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  1. Did all trophies except 7-Combo, in under 1 hour helps i played some match 3 games before 7-combo seems to be pure luck and patience based 😊
  2. Couldn't care less I sometimes start up a game, and get a couple trophies, and never come back. It doesn't bother me. If i have a game i really want to platinum, i'll work hard at it, and hopefully get it.
  3. Gems of War Mythical CreatureAscend a troop to Mythic CounselorTrain any troop to level 20
  4. At least score an own goal, before quitting. Or else, you are ruining games for others, and that's not ok.
  5. Got it a while ago, but thanks 💪
  6. In pro clubs you could (maybe still can), choose what region you want
  7. My best advice. If she is into you, you will know. When i met my wife (at the hospital we both worked at, i was an orderly and she was a radiograph), we had some night shifts together, where there wasn't many patients, so we started talking for hours. We then kept talking for a few months, every time we had a chance. in that time, she started inviting me to the radiographs hall when we had breaks to eat (normally each staff group eat seperate). Then one day, we talked about new movies coming to the cinema, and i asked if she wanted to go se one together, a film we both had interest in. She said yes. We saw the movie, and then she went to work. This was on december 23rd. That made me think she liked me, since it's the day before Christmas. We exchanged numbers and started texting daily, through Christmas and New Years. Shortly after we started dating. That was December of 2019. And we got married July 17th 2021. Found my soulmate. My wife later told me, that i was a slowpoke. That she tried getting me to ask her out for months. It turns out she was interested in me, since the night we talked for hours. So, if you like a girl, and want to date her, ask her out pretty early. That way, there's two scenarios. Either, she says yes, and thats nice, or she says no, and you can move on. It's never fun to beat around the bush for months (or years), and become a girls friend, if all you dream about is to be her boyfriend. Might as well pull off the bandaid quickly and move on. Another thing, there's always the Brad Pitt rule =
  8. I just got this trophy, and i played max an hour just randomly did it, while playing story
  9. you can make it easier by playing against The worst rated squad available 😊
  10. Update Stil doing S.A.M in Jetpack Joyride. I got 1 trophy in Fifa 15 for Vita, Got started on GTA San Andreas and got 11 trophies, Got started on Nexomon and got 13 trophies, and lastly added Marvel Puzzle Quest and got 1 trophy. So my plan didn't work out, but got some other things done Im not gonna give any prediction on my next update, since i apparently just do what i want anyway
  11. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Definitive edition Getting StartedComplete "Big Smoke". Drown. Today Was a Good DayGo 24 hours (in game) without breaking the law, being wanted, killing or harming anyone. Pay 'n' SprayUse a Pay 'n' Spray with wanted level. Yes I Speak EnglishReach 50 fares in Taxi Mode. The American DreamPurchase any house. Rescue a Kitten Too?Complete 12 levels of Firefighter. Smooth MovesPerform a perfect dance routine. What are the OddsWin a race in Inside Track Betting. With Extra DipBuy 8 meals from Cluckin' Bell throughout the game. Chick MagnetAchieve maximum sex appeal. Marvel Puzzle Quest Hero In TrainingDefeat V.I.C.T.O.R.
  12. Of course, that's his choice I just find it funny, since MY profile, i see as my gaming history. But you can, of course, make your list, just ho you want it
  13. Well i guess you might be right. I don't care enough to call people names over how they choose to play games. Im just curious Oh i see I can follow you now. You want your profile to look a certain way? and have a challenge. Cool
  14. If i may ask, just of curiosity What is the point of a 100% profile, if you cherry pick games? It just seems a little too easy? Like winning a 100m run after you drugged the rest of the field with sleeping pills? The real 100% profile, would be one where you play everything you want, and fight for the 100%? or? Im not saying you don't play hard games, checked your profile and there's some tough ones!
  15. I can understand wanting a challenge, or a rare plat, for the sake of it, but NOT playing a game, because it's not rare enough, that seems extreme to me. If i see a game i really wanna play, i don't care if the rarity is 99%, i just wanna play what i wanna play But no "hate", i just don't follow how that can be a thing for you