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  1. I know this update is kind of sudden, but this will affect my gaming for a few weeks. Recently, I found out that a family member that I live with was potentially exposed to a certain virus that we all know about. Unfortunately, if they test positive, I will be stuck in my room for a while.


    If it turns out I need to quarantine:


    -PS3 gaming will be put on hold, as I probably will not have access to my PS3.

    -PS Vita gaming will not be affected. In fact, this would be a great time to work on my Vita backlog.

    -I may work on some smaller PS4 games as I can use Remote Play on my Vita, but nothing big. As much as I would like to play The Last of Us, I don't really want to do it on a very small screen over an internet connection that could drop suddenly (which has happened before).


    I am going to find out this weekend if I need to quarantine, or if I'm speculating over something that may not end up happening. Let's just hope it's the latter.


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    2. Atoya


      Keep us updated man, I hope you test negative.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      arent you supposed to quarantine if you think you were in touch with someone who has had it or may have it? not go about your day while you wait. So basically if your family member you live with has to quarantine already, you should be too. 


    4. ElevExplorer64


      @Infected Elite I'm going to act as if I have the virus until I get a negative test. Not planning on leaving the house for the rest of this week at least, unless I get a negative test.