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  1. I can confirm that this is 100% true. Me and Extremer did some online trophies recently. No cheating or hacks involved. 100% legitimate way of getting into the online menu.
  2. By the looks of it, it looks like you're playing on Veteran, so I think that's why it gave you a checkpoint. If you get to that part playing on recruit, it doesn't give it to you. When I have time, I'll run through the mission again on Recruit and test to see if it gives me a checkpoint.
  3. I didn't see a checkpoint after that part. Not in my gameplay nor people on YouTube. It could probably happen though...if I someone else can verify that a checkpoint can happen then I'll update the OP.
  4. Generally, nothing bothers me that much. The only little thing that will bother me a bit is if I'm trying to talk to someone and there are too many people in the party talking over me or playing some sort of music when I'm trying to communicate. Other than that, I don't care what people do.
  5. It popped for me no problem. I'm so glad I'm finally done with this. The online was ok but it's really annoying playing against full parties with 999 level making callouts 24/7. The mode that says "No Parties" puts you into games with parties for some reason.
  6. They wouldn't ban your whole console for game sharing. Do you have custom firmware or a jailbroken console?
  7. Some people get offended over things like that which I don't understand why. I also think it's a great part which had a dramatic feel and experience to the story. It's not real, it's all pixels. It's just like "13 Reasons Why" where people got offended over some of the scenes which caused Netflix to remove it. Like get over yourself, it's just a show with acting showing you about real life issues. Go watch Disney if you want to watch something happy and peaceful.
  8. This game was impossible for me when I first played it on Xbox. It's one of those games where you have to keep on playing to get the hang of it. I kept going at it and then I started getting better and it eventually became a very easy game for me. Now it doesn't take me longer than 20 mins to get all trophies. Also, rocket gun is absolutely terrible. If you get lucky and get a run where it doesn't choose it that much, it will be a lot better.
  9. Lol, what the hell is this? I really wasn't expecting such an easy plat. It's nothing but collectibles and upgrades. Well I'm not complaining. The game is going to be very good and I can't wait to play.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate it. And abhinandhan22 is correct. No Russian isn't required for any trophy or completion progress.
  11. Disc version. I'm a collector and plus it gives me a more easy way to play a game from friends. When GTA 6 comes out, don't you want that nice special edition box and steelbook with that new game smell?
  12. If a long completion like Assassins Creed Odyssey or RDR2 didn't have a plat, then yes, I would be disappointed but I will still play the game. If an easy 2 hour game didn't have a plat but was very low in price, I would still get it to boost up my trophy level. It really depends on price, how good the game is, and how much you can do in the game.
  13. This was honestly painful and boring. It was fun at the start but it got VERY repetitive swinging around and waiting for the red exclamation symbol to show up just to do the same style of missions over and over again. Then you had to do more of them in the DLC. I just put on my headphones and listened to a lot of music on Spotify on my phone. I think that 50 crimes would have been a good benchmark but it is what it is. Just have to always be on that grind.
  14. Not at all. My rarest trophy isn't even hard to earn. Not sure why it is so rare.
  15. Slyde. Took me a few days to look at the buttons in the guide but then I finally got the hang of copying them down in order. It's one of my most proud completions.