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  1. A C64 from my brother
  2. Is it possible? I would like to test it out
  3. Just got the plat. Everything is fine.
  4. It is in the German Store but you cant buy it now
  5. What a thrill...
  6. It is September 13 and still no twaek about this crap
  7. I am a D1 Veteran. So it is an easy list
  8. I found it out myself. After restarting the game 10 times and afterI restarted die console then the list appeared...
  9. I just started the game but there was no Trophy list or any trophys at all? Is this some kind of bug?
  10. For lau, Ill take it ^^
  11. Lost Planet 2...
  12. 3 minutes...for 1 buck *yeah*
  13. I was just curious about the 2 dlc, because I could not find them in the store. Were they for free via patch or must I buy tge whole collection ?