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  1. All you can do is move on and be aware of what games you want to do that have online trophies. Seen many games go unobtainable which is unfortunate but it happens.
  2. Trophy images looks great and doesn't seem too bad.
  3. Most definitely. Hopefully some good exclusives for launch will be interesting and, I feel those must have games will start coming out between 1-3 years possibly.
  4. That’s the one. His stats were saved on the leaderboards and was able to get the trophy.
  5. Tried that on single player races and still no stats being saved on leaderboards. Guess I'll keep on trying.
  6. I have a 2TB hard drive which turns out to be 1.77 TB of space, and have 374 GB remaining.
  7. Already have the Uncharted collection. Goat Simulator I'm not interested in it.
  8. The Last Of Us Part 2 is my only pre-order so far.
  9. If your stats does not appear on leaderboards, the Friends Make Better Enemies trophy is unobtainable. You won't be able to receive a challenge from a friend. Have alt accounts one from a year ago and 2 from 3 years ago, stats fail to register on leaderboards. Tried to find a solution for this and still nothing.
  10. I gained determination while trophy hunting for my favorite games I enjoy especially those luck, difficulty, or online trophies in games. I have fun trophy hunting at the moment. Before trophies were introduced, I mainly just wanted to beat my games and sometimes do those side missions if games have them.
  11. Devil May Cry 5 Judgment Control Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  12. Cities: Skylines Resident Evil 0
  13. Nioh
  14. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel II
  15. Borderlands 2