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  1. Brilliant mate, I've subbed! Good to see an Aussie doing his thing on YT, would love a review of my profile - haven't played a lot of games, focused on my overall completion percentage. Cheers and keep up the good work!
  2. just came across this now and perfect time for it! Thanks very much going to be super useful!
  3. got the ace trophy thanks to your advice - took abit longer than i expected but got there eventually.
  4. cheers, i am going to give this a shot. out of curiosity how did you manage the 1 mil trophy?
  5. spent hours on this trophy myself. tried numerous loadouts and the two maps people recommend, highest score 48k twice!!! Created a session in a hope i can get it done by boosting. Id rather do 100 drift kills instead of this. I will keep trying though
  6. Hi Mate, Yep I created a session (took 10 months) to find 8-10 players to boost with. Once we had the numbers needed the boost was possible. All players need to search at the same time (voice chat obviously required) then you need to have 1 player quit match once Round 1 has started from there players can only match up with you are in rounds 1 and 2, then 3 and 4 and finally 5 and 6. Hope this makes sense as its a little confusing. So basically players can only match up if they are either 1 round above or 1 round below. Then you need to boost the other players up to said round to match up again. Very hard for me to explain it to be honest but i know its possible because that's how i got the blitz trophy. Good luck!
  7. this has happened to me twice now, going to try again using just 1 weapon. fingers crossed
  8. nice just booted up the game and my trophies popped too. Happy days
  9. I haven't played a cricket game in years. Checked the list and yeah doesn't seem too bad at all, reach international level in career mode interests me. Hopefully is not like 100 hours of time game or anything. From first glance doesn't look like any online trophies either. Wondering if they release DLC......
  10. fair enough mate - i actually turned the screenshots off for trophies because of how small the HD space is on the PS5. I have the 15 second video on however im predominantly using my ps4 pro for my backlog. Not too worried about losing the that stuff but i understand why you would want to keep them
  11. felt like rage quiting this afternoon on this level, biggest tip for this is burst fire!! got it done 4th attempt after realising this. Before that i would have died 50 times lol
  12. yeah mate i actually thought about that myself. What about just putting them on a portable hard drive then put them back on the console? i am waiting for a patch but honestly not holding my breath
  13. Hi Guys, I have been having this issues for days now. I have both PS4 and PS5 (free PSN plus version of the game) same issue however i have read this thread (thanks to those who posted) and can confirm swtiching to offline mode has worked for me. Onto chapter 4 of my brutal playthrough without issue
  14. thanks very much for your details response. What i am going to do is just wait in hope for another patch and if that doesnt work ill try the 2 methods you mentioned above. Appreciate your reply yeah so annoying right!!! i thought when that happened so no-one would believe me. So frustrated by this. What are you going to do?
  15. I have been encountering this issues continually but the game just gives me an error message at basically every point in the game. Its only a fluke that i have been able to manage a few DLC trophies. Today i installed the game on both PS4 and PS5 to try my brutal playthrough and nope still gives me an error message 1 min into the 1st stage. Im thinking my save data is corrupted and if i delete that then i wont have tweaks or anything. No idea what i should do, any ideas? Thanks