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  1. Is Hitman 2 the same way with the level, challenges and opportunities for some of the trophies too? I couldn’t see them when I went offline.
  2. Box art looks nice. The trophy list I’m curious to see how it is.
  3. Mortal Kombat 11 is my first plat of the year which is the PS4 version. The tutorial trophies did require to get the right timing for it and was able to get the online trophies for it playing with randoms.
  4. It can feel like the backlog keeps on growing with no end, I just keep on trying and not be stressed out about it.
  5. Nothing for me here as many of these games listed I have.
  6. Only Moss and XCOM 2 I'm thinking of getting
  7. I recently completed Control and nice for the ultimate edition being free. I might give the other 2 games a try.
  8. I was able to get the sniper multiplayer trophies today which took me about an hour finding randoms.
  9. Tried this and it still doesn’t work for me unfortunately.
  10. Like the fast load times, backwards compatibility with PS4 games, controller and it’s quiet.
  11. No problems so far, when playing disc games it gets a bit loud for a few seconds but goes away
  12. Very cool to see it next year even though this was just a tease.
  13. Sad Bring Tha Noize and B-Boy Document didn't make it the list, good soundtrack still. The game looks awesome since I remember the originals well.
  14. For newer games, I make sure to play and at least complete the story. With games in the backlog that are older, I just go with what I'm feeling interested in playing.