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  1. Dlc

    Yes, I adquired the Remastered Collection as one of the PS Plus titles and I'm playing the DLC "Room of Challenges" at this moment.
  2. If you don't have enough skill to beat Xion, you can farm strength and defense boost to increase your stats and make it easier. But if you want 100% trophies, I recommend doing this in your new game for the Risk-taker trophy, since you will need to get strength and defense for battles with pro codes.
  3. They should remove the 3 DLC trophies from the list...
  4. I killed 19 Gods again!! Noooo!! I was playing with Arachne... Do you think is easier with Thanatos? I should try...
  5. Best God for Hard Carry? I need to kill 20 Gods on Conquest. I killed 19 with Aracne in jungle, but the enemy team surrendered... I was very close!
  6. There are some monsters that I can't find (one of the first monsters, the n°6 for example), but I couldn't find a Monster List in Internet. Someone know a link for a complete monster list?
  7. It's worked! Thank you.
  8. Yes, I started to play 15 days ago and I played more than 400 matches. If the game can't find real players, you will fight with the AI and still count for trophies.
  9. I played more than 200 ranked matchs and I never did 60 points for saving allies. This trophy is so hard! I need a good method, please... Update: Ok, I'm starting to use Ace and he's so good for the trophy. 80 points in my first try!
  10. The trophy "CQC FTW" is the only trophy that I need for the platinum. I want to know who is a better option for an only knife run: Jill or Chris? I know Chris is better with the knife and has more HP, but he need old keys and only has 6 slots, so I would have to go through the same places more times, exposing myself to more dangers.
  11. Future Trunks face does not appear in any trophy. F for Trunks
  12. Thank you. I will let Barry die to avoid final battle.
  13. Can I kill Plant 42 with V-Jolt in the "Knife only run"? Or must be killed with knife?
  14. Can I use Cloud Save to avoid wasting ink ribbons for the trophy??