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  1. the game works for you? because when I finish challenges on a character it doesn't save in the servers the same for a friend of mine, as of today.
  2. Yes I tested it impossible to join and there are a lot of objects and weapons missing in the game.
  3. the game needs an update.
  4. Same...
  5. ok that's all I wanted to know, thank you.
  6. I do not care about belts I just want to play online but I can not access it.
  7. Hello, i can't play online, It says that it is trying to retrieve the EA Terms and Conditions. But then it tells me it's unable to retrieve the EA Terms and Conditions. I can't go online without accepting the terms and conditions! What do I do?
  8. obtainable.
  9. it does not work.
  10. Same.
  11. Hello, if you change your psn id you will no longer have access to singularity multiplayer, to solve the problem they just need to contact the playstation service to restore your old id psn. Problem that concerns all the person having change of id psn.