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  1. In my experience, he is a pain to get to ecstatic mood. Only thing I can recommend you is consistency and building/improving his lounge. Keep alternating between his favorite food and something else he likes, keep hugging him, etc. It may take multiple in-game days, but at some point you'll just get it. It's just a matter of time.
  2. Thanks. Actually, I just found someone today to help me with this. I was pretty confused with the points thing and how you have to have exactly the same dlc installed as the other person, although I don't think I was clear enough about it on my original post.
  3. I've been working on this plat from time to time over the last 4 years. After all this time, I'm thinking that I'll leave it for my 100th platinum becauase of how much I love the game. There's one thing that's bothering though: I haven't got the multiplayer trophy yet. I don't really understand how the matchmaking works, plus I haven't been lucky enough to ever find a match either. So what I'm saying is... If someone has any idea of how it works and if it can still be done, I'd appreciate the help. Btw, I know there is (or used to be) a ps4 community entirely dedicated to the multiplayer, but since I don't own a ps4 anymore, I can't get access to it. So looking for help here is my only option at the moment.
  4. Damn, that's some bad luck right there. Cheat codes do not affect trophies, I can confirm that myself.
  5. If you´re absolutely sure every striker has been called: *All 4 versions of Knives (one for every basic character) *Mr Chau *Ms Chau (not the one Knives summons, but the one with a different character) *Negaknives Then your savefile might be glitched and you'd have to delete and start over. Make sure you try to call/summon all of them again before having to delete your file.
  6. Around 12 o'clock seems to be the best time to try and find a lobby. In case you still can't find a lobby, create a public one yourself and wait. Worked yesterday for me.
  7. Thanks, it took a couple tries but it worked.
  8. Ok, so... Something really weird just happened to me. I booted up the game on ps5, started playing from the point I left off a couple hours ago. During this playing session, I just got 3 trophies: Rune Contact, Rune Master and The Source of the Dream. After closing the game, I just noticed none of this 3 trophies appear in my cabinet. I booted up the game again, checked if something weird happened, but my save is fine. The old Workshop lantern is now available for fast travel, everything is normal inside the game. But I'm not getting those 3 trophies to pop. I even have the screenshots and the video the console takes when you get a trophy , but they just won't pop. Any ideas?
  9. 1: Persona 5 Royal 2: God of War 3: Xcom 2 4: Nier: Automata 5: Final Fantasy 7 Remake 6: Spiderman PS4 7: Dragon Quest XI 8: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 9: Doom (2016) 10: A Plague Tale: Innocence Such an amazing generation. Can't wait to see what PS5 has in store for us.
  10. I haven't played that many Tales of games (Symphonia 1 &2, Zestiria and Berseria). From what I've played, I do think it's a good place to start. Yes, it is related to Zestiria, but that one is more story-heavy and in the general opinion, it's nos really that good. Also, you can play it from start to finish without knowing anything about the rest of the series. The only you'll miss will be some references to what happens in Zestiria later on, but it's nothing crucial to the experience. As for the Platinum of the game, if you're going for it, it can take quite a bit of time, but it's not hard.
  11. Thank you. Right after posting this I ended up going through forums and side quests lists trying to find if I had ended up missing anything. It was the cost of fear one, which for some reason I thought I had done before, but anyway. Finished the quest in about 5 minutes and got my plat after.
  12. Just finished the game. I left the last story mission as the only thing I had to do to get the remaining trophies (finish duels, haiku, the story, the tales, etc.). Now I'm back at the map, with no new tales to do. The journal has every take marked as completed, but the trophy didn't pop. Any ideas? I just hope I don't have to replay everything to get the plat.
  13. As far as July 11th 2020: 2017 - 5 Platinum Trophies MC: Tales from the Borderlands (53.29%) R: Uncharted 1 (16.79%) 2018 - 7 Platinum Trophies MC: Burly Men at Sea (63.55%) R: Brawlhalla (1.61%) 2019 - 12 Platinum Trophies MC: A Plague Tale: Innocence (45.28%) R: Doom (12.01%) 2020 - 36 Platinum Trophies MC: Donut County (75.36%) R: Tales of Berseria (7.76%) The plan would be to get to 24 platinum trophies this year, doubling the amount I got in 2019. Edit: God damn 2020. I'm back here to edit the amount from 2020. I wanted 24 platinums and ended up with 36. I don't think I'll ever be able to top that unless I start playing 30 minute-plat games.
  14. Detroit is actually the first QD game I managed to finish because I was at least a bit invested in the characters. It still has some ankward controls, but they're not as terrible as previous games. Playing through it the first time was an enjoyable experience. Right after that, for the second playthrough I've pretty much shut down my brain.
  15. Just saw the trailer for this without knowing anything about it and it looks pretty fun, but I'm guessing it's quite a challenge. If anyone's already played this on other platforms, how difficult are the trophies looking?