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  1. If you live in the EU then you can be lucky but it comes down to the SLES Code. US, EU, Asia and the rest of the world are not compatible
  2. I just deleted it... Ok here we go again
  3. Ill hope they fixed die last dlc. Ill wont Touch that if not
  4. Bin mir nicht sicher, aber ist Tales of Hearts nicht auch Vita exclusive?
  5. I think the Alien Breed Trilogy for PS3 and Hungry Horde for Vita are missing
  6. Yeah. They can see, hear, and smell you 10 miles against the wind. No HUD, max damage, less items , ammo and med kits. Plus they can be snaeky like Snake if they want.
  7. Yes and Yes. But Authentic Plus is annoying ad hell because of the Super Nazis
  8. Fortnite should be shut down right now. It was a game made for everyone but in the last 1-2 years it became more like a drug for the kids.
  9. Is this topic up to Date? Could use some help with everything cause of a new Profile. All Rings, Items, Covenants etc
  10. This dlc is new to me. I will check it out in time
  11. Divinity 1 and 2
  12. I am still doing this. I try to make every milestone with a platinum I liked.
  13. Just curious if its possible to get all the crafting trophys when you join a camp where everything is already unlocked?
  14. I am at it at the moment. Got 3 so far I responde when I am finished