twice. Once at 95% and once at 98%. All I had to do was to disable all extras and try again. Well if this doesn't work, restart.
  8. I won my Hero Hunt match with Vader on Endor. Try to stay as much as you can at the ship and the trenches.
  9. I had to boost this via private lobby and with a friend.
  10. First things first, does it say you have 100% when you pause the game? When you're in Free roam.
  11. So happy I prolonged my subscription to March 2020. Same price as stated before (€35 per year).
  12. Or be a scrub like me and turn off fuel use.
  13. I'll ask for your help for Bullseye as soon as I find my mic back.
  14. Isn't there a game guide on this site with videos included? Mezzixx
  15. Hello, The video provided by @Undead Wolf does work. The trick is basically downloading and installing the updates one by one, instead of all at once. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Mezzixx.