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  1. The single player trophies are good like ace every level and collect the prize bubbles, however I would never want to plat this game again. Due to the multiplayer and the sheer amount of time it takes just waiting to get the plat. So yeah the game is good, but getting the platinum is a chore. Only get the game if you would like to play lbp 2 without getting the platinum or go for the platinum if you are really dedicated, like willing to spend 40+ hours waiting around.
  2. It does look like a pretty good game, like a mix between Dark Souls & a Metroidvania and I am considering about buying it. However this is EA we're talking about here, they're bound to fuck it up sooner or later it's in their nature, so i'm going to wait for a while to see if they try to pull a fast one.
  3. @ElevExplorer64 A wise choice.
  4. I got the LBP 2 platinum trophy recently in September, so I know exactly what you will be getting into. So I will explain what my experience was like getting the trophies in the game and you can decide whether you or anyone else that reads this post should go for it. So let me be clear right from the start if you don't want to go for a very time consuming, RNG dependant and frustrating platinum, this is not the game to go for platinum. It will not be fun period. It will mainly involve you waiting to connect to a random person or for random players to join you. Firstly yes spending 24 hours in create will be long and tedious, since you have to be pressing buttons constantly for the time to be counted towards the trophy. Secondly everyone you will meet will be a child. Trust me 99% of the players I met while trying to get the platinum trophy were extremely young like 12 years old and below so they will not care about helping you get the platinum. The community isn't too bad, but you will meet plenty of weird people while playing this game, with the weirdest for me joining a group of kids who were dressed like furries and had furry pictures all over their pod and pretending to be animals. Thankfully all the pictures were safe for work and I slowly backed out of there when they they asked me if I wanted to join them. However I never had a negative/bad interaction with any player during my time playing. The best thing to do is to be polite, say none to very few words to them (e.g. simple hello) and wait for a minute or two to see if they will go into a level, if they don't just leave. Don't try to convince them to go into a level, because quite simply they won't care and you will just be wasting your time. Also in my entire time going for the platinum trophy I only ever came across one hacker, where i joined their pod and they and I both had access to the create functions (e.g. flying, spawning materials etc.) in the pod. This did not cause any of my trophies to pop and when i went back to my pod everything was back to normal. So the chances of you encountering a hacker are small and even if you do it is unlikely to cause any real problems. Finally comes the worst trophy of them all which is the 50 unique players for a level, which is quite frankly impossible to achieve now unless you let people join you and you quickly go into your level before they have a chance to react. This is due to the fact that no one will play your level voluntarily now, due to the low player count and everyone who does still play lbp 2 only plays in creation mode or the extremely popular levels. You will be lucky to get 5 random players to play your level even if the level is good. In my experience only 4 random players played my level even with using boosting on p4p threads. Unless you want to create 50 PlayStation accounts to get 50 unique players. But yeah in summary the community is very weird and full of children, but I wouldn't exactly call it a deal breaker, the bigger deal breaker is the amount of time & frustration it will take to get the platinum.
  5. https://lbp.me/u/KON007/levels?p=2&l=12 Require Hearts as an Author as well as Levels. Will heart people on the last few pages. Thanks in advance. Edit - Got all the hearts I need. No need to heart me anymore. Thanks Again for the help.