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  1. Replaying the levels without S-ranking them is popping the trophies for me.
  2. I mean, when I did the vita plat, if I didn't know an answer I just wouldn't buzz-in and the ai would get questions wrong fairly often. So it's not like you need to know the answers to every question anyway.
  3. While I was playing I opened up a workbench and I had exactly 140 parts, and was able to use all of them at once. After this, I opened the next workbench without picking up any parts, instead of having 0 parts I had 140 again. I looked it up and couldn't find anyone else having the same "problem". Also, I tried replicating it later on in the game but I picked up parts inbetween benches and I just had the amount of parts I picked up. Since platting the game I've already uninstalled it, so if someone else would like to test it these are the specific workbenches it happened at
  4. Only one thing better than cute anime girls... cute anime BOYS
  5. CGs do unlock permanently, and your savefiles won't get deleted.