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  1. Congratulations on getting this trophy! I'm glad you got this one out of the way early; I started this game back in September, and for months I feared that I would reach Awesomeness 11 but still not have the platinum for who knows how long. Since last week, when I got a diamond cup (and the trophy) from the glitched challenge, I found myself to be more motivated to finish up the last few challenges I needed in order to reach Awesomeness 11. I also got a diamond cup today, which was nice because now I'm going to get the platinum a few days earlier than I expected due to the extra points. Good luck on getting the platinum trophy in this game! It does take a while to complete, but you've obtained the hardest trophy in the game, and this is a platinum worth having on your profile!
  2. I certainly hope so! I did this challenge last night, and also got a best time of 29.46. I already have the "Champion!" trophy due to last week's glitched challenge, but if I get a diamond cup on this challenge, I will be able to get the platinum trophy by the end of the day tomorrow! (I've been saving two Invasion levels to play with a total of 132 points in order to reach Awesomeness 11 in case the servers act up)
  3. Update: I just got the Dive In 25 trophy after three days. I decided to knock that one out early so I never have to think about it again. Now I still need to spend 1,415 more minutes in Create mode and somehow get 25 more players to play my level (I used the trick @KON007 mentioned where I let players join my game and then quickly entered my level). At least I never have to "dive in" again...
  4. I've changed my mind. I just bought LBP 2 since I enjoyed the first one, even if I may never get the platinum. I am going to be very cautious when/if I go for the "Dive In" trophy.
  5. And of course, less than a week later, we get a Murfy challenge which was glitched at 196.01 meters. I feel kind of dumb for playing the challenge on Sunday over and over for hours to no avail. On the plus side, I'm so relieved to have gotten that trophy out of the way, and now I've got about two weeks of challenges left before I get the platinum! Oh, and congratulations @Drikko- for earning a diamond cup on Sunday!
  6. Finally!!! I can't wait to get this trophy!!! 😀😀
  7. After spending a few hours practicing the challenge, the best I could do was around 2,850 meters. Not bad, but I'll have to wait a while before I can get "Champion!".
  8. Honestly, I feel the same way. I spent the past hour or so trying to reach 4095.43 meters, and I keep dying on those stupid pillar sections. I'm going to keep trying until the challenge expires, but I'm really worried that I might not be good enough to make it in time. In the past year, there have been a grand total of two easy glitched challenges. Who knows when the next glitched challenge will be (assuming it ever happens again).
  9. So, today I went to play the daily challenge, and noticed that the top score was 4095.43 meters. Looks like we've possibly got a glitched challenge. I guess I know which trophy I'm going to get in the next 24 hours... To clarify, a few times a year there is a Murfy distance challenge in which it is impossible to progress past 4095.43 meters. @Arkiokin has already played today's daily challenge, and it just so happened that he made it to exactly 4095.43 meters. He usually ends up going A LOT farther than that (I've seen him go past 33 kilometers!).
  10. Here's my level: https://lbp.me/v/q4fnjdd
  11. There's no way I'm getting the platinum trophy in this game unless a Murfy glitch happens again. I can barely get a gold cup in the challenges on Vita. I have next to no problem getting gold cups on PS3 (I've even got a few diamond cups on PS4), but on Vita, there are days where the best I can do is get two silver cups. I have 371 points left in the challenges (I've been keeping track), and I cannot wait to be done with them. I've somewhat enjoyed doing the challenges on consoles, but the challenges are by far the most frustrating on the Vita, to the point where I wish the online component was cut from the game entirely. If you haven't started Rayman Legends yet and intend to go for the platinum, stay far away from the PS Vita version. It is still a huge grind on PS3 and PS4, but at least the challenges aren't too hard if you know what you're doing. On the PS Vita, it is very likely you will get frustrated long before you reach Awesomeness 11, and even then you are not guaranteed the platinum.
  12. @KON007 Okay, you convinced me. I'm not going to get LBP 2.
  13. And this is why I'm afraid to go for Dive In 25, or even get LBP 2. That first example just sounds horrible (also, thank you for reporting that dirtbag). I'm just afraid I'll get harassed by some seriously messed up players after diving in to the wrong session. I will admit though, the screwed up faces you mentioned was definitely not something I was expecting to read about today.
  14. I really like that idea, though I'm not sure how exactly this trophy could be boosted since (from what I've heard) the game appears to place you with random players. Is it possible to only dive in to games with people on your PSN friends list?
  15. For context, I don't really feel like I have to get the platinum in every game I play, but I prefer to at least have a chance to do so. So far, I've had a good amount of fun with both LBP 1 and LBP Vita. I've been interested in getting LBP 2, but I'm not sure if I should get it, or at least I have second thoughts on going for the platinum. The trophy I'm really concerned about is "Dive In 25". I tend to get very nervous when playing online, especially with random players. I've heard this game has a... not so great community, on top of a problem with hackers and modders. The last thing I want is to run into hostile players and/or hackers auto-popping trophies on my account (which I definitely do not want, for obvious reasons) when/if I attempt this trophy. Other than that, nothing in the trophy list really concerns me. 1440 Minutes of Create sounds boring, but doable over time (I'm currently working towards its equivalent on the Vita). What do you think? Should I get the game or should I just stick with the first one?