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  1. All I'm going to say is that the devs were about 3-4 years too late in making this game for reasons that have already been discussed repeatedly on this thread.
  2. The PS3 version is disc-only, and it has DLC that was delisted years ago. For some reason, the Vita version is digital-only, but it contains all the levels that were DLC in the PS3 version.
  3. Huge props to Sony for providing games I have no interest in so I can focus on my backlog.
  4. So, because Angry Birds Trilogy on Vita has an unobtainable platinum (whoever decided to put that Near trophy in the game can go suck a big one), I decided to give the PS3 version a shot as I really want to get a platinum trophy from playing Angry Birds Classic and Seasons (Rio feels like an afterthought to me, but it's not bad). Yes, I know the DLC isn't possible to get anymore. That's fine, as long as I can get the platinum. I am aware this game has 19 "exclusive" levels. I think they're required for the platinum, but I don't know for sure. I have a general idea of what to expect because I played the games on iOS as a kid, and I also have the trilogy on Vita. AFAIK, the platinum on PS3 isn't quite as bad as it was on Vita because the Vita port has all the DLC levels included and required for the platinum.
  5. IDK if this counts, but Angry Birds Trilogy on Vita. I really, really want the platinum, but there just had to be a trophy that requires Near to unlock. I'm going for 98% completion, and I even beat the hardest level in the game (Seasons 20-7) with three stars, but it doesn't matter because of that stupid "Free as a Bird" trophy. I wouldn't have ever considered playing Angry Birds Trilogy on PS3 before, but now I'm going to because I really want an Angry Birds Trilogy platinum (I already did AB Star Wars a year ago). BTW, Seasons level 20-7 was the worst thing ever. Because the devs messed up the level, it is almost impossible to get three stars. Less than 100 people have the trophy for 3-starring every Seasons level. I am now able to get that trophy because I got super lucky with level 20-7. That alone made the unobtainable platinum hurt even more. And yes, I am crazy enough to go for 98% in that game knowing the platinum isn't doable because I liked Angry Birds when I was younger.
  6. I think you need two PSN accounts and two copies of the game, and they need to be the same region.
  7. Everything except the ranked matches can be done in ad-hoc.
  8. As an owner of two JP Vitas (one OLED and one Slim), I can confirm the X and O buttons are hardcoded with X being used to cancel and O to confirm, but only on the home menu and built in applications.
  9. Here's my 10 favorite platinum trophies as of right now (This list is subject to change as I play more games)


    10. Angry Birds Star Wars: I loved this game as a kid, so this is a platinum I'm happy to have. Devastated that I can't platinum Angry Birds Trilogy on Vita because of an unobtainable trophy and a level that's glitched and almost impossible.

    9. NBA 2K20 - My rarest platinum. This would be a lot higher if NBA 2K20 wasn't one of my all-time least favorite games.

    8. LEGO City Undercover - My favorite LEGO game with trophies.

    7. Tearaway - One of the most creative games on the Vita, and a very fun platinum to go for.

    6. Little Deviants - Easily the hardest platinum I've earned. Believe me, this platinum is not a cakewalk, especially with the most broken online trophy ever.

    5. Guacamelee! - I have no idea why I don't just go back and do the PS4 version, because this game was a blast.

    4. Shovel Knight - I can see why this game is so well-loved. Probably the best part of this game was also going for the DLC trophies (I fully completed Specter of Torment twice - once as DLC and the other for its own trophy list).

    3. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Vita): One of my favorite games of all time. Wasn't a particularly hard platinum, but I had a good time and I'm currently working on Danganronpa 2's platinum.

    2. LittleBigPlanet 2 - Probably the best LBP game to date. I also did the Cross-Controller DLC, the DC DLC, and most of the Move DLC.

    1. Rayman Legends - This is my favorite 2D platformer of all time that isn't Nintendo-exclusive. I platinumed all five stacks of this game (PS4, Vita, PS3, CN Vita, CN PS4 in that order), and I would do it all over again if it got a PS5 release.

    1. AK-1138


      ...So what's your favourite LEGO game without trophies? 🤔

    2. rjkclarke


      @AK-1138 - I feel like any answer that isn't LEGO Star Wars:The Complete Saga is the wrong answer.. :D

  10. If you're like me and were really dreading the Spotlight challenge trophy as Spotlight challenges are known for sometimes having crazy requirements, you're in luck because there is a one-game Spotlight challenge live right now, and it's on Rookie difficulty. The only catch is that you have to score 200 points in 24 minutes (6 minute quarters). While this seems really intimidating, it's not as bad as the Hall of Fame challenges. Also, I'm not the best NBA 2K player despite getting the 2K20 platinum, and even I was able to do this. -Before you attempt this challenge, make absolutely sure you have plenty of good three-point shooters in your lineup, preferably Galaxy Opals or Dark Matters. -Always shoot three-pointers. Since you're playing on Rookie difficulty, as long as you're careful, the shots will go in 90% of the time. You don't have to get green shots to get the three-pointer, but if you are able to time green shots then you will be very well off. -This might sound counter-intuitive, but do not play defense at all. Let the opponent score as quickly as possible. They will usually not shoot three-pointers, so if you always shoot threes, they will not be able to catch up. -As soon as you get the ball, run straight to the three-point line and shoot from there. Again, if you have a good player, and especially if you try to get green shots, you shouldn't have an issue getting the shots to go in. -Probably the most important tip: Make sure to get personal fouls with your weaker players on purpose. After six fouls, this will result in the opposing team getting free throws. This sounds like a bad thing, but this means there's more time where you have the ball in your hands. Keep in mind that if you get a personal foul with one player six times throughout the game, they will "foul out" and not be allowed back in play for the rest of the game. You don't want to foul out your best players, and you also don't want to foul out everyone in one position and forfeit the game (especially towards the end). Also keep in mind that when the quarter ends, you have to commit another six fouls before the opposing team gets free throws again. -I'd do this challenge ASAP, as a new season is starting soon and 2K might get rid of this challenge and replace it with some harder challenges. I finished with about 202 points, and walked away with a bronze trophy (oh, and a Dark Matter Eddy Curry). I also got the "Timing is Everything" trophy as I was fortunate enough to get more than 10 green shots. Good luck with this trophy, and hopefully the Domination games won't be a deal breaker if you try for the platinum.
  11. I'm seriously not happy about the hourly towers.
  12. Is Freedom Wars still going to be possible to finish after the messaging shutdown?
  13. I picked up this game a while ago, but haven't started it yet. Will I be able to get the online trophies in this game after the messaging system goes down?
  14. Definitely getting this at some point.
  15. I'd literally destroy my PS3 before I hack it.