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  1. In fact it's even easier than that. When I first tried this game I finished 16th in the tutorial level on Easiest difficulty. I was like "wtf is this?! How hard is this game?". Fast forward 3 hours later and I'm finishing 1st having a lead up to a lap on the 2nd one, driving on realistic difficulty. The key is indeed managing your throttle and shift your weight in every corner, even when it's on automatic setting.
  2. Sign me up for Champion of the Gods, should have GoW1-3, Ascension, GoS and CoO on PS3 and GoW on PS4 platinum. Could make it 8 if you count Remaster as well.
  3. Yeah don't you need like 4 players minimum to officially start the game?
  4. I would recommend creating a boosting session for the game on this site. The exp/salvage grind can be done solo, however. Just create a session, add all intended trophies and wait for the session to fill up. Easy, simple, and most important, effective.
  5. I'll add a screenshot where you can see my timestamps. All trophies acquired after v.1.05. It appears I now top both leaderboards as latest achiever. As long as you didn't encounter the 190/191 glitch, you can safely plat the game. Don't update to 1.05 since it messed up big time.
  6. Just a small heads-up, I did manage to get the Archangel trophies. However, a few notes about this. 1. I didn't attempt the glitched races, as I completed them before. 2. All I had to do was win the final race with the Speed Freak archangel. All trophies popped, so I you have completed the glitched races before, you can still get the Archangel trophies. EDIT I can also confirm that the 190/191 locations glitch is still broken, as it is the only challenge preventing me from getting the platinum.
  7. As I got the trophy AFTER North Sea update I can confirm the Naval Cutlass is the only melee weapon required for this trophy.
  8. Side story: I had a glitch in the dragon room on PS3 version. Twice. Once at 95% and once at 98%. All I had to do was to disable all extras and try again. Well if this doesn't work, restart.
  9. I won my Hero Hunt match with Vader on Endor. Try to stay as much as you can at the ship and the trenches.
  10. I had to boost this via private lobby and with a friend.
  11. First things first, does it say you have 100% when you pause the game? When you're in Free roam.
  12. So happy I prolonged my subscription to March 2020. Same price as stated before (€35 per year).
  13. Or be a scrub like me and turn off fuel use.
  14. I'll ask for your help for Bullseye as soon as I find my mic back.
  15. Isn't there a game guide on this site with videos included? Mezzixx