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  1. To be honest, you don't even need to do this glitch because I managed to get to the final area with the clocks and had the timer at 11 minutes (a minute above the gold time). There are enough clocks in this section to drop the overall time to below 10 min.
  2. Best of luck! It doesn't take that long to grind and just enjoy it because if you've got String It Together then the hard part of the game is done!
  3. I've been looking for my next PS5 game to platinum but this forum has convinced me to wait on this title! It's a shame as Dirt game are usually great. I'm glad I purchased WRC 9 instead!
  4. The level Crate Expectations....keep taking out all the archer bugs as they award you 3 Collectabells. It's really tedious but it worked for me...I had to grind for about 20-30 minutes. Apparently there is an even better grind location on a different forum but I can't find the post.
  5. I fully agree. I've put in only 8 hours but have experienced some terrible crashes and glitches. The gameplay and story are great but there's not enough content and I think I'll acquire platinum in under 20-25 hours.
  6. I found a decent albeit really tedious farming/grinding spot for Collectabells as acquiring 300 costume pieces for the gold trophy will require some additional gameplay post-story. This method does not provide many collectabells as Zom Zom's bonus levels but you don't have to play multiple levels and get these bonus ones to appear so in a way it's faster. I used this method to obtain over 500 Collectables in 20 minutes of grinding.- Crate Expectations level, The Centre of Craftworld (should be near the Vex boss level)- Run through the level until you get to an area where large boxes spawn from the left of the screen (hidden area) followed by archer bugs that spawn on top of them (these guys fall from the top of the screen)- Slap the boxes to break them and take out the archer bugs (they shouldn't put up a fight as you're close and can whack them quickly)- Rinse and repeat.....Sometimes when you smash the boxes, they will reward you with 3 Collectabells and for each archer bug enemy you kill, that's another 3 Collectabells. The boxes are really inconsistent and I can't work out why they sometimes reward the player with Collectabells but in any case, you will receive 3 Collectabells per enemy killed every 8 or so seconds. If my math works out right, 8 enemies killed per minute = approx. 24 Collectabells + whatever the boxes give you (maybe 10-20) so at least 30-40 Collectabells per minute.
  7. I didn't try it but I managed to complete 10 levels with a second controller and no deaths. It just depends on the level - some of them are easy because the second controller gets left at the beginning and then flies around above you. For others such as levels where you're on a ship or have to keep moving otherwise you die, it's impossible by yourself. I did a mixture of levels across the first 3 worlds and it unlocked...can probably ace at least 5/10 in the Soaring Summit.
  8. OMG I did it!! Took many hours but I finally got a good run and made it to acquire the trophy! I got hit right at the start of the large rockets and thought I'd be dead before reaching the end but decided to try anyway and made it right through the end! By the time I got to the time clocks, I was nearly at 11 minutes so I had to do some jumping back and forth between platforms to get nearly all the clocks then in the very platform riding sequence before the finish line, I was at 10:10 and had to go back and get all the clocks in this area but finished with a time of around 9:50ish. I took a really slow approach and only rolled in safe areas. I probably took the longer route around certain areas and rode on the platforms where the cacti are i.e. didn't jump to shortcuts etc. Really bloody stoked! I also found a good grind spot for Collectabells and then farmed them for 30 minutes to get the last few pieces of costume wear for the platinum and my third plat on PS5. What a great way to end the week!
  9. This challenge is a real pain in the ass just to complete! I'm up to light trial which has the disappearing platforms but can't get past it..... I hate the fact Sackboy takes hardly any hits to die. They should've put a checkpoint halfway through. Otherwise the other parts are pretty easy (except the cactus platform part) and I think the final section will be enough to take my time below 10 minutes without using the exploit. I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully my luck changes.
  10. Wow! What an awesome run! You make it look really easy. I'm totally going to take my time now and maybe roll in some sections where I thought you could've just to save some time. I have a lot more confidence going for this trophy now.
  11. I actually find the ace levels trophy a bit tricky because yes, the second controller will be teleported around the level but in some instances, it will drop down where you are at certain checkpoints and die from enemies. PowerPyx's guide states "any story level" but it has to be 10 different levels. I wonder if you can obtain this trophy by doing the level by yourself and right before the end, get the second controller to enter the game.....would this count? I might have to try it tonight.
  12. I did nearly all the multiplayer trophies with a second controller as well. I just have 6 more levels to ace to co-op but shouldn't be too hard.
  13. I agree on the crabs. I've completed 13/15 of the trials and the sealife trial was the hardest for me. If you ace the trials though, you can smash the gold times by 7-8 seconds. Just beat the laser one by 4 seconds though it was really annoying with all the roll jumping to avoid the lasers!
  14. Didn't have any issues with this unlocking. I chose Trial 6 (rolling spikes) as it's quite easy. With the first controller press and hold R2 to pick up the second player (second controller) and run the way through without dying, getting hit or letting go of R2 (even when you cross the finish line). It should unlock fine. FYI, I had acquired the gold time on Trial 6 already so you don't have to do a trial you haven't finished before.
  15. I had wondered this as well but assumed they were playing local co-op which must be the case. I'm a bit unlucky as I don't have anyone close to play with but I ordered a second controller and might get the gf to play a few levels with me as she likes the look of the game lol.