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  1. I can only remember about Surface Rush. There are many. Mushroom Heroes Vita version also has a bug that does not progress. But I tried a lot on my own and it worked. Most games are supposed to have guides. If there is no guide, it is probably a recent game or a game that is not of interest to others.
  2. I was very surprised to see the price. After reading the comments, I thought it would be nice not to need a camera. Still, the price cannot be ignored.
  3. Yakuza 5 took about 145 hours. Other than that, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 took about 125 hours. Most of the time, I only played games that were possible within 100 hours.
  4. Considering the system abuse, I think it will not be there for a while. They said they are no longer selling in offline stores. I think I'll do it someday.
  5. You are kind.
  6. All games are no timestamp. That's possible. I saw it for the first time.
  7. Leaks these days are quite accurate. It's almost believable.
  8. I wrote it with a translator, but it seems that the meaning was not conveyed properly. Each of us is living a difficult life for each other, but I want to say one thing: the world seems to be getting too cold. I hope each day passes safely. World peace!
  9. I agree. The world is developing rapidly, but in human relationships, it seems to be getting colder. The world has become easier to live in, but it doesn't seem to have gotten any better.
  10. People talk aggressively without asking directly. Without thinking of asking the person how to do it, he unconditionally scolds the other person. I feel skeptical about life even though I have lived an honest life. There are so many things like that, but it always hurts. In this situation, every word hurts.
  11. thank you so much.
  12. You play games to relieve stress, but you get stressed out. In this situation, just quit the game. Eat something and have a different time. I get very angry at times, but I never break things.
  13. I think trophy acquisition buggy games like Bit Dungeon Plus are the worst.
  14. 1st generation is recommended. Amazon looks good.
  15. Look at the pastist records. Then you will be able to see the linkage. Judgment is not at all.