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  1. Seeking "gun pointing" banners for someone who likes FPS games 0:19 was trying to get this image as background picture but the quality is bad sadly. Maybe someone has something similar? Thank you
  2. Imanually manipulated your trophy stats. Any shame you feel is self-imposed. I just think if you hide it, it should be hidden completely like on ps4. Because if it still shows ”H” and amount of trophies hidden, it’s not hidden. At least let us hide completely if we want
  3. Why can’t you copy it like on ps4 console? Just show the progress but hide the game, instead of ”this player has hidden 200 trophies from their profile” maybe our kids has played or we regret playing a game. I think this ”H” thing ruins our profile, it makes it look suspicious when in fact i just want to hide/regret playing a game... i lost motivation to continue because games couldn’t be hidden properly