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  1. The season passes 1-3 wouldn't give you Lucia, Poison, or Honda either so it is a pretty good deal.
  2. They never said that, they just said that you wouldn't have to buy another game to keep playing. The balance and gameplay changes of Champion Edition will be free for everyone just like Arcade Edition.
  3. Whoops, I got that part wrong there's actually no new v-reversals coming just v-skills.
  4. Alpha 2 is probably my favorite too, but at least Gill looks dope.
  5. Capcom dropped some new news for the game today including a new character Gill who will be released in December & a brand new "complete edition" coming in February 24th 2020. Street Fighter V Champion Edition will include all previous DLCs and new gameplay changes including a 2nd vskill. It will retail for $30 US. The trailer for Champion Edition says it will include 40 characters and SFV currently has 38, 39 if you include Gill. More characters = easier 1million fight money trophy
  6. What made you come to that conclusion? seems like the easiest next to MWR.
  7. Claim to Fame: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 1.42% Walk of Shame: Agatha Knife 52.63% (Loved this game tho)
  8. Not even one of the worst games on ps4 let alone ever.
  9. Nice