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  1. no doubt will be this up eventually, Mercenaries trophies are a little concerning for me personally as i have no enjoyed that mode much
  2. i havent got an easy plat for awhile and being a fan of the movies was thinking of picking this up. will certainly wait for a patch after reading this, thanks for the heads up
  3. thanks mate
  4. i know im replying late on this one but did you end up getting the official society trophy? I am trying to clear my backlog and noticed there are no active societies either
  5. can anyone advise me if the amount of saves change your rank? I am assuming not, sorry if this is a silly question. Cheers
  6. oh no as for someone who loves VR and trophies i was keen to check this one out but not if its a brutal plat. ahhhhh
  7. thanks mate - ill need it haha
  8. thanks mate ive honestly tried it like 50 times now for it to only work once lol, and.....i still died haha. Been trying it legit for a couple of days now.......hopefully ill get it one day. Cheers for the reply
  9. ive tried at least 50 times now, has only worked the once for me. one trophy i have tried legit so many times and get to level 17 or 18 then die. I must have no thumbs because i cannot work this out haha. On another note, legit hate this trophy lol
  10. i have tried the glitch over a dozen times now however only seems to work once. Also regarding the crossbow, I haven't got that unlocked (think you need to unlock it by a challenge) can anyone confirm this? Thanks, will try this again soon
  11. i wish!
  12. did you end up getting the trophy?
  13. ok so i was dreading this trophy badly after hearing about it and after trying purely with the MP5 for about 40 mins i then just tried the first 3 targets with the mp5 and the rest with the pistol. Got it my 3rd try. Cheering, try that for whoever is struggling with it
  14. never mind popped on my 5th try
  15. flyswatter trophy isnt popping for me, havent had an issue up until now. Any ideas? guess ill keep trying, pretty annoying after how hard one shot one kill mission was........