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  1. Technically no, but... -"Multitasking" will become harder once 2K23 comes out as there will be fewer agendas to complete. Not to mention, it has to be done separately on PS4 and PS5 if you care about stacks. -Getting the unicorn ball will be A LOT harder as certain cards become harder to find and the prices for many cards increase drastically.
  2. This is actually incorrect, you need to complete the All-Star 2022 Lifetime Agenda instead, which doesn't require playing any time-sensitive games. As someone who got the 2K20 plat, trust me when I say you don't want to procrastinate on the unicorn ball. Getting the ornament balls should be top priority since people will be locking those cards in (and you have to lock them in as well) and the prices of those cards are already increasing. I also recommend getting as many of the heat check and dynamic ratings cards as possible, especially the former because if this is anything like 2K20, the prices of those will skyrocket.
  3. This is going to be a fun comments section... (To clarify, this update removes the ability to create new PSN accounts on Vita)
  4. Votes: Guide Of The Year Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER, and zekunlu Trophy Guide Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER, and zekunlu Castlevania Advance Collection Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Gameplay Guide Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book - Compendium Guide by FIDO1337 DLC Guide Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers DLC Trophy Guide by zekunlu and Rebourne07 Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Remastered DLC Trophy Guide by Trozenator Retro Enthusiast Disgaea D2 Trophy Guide by JNSpradlin Persona 4: Arena Trophy Guide by LuckySlime and suicideyan New-Age Enthusiast Genshin Impact Trophy Guide by Gr4de_04 Shakedown: Hawaii Trophy Guide by Liav222 Original Content Alan Wake Remastered Trophy Guide by FIDO1337 Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby Formatting Xenon Valkyrie+ Trophy Guide by Shikotei-kun Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01
  5. So, I started this game a few weeks ago, and using an alt account, I decided to see if it was possible to send and receive challenges (because the leaderboards on the AS version actually work as they should). To my surprise, I had no problems sending and receiving challenges. As a result, I'm glad to say that Little Deviants (AS) is still possible to platinum! As for the NA/EU stack, the leaderboards are so broken that the plat might as well be unobtainable as you probably know by now. But for anyone who started the AS stack and didn't get to finish it, you're not SOL just yet. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  6. I'm more concerned about whether this will affect the PS Vita. If it does, I might as well do less trophy hunting.
  7. Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. is the guy responsible for these games.
  8. So, I figured I need to make an update.

    My profile is coming back online, minus one game. I thought making a new account would be a good move, but ultimately I realized this profile was not beyond saving, and I do actually have a few impressive plats that cannot be replicated. (ie. NBA 2K20, Little Deviants, LBP 1-3/Vita). So, basically I made a nuclear decision which probably was a bad idea.

    In case things go south again, I'll keep the other account I made handy, but for now, I'm back.

  9. Considering I got matched with literal gods 95% of the time, I'm going to say yes. Also, one of the trophies was dependent on RNG.
  10. I see you're working on Monster Monpiece. How is it? I did all the online and some of the single player a while back, but other projects got in the way.

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I've only really done the online grind atm, but yeah, I like it. I mean it's full of ecchi 2D girl art, so I'm already sold based on that alone, but the game mechanics are fun to boot. Good stuff.

  11. Let's see where I am now:


    -Five plats away from a 13 x 13 mosaic

    -Eleven plats away from my 175th plat

    -32 plats away from a 14 x 14 mosaic

    -36 plats away from my 200th plat


    What should I do for plats #175 and #200?

    1. kingofbattle8174


      Persona 4 Golden and Cuphead

  12. So I started Persona 4 Dancing only to realize it was an epilogue to P4 Golden, which I haven't finished yet. Oops. Oh well, guess I'll just speed through it as I have two more stacks of it I can play down the line.

  13. I've just about given up on the Marvel DLC in LBP Vita, specifically the SHIELD Interceptor DLC. That specific DLC was so infuriating, I almost snapped the game cartridge in half. I don't know how they expect you to get 5000 points in the Gauntlet for a ship upgrade which is required for a trophy. My best is 3150. Maybe I'll try it again down the line and hit 5000 points, but for now, it's not very high on my priority list.

    1. enaysoft


      I feel your pain, I never bothered to get gold for all the ACE levels in the DLC.

      It's so weird that like most of the DLC is just mini games and not even all that much to do with LBP.

      I bought LBP Vita but yet I'm having to play what feels like a community made Endless Runner, or Asteroids Shooting game, just because there are DLC trophies for them.

  14. Update: Next trophy I earn, everything on my profile will be viewable again. I'll fully admit I'm not proud of all my platinums (especially the Breakthrough ones) but I already completed them, so what's the point of hiding them. I just won't do any more of them.

  15. Just thought I'd throw a few random thoughts out there...


    -I recently got the LBP Vita Marvel Edition so I could get 100% in the game (got the plat in Dec. 2019 and finished the DC DLC in Jan or Feb 2020), and my god... the Marvel DLC is really bad. It has nothing in common with the main game, and the extra content just isn't fun. I've had more fun with Ratalaika games in the past. To be honest, I think the Marvel Arcade Pack should've been an entire separate trophy list with its own platinum because the three minigames in the pack add absolutely nothing to LBP Vita. At least the DC DLC had extra levels.


    -I recently unlocked all 7 birds in Angry Birds Trilogy (Vita) and have them ready to send on migration... but Near is shut down. Why was the godforsaken "Free as a Bird" trophy a thing in the first place? That's a 1.08% platinum I'm never getting unless someone resurrects Near in a similar fashion to Gonespy. I'm still going for three stars on every level, but I may not bother with the eagle feathers because some of those are a PITA.


    -Angry Birds Trilogy on PS3, on the other hand, is going pretty well. At this point, the biggest hurdle towards getting the platinum is getting the energy to play the game in the first place. Also not looking forward to some of the eagle feathers (I'm only doing them on PS3 because I have to if I want the plat. There's no point on Vita as the plat is unobtainable anyway).


    -I really need to step up my game on PS3 and Vita platinums. The reasons should be obvious.


    -I'm still waiting for the LBP servers to go back up. I already platinumed every main game in the series (even did LBP 3 twice; also SABA and Karting don't count), but I'd like to wrap up the Move DLC in LBP 2 and the four-player trophy in LBP 3 PS4.


    1. DaivRules


      I feel the same way about the Marvel DLC. I was really annoyed they were mini-games and was expecting more platformer levels. I don’t know how I missed that they weren’t more levels and I probably would have skipped them had I known. 

    2. Dr_Mayus


      Yeah the Marvel was a huge let down