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  1. Yeap that right, just be social with your gang. Also you can play games with them, after that some may ask you for stuff. My first request was Jack's book after the fishing event. Sadie asks you for the harmonica in one of the story missions. Then I played one game of dominos with Tilly (Necklace). And I think for the last one I was stopped by someone I think Molly asked for a mirror. All done in Chapter 4 after I finished the game and loaded a save.
  2. i Guess... i'm sure you're right
  3. The gold medals weren't that bad. You just have to use your dead eye like 110% of the time. Btw some of the other achievement missions do count when you finish them (even if they are no listed in the menu). In the end I had like 65 gold medals in the menu itself but the trophy popped anyway, The squirrel tho.... 1 hour for the chipmunk.... 6 HOURS FOR THAT DAMN OPOSSUM.. fucking killed each and every one after that... Not to mention the damn bears.... I decided to study and skin all animals first.... Had to kill/skin 3 grizzlies and the 3th one was the one that actually updated my compendium. That damn game just didn't want me to skin grizzlies i guess...and after that I had to kill 18 more!!!! Why? That Carolina parakeet spawned after 2 hours of riding from one spawn point to the other (and sleeping). All other animals weren't that bad. For the herbalist challenges i had to write down all plants and cross them out as i go because there isn't anything that tells you which one you've collected. And even tho i already had almost all of them updated in my compendium i had to collect them again... Oh I hate orchids now.... 50 lvl in the online isn't that bad. I'm doing legendary bounties, and $$$ and $$ one when the legendary one is on cooldown. I'm around lvl 40 right now, so in 2 days i'll have that, My problem is with the pose free roam one. I haven't seen anyone doing mission... like at all. How can i do this one if no one is doing free roam missions? The races were bad as well, i did them with my starting horse but i got really lucky and played with ppl that were just starting to play RDR2 (or kids). If you want to do this one without boosting it's totally possible. Just do in when it's most likely that kids will be online.. got it in like 3 days with 2-3 hours of playtime (again until i got lucky with my lobby). Stay behind -> let them kill each other -> then go for the 1st place. I'm not mentioning the amount of bugs and tripping on non existing terrain tho. In one of my bounty missions my targets were invisible... the only visible part was the rope that they were tight with... if you make a camp there is a chance that your horse spawns in the air and dies. and soo~ much more. It's actually painful.