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  1. Finally got the platinum! I can't believe I managed to get it!
  2. NBA 2K20. There is no competition for me. This game is just a soulless black hole designed to rob you of your time and money. Everything, and I mean everything that I dislike about the modern games industry can be found here, and then some. If I wasn't going to help some people get the Ultimate Collector trophy, I would've quit the game long ago and never looked back. Even thinking about this game makes me angry, which is actually quite rare for me. I have a high tolerance for bad or mediocre games, but this one is just too much. Honorable mention to Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight, which really should've stayed on mobile devices.
  3. Update: I now have 26 gold spaceships, including the one for Manic Melter (anyone who played Manic Melter knows how irritating that one is). I'm almost there
  4. So, I'm almost done with Little Deviants. I have all eight silver trophies and all 45 bronze trophies. I've found all the Moggers, I completed all the minigames, I got all the miscellaneous trophies (some of which were really annoying), and I even managed to get the utterly broken Honor Upheld trophy. All that's left for me to do is get a gold spaceship in all 30 minigames. I currently have 16 gold spaceships. If I get the platinum, it will be my very first sub-1% platinum trophy on my profile (it's currently at 0.57%, and the current rarest platinum I have is LBP Vita at 2.01%), and could very well be my proudest platinum for quite some time. Unfortunately, some of the minigames are giving me a really hard time. Does anyone have any tips for some of the harder minigames? I really would like to get this platinum, but I'm starting to get burned out. If anyone has anything to say that can help (whether it be tips to help with some of the minigames or just some words of encouragement), please do so.
  5. You dodged a massive bullet. To get the Ultimate Collector trophy, you need to collect 2,900 cards in MyTeam. This trophy exists for no other reason than to get people to either grind for who knows how long or to buy lots of card packs. Seriously, massive respect to anyone who manages to get that trophy without going insane and/or bankrupt.
  6. I'm surprised you didn't mention the Ultimate Collector trophy. That trophy is basically a giant middle finger from 2K.
  7. I've been thinking about writing a walkthrough for Little Deviants since there are very few guides online. Does anyone have any tips I should mention in this guide?
  8. My Name is Mayo 2. Unsurprisingly, it was easy and took under an hour.
  9. For context, I know almost nothing about the Lord of the Rings universe, though I have nothing against it. I got the Repaid in Blood trophies in both versions of the game at the last minute (I even did the vanilla version the day after the servers were supposed to close), but I haven't quite got the hang of this game. I hear this game is very good, though it didn't stick with me in the first hour. I have other games to work on for now, but I'd like to ask: Should I come back to this game at some point? I'm not going to judge this game since I only spent an hour on it and I was rushing through the story to get the Vendetta trophies. I'm assuming this game gets better as it progresses like most games do. By the way, I'm asking about the PS4 versions. I have no interest in the PS3 version.
  10. You Will Obey - Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4 vanilla edition) My second trophy of 2021 was Repaid in Blood, so I don't have to worry about an unobtainable platinum.
  11. As of five minutes ago, Vendetta missions are still up. Turns out you're right! I went ahead and picked it up to knock out the Vendetta trophy a second time, just in case I ever decide I want to double-platinum this game on PS4.
  12. Just got the trophy. Looks like WB might not shut the servers down until Monday.
  13. I just got the trophy. After completing the Spirit of Mordor mission, a Vendetta mission popped up. Luckily for me, the captain was vulnerable to stealth kills, so the mission took very little effort. Now I can put off the rest of the trophies indefinitely I'm not going to bother with the vanilla version since I don't own it, and I have no way of getting a physical copy before the server shutdown.
  14. Definitely: -I'll get fewer "filler" platinums. Easy games aren't off the table, but I'm going to mostly stop with the over 95% platinums. -I'm going to move PS3 and Vita online trophies up the priority list. -I'm going to work on my PS3 and Vita backlogs. -I'm going to platinum every LEGO game on Vita. -I'll finally get the Ultimate Collector trophy in NBA 2K20. Still debating whether the platinum is worth it. -Speaking of which, I'll avoid NBA 2K21. Even if it was free, I'm not touching it. -I'll get somewhere between 150 and 200 platinums. Maybe: -I'll get a PS5. I can't justify it right now, but I would like one in the future. Maybe at the end of 2021. -I'll try to get into more RPGs. -I'll try out some VR games (I know I want to platinum Astro Bot). -I'm sure I'll think of something else eventually. Right now, I'm having trouble brainstorming.
  15. Ok, I'll give it one last chance tomorrow. What exactly did you have to do to get a Vendetta mission? I keep seeing conflicting reports on how to get Vendetta missions to spawn. Honestly, I'm blaming myself for this more than anything else; I had two months notice and I waited until the very last minute and got stuck.