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  1. The navigator lines trophy out of the way is good, but the trophy list is kinda simple. A trophy for beating in merciless mode would be nice too.
  2. Legendary Unit Clear 100 urgent missions Most Trusted Ally Use one type of equipment for 500 missions The Legend Begins Collect all trophies Good game with a relatively easy plat ( depending on how you play it can be a little time consuming, but was easier than I thought ). Don't know what to play next
  3. Proud Survivor Clear a survival mission on the highest difficulty alone Unstoppable Armament Obtain a complete set of rank 14 equipment Master Predator Activate five types of Control Unit effects at the same time Elite Unit Clear 50 urgent missions Two more trophies left to plat.
  4. Skill Master Activate 25 or more skill effects simultaneously Enigmatic God Eater Complete the Challenge Mission that unlocks Ren Mysterious Masked Aristocrat Complete the Challenge Mission that unlocks Masked Ogre Level 14 equipment/weapons have made the end game much easier. (fow now, at least XD)
  5. SAO Alicization ep 3 Blade of the Immortal ep 4 Assassins Pride ep 3
  6. Until We Meet Again Unite with your comrades and settle your grudges Visions of Dread Clear a Perilous Challenge mission A Real Treasure Obtain your first piece of rank 14 equipment Main story finished. Now it's time for LV 14 missions and some farm/grind.
  7. Don't Run Away From Living Confront all hazards head-on and succeed in rescuing your comrades Beacon for Retaliation Overcome adversity and succeed in reinstating the 1st Unit Near of the end game.
  8. Guardian of the Far East Wade into danger to rescue the Far East Branch from its predicament The missions are getting a bit harder now.
  9. Blue Moon Thwart Schicksal's ambitions and succeed in preventing the Devouring Apocalypse These jrpgs are trying to kill me, two sad endings in the last two games (although I'm pretty sure the story doesn't end here yet).
  10. The Edge of Truth Vanquish Dyaus Pita and avenge your comrade This aragami... What a annoying enemie to beat.
  11. Toaru Majutsu no Index III episodes 1-2 Assassins Pride episode 1 Blade of the Immortal episodes 1-2 Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia episodes 1-2 Dr. Stone episode 15
  12. A New Leader Assume the role of 1st Unit Leader The Brink of Death Perform Link aid on an ally Shared Power Successfully use a Link Burst Just now I started using Link Burst on allies 😅 (always used on me). Am I the only one who thinks Lindow looks like Dante? Both in appearance and personality.
  13. Arifureta 13 SAO Alicization War of Underworld 25 (FINALLY!!)
  14. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD This FF is great and very easy to plat. The variety of characters (each with their own personality and playing style), the soundtrack and a great story, makes it one of my fav of the series.