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  1. just L1+square for the layup?
  2. So now i "only" need that stupid bicycle kick I did 2 of them while i was in stadium 2, without even trying, but now that it counts, i can do one to save my life. I have Toney from Brentford (76 rated gold, he has 80 physical). Should i invest in Kane or Lukaku? will that increase my odds? or does it not matter?
  3. I agree.... I have 100%, but it almost cost me my sanity The doomsday trophies are insane...
  4. I know the feeling I did 2 within a couple of games, but i was also before i unlocked stadium 3. But thankfully all i need now for stadium 3 is back heel assist and bicycle... I need 125 games for the 200 game for a player trophy, so plenty of opportunities left
  5. I kinda agree. If they become unobtainable overnight, i agree, but you KNOW that games like FIFA is a trophy risk (online), as soon as the new one drops. So for me, i try to do as much online in all my games, ASAP. You can always come back to single player, but as soon as the servers go down, you are out of the platinum. People ranting over server closures, and online trophies being BS, for older games like Max Payne 3, i find stupid. You had 9 years to do them for gods sake. And if you are a platinum hunter, you KNOW that online trophies are a reliability.. Just go for them right away. I just finished all the online in RDR on ps3 not that long ago, and i hated the grind at the end, but i know there's a risk of Rockstar deciding to close servers.
  6. Sounds good. My plan is to play it both on ps4 and pc (my brother is a pc guy, so if we are gonna play together, that's the place). Good to hear you can pop trophies pretty easily if you already did requirement on pc. Thanks for info
  7. All i need for stadium 3 is the back heel assist and the bicycle kick When that is done, i just need a co op win (the one that is unobtainable right now) and around 125 more matches with a player, then the plat should be safe. Also need the trophy for 1500 points in rivals, but im over 1000 now, and with the games i need to play for 200 game trophy, it should be pretty ok. I just hope i can do it, SO close
  8. sucks i popped it earlier today
  9. I don't see the point The way I see it, either you ARE a 100%'er, and play ALL the games you wanna play and 100% them, or else you are not. I don't see a point in having a profile, where you cherrypick the games... Anyone can have a 100% profile, if it's an account where you just put easy games on. Keep your account and enjoy gaming and trophy hunting. Myself, i put ALL FIFA games on my profile, so i KNOW i will never ever get a 100% profile. That way, i can just pop in games and game, and not worry. The games i wanna platinum, i platinum (if i have the skills), and the rest i get as high a % as possible and move on
  10. I guess you are right. Im taking a break
  11. Hopefully they do like in GTA V, with regen health
  12. HOW do i de rank in rivals? I somehow got to DIV 8, and i have been raped for like 10 games now.... Seriously, am i just fucked now? or can i go back? This game is giving me AIDS...
  13. Im not gonna get this. Im so done... Have spent 7 hours straight playing this utter garbage... 3 times i had 2 games won........ Fuck you EA! just get a deadly disease and fuck off... This pay2win crap...
  14. any tips to get a lob shot goal?
  15. I wish i was as good a trophy hunter or diablo player as you sir I think a level 99 sounds like a hard task.