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  1. That was my guess too.
  2. So the subclass trophies and level 20 trophy just randomly popped for me at the start of the game... is this normal?
  3. I love all his work really. What’s your favorite?
  4. Thank you. I kinda get it now. When do you save before the secret ending? Is there like a prompt? Do you play the final episode with any character?
  5. This game does a horrible job at explaining New Game +, do I just make new save files for each character? Does it all mash together in the Trinity Archives afterwards?
  6. Looking for friends on PSN. Add me :)

    1. fond-pleasure


      Sure, I sent you a request.

  7. Thank you for everyone’s opinion! Especially those who went into detail and gave me recommendations. Unfortunately I didn’t take the plus games as I had never thought of the vita ;; Maybe I can get a collection online for a cheap price, that would be great. But I’m definitely getting it after reading all of this.
  8. Two people mentioning to get the fat and to get Falcom games... Seems like enough to me. Thank you for all the help. Persona 4 Im definitely getting when I get a Vita.
  9. I think I got a pretty accurate idea from your comments. Taking note of the hard parts of the platinum, and especially knowing I have to get all items and weapons is helpful. Thank you guys so much.
  10. I love JRPGs. Thank you for your opinion. What games do you suggest? In that genre.
  11. Thank you for all the help! I think it will be my next investment, Ill be sure to add you when I get it. Maybe there will be a game or two we can play together! Have a great day man.
  12. Im guessing it all boils down to the 100% completion with the minigames. How hard are they in this game? Whats the platinum difficulty too and estimated in game hours?
  13. Thanks for your reply. I think I might just get it, everyone whos replied seems to like it. Also congrats on 666 posts lmao.
  14. I actually do. What would be a good price to get it 2nd hand? Any idea? I agree thats whats got me so indecisive...
  15. I am aware of the information avaliable. Im looking for personal opinions on the actual console as Im unsure whether to get it or the Switch. Thank you for your reply.