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  1. You and me both. We'll get it eventually. I had to take a break last night because I was getting frustrated and when that happens, it makes it even worse. I guarantee that when I come back to it, I'll finally end up getting it.
  2. Lol funny I see this now.A few days ago, I was just watching the Dead Island 2 trailer that was released back in 2014. The game still shows on the game stores as releasing soon but I think it's a dead project.
  3. Completionist. Both easy and AAA.
  4. I'm not getting the trophy for playing as all the demons in multiplayer. And for some reason, I always earn 0 xp after each game. The game needs fixing.
  5. You should definitely go back and plat Assassins Creed Odyssey. Amazing game.
  6. I plan on keeping a 90%+ completion rate and reaching 200 overall platinums for 2020. I will also be getting the PS5 on release day and it will also be the first console I buy on release day.
  7. There is a way to keep track of your wins. I forget what you call it but it's those medals for doing certain tasks. One of them will say your RTG wins. And yes, DQ and count out will count. As long as you get the win, it doesn't matter how you got it.
  8. Lmao, trust me, I'm done with this game. This game has been a nightmare...especially playing RTG online.
  9. Spiral Splatter Platinum (Vita) Platinum #35 Did this one using my vita the whole entire time. No controller used. For many, this was an impossible task. It was very challenging but I'm happy I pulled through.
  10. Definitely Orc Slayer. Top tier garbage.
  11. This is a late reply but I can't 3 star this level at all. Been stuck on it for a long time now. It's because you have to move fast diagonally and the vita stick is very hard to control it without bumping into the wall. I'm probably going to give up soon.
  12. Not every year is going to be amazing. Some years will be amazing and others will just be ok. This year was not bad but it wasn't as great as last year at all. I'm disappointed no Assassins Creed this year but hopefully the next one will be released on next gen. As for the future of AAA games, it's not "Scary". The only 2 big titles this year were MW and Gears 5 (If you also game on Xbox). That's why you're saying that AAA games for the future is dying. You can't talk for the future of gaming based on one year. Just enjoy what you have and wait for more. EDIT: How the hell did I forget about Borderlands 3? That's another fantastic game this year!
  13. Easiest list in a CoD game by far. At least I can get the plat out of the way and then enjoy and grind MP. I'm not complaining.
  14. When I play an online chamber match, there is never a chamber. Everyone spawns in the ring at the same time. Road to Glory always stops finding opponents until you close and reboot the game. Many others have experienced single player glitches but I never played much yet as I want to get Road to Glory out of the way. As for the trophies, they finally fixed it.
  15. Yeah...I'm not even going to comment anymore.