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  1. Still works as of 13th Oct 2021. Thank you!
  2. I can’t believe this actually worked! It didn’t work at first as the host for the online game and racing the SSS in Sardinia, I then finished 4th in Mexico in quick play due to time penalties, still not unlocking even when I finished 1st. I redid it same as the guy in YouTube video, I set my other PS4 as host, won the 5.99 Monto Carlo stage online in Authentic and quit and won the Mexico stage in easy in quick play and it unlocked!
  3. My 3rd overall account, 1st trophy earned 08/02/2012. Decided to start a new account as transferring all my data over to my new ps3 seemed to be taking far too long.
  4. That’s why you shouldn’t always listen to people’s opinions. I thought this was a decent game going back to what the games used to be like on the PS1/2 especially after that crap they did when the game came with an actual board to use.
  5. Hero can be unlocked in Season mode that’s how I did it along with WRC champion which was bugged for me in Career mode also.
  6. Perfectionist is achievable in Career mode. You just need to change the objective you are given if it’s one that’s bugged. Stick to these objectives: “don’t spend $XX,XXX on repairs in the next Rally” “Don’t exceed 1 min in time penalties on the next rally” “Only use soft/hard tyres in the next 1/2 rallies” I kept backing up my save to the cloud every time I’d finished a rally incase I messed up. But they have just done a patch to fix bugs so they might be all ok now. Hero is bugged in Career but does unlock in Season mode. I changed team after my 1st wrc2 season to get a different set of countries to podium. When I started a season in the WRC I only needed to podium finish Wales & Australia, it unlocked after Australia.