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  1. I would like to know it too
  2. For thats $$$ I want a real B.B ^^
  3. The Problem is still up to date. Ive got every npc but no luck
  4. With NG+ I had no problems at all. For me it was only a 3/10. The good thing about hard diff is that it forces you to play it right.
  5. Ok, I just got it done. Just let the cpu do all the work...
  6. I just cant get it done! There are 8 beacons and I am only manage to get 2 . Is there a special way or trick?
  7. Just finished the game and would start just a new one. But I wonder if its possible to get this if someone is already at the end ob the game and could share it with a invite into the game. I know its cheap but still ^^
  8. Yes
  9. Yes. Even now it is fucked up. At the and I missed 4 MVP and the Shoulder before all in the Mine Area. But the Dong show up in the menu or even on the field
  10. No, its not. Boring Story, Fighting, Charakters etc. Nothing in this game is realy good...