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  1. Yeah, it's a known glitch, same thing happened to me on my first online match, it's been there since October 2018.
  2. You will more than likely be told to hide the game and move on.
  3. Did I not state to you both on this thread and in direct message that I'd happily stream me playing the game to prove I can finish it at a fast completion time? I'm not sure what me playing on computer any more has to do with a flag that isn't even for the game you're questioning me about. Edit: And to answer your question, I found I didn't enjoy gaming on the computer for various reasons, I didn't think I'd return, so I deleted my Steam, does that make sense to you now?
  4. I mean, ignoring the people that magically completed each level in the space of a second on Time Attack Mode... I played the game religiously back on Steam (And on the Nintendo Switch), since I'm a massive fan of the franchise, and with no interruptions I can normally complete the game within 2-4 hours, achievements included, though the time depends on factors like what colours spawn for Mean Bean Machine, what enemies spawn for the Gotta' Catch 'Em All trophy, and if my brain actually decides it wants to focus on the blue sphere stages. If anyone doubts my ability then I will happily set up a stream at some point.
  5. Brimful-45 Killing Floor 2 Team Player 1, Team Player 10, and Team Player 25. All three unlocked for me at the same time upon completing my first online survival mode. Also other members have posted in the game's forum section that they too have experienced this glitch. Edit: This is the topic I mentioned above.
  6. I have had similar problems relating to the third downloadable content. I've not obtained Unplugged, Aiding A Human, or Scales Of Justice, despite completing their respective missions, but did unlock The City Sleeps, upon completing the last district crime. Edit: Screwballed unlocked, guess I'm going to have to delete the save and replay the entire thing... Can't wait to chase Screwball, again... Edit (Again): Had to delete everything and start over... Trophies mentioned above finally unlocked. Disappointing to say the least, since now my trophies are a mess.