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  1. Am i the only one struggling in rivals this year? I can't get a win for the life of me. I think i have 6 wins in 30 games.... Jesus they messed this up It feels soooo sluggish and passes and pace is ruined...
  2. Damn, ok, i think it took me around and hour yesterday, for one season, so might be a 10 hour trophy.. Might just do a season at a time, and play ultimate team, take a season, play ultimate team, until it pops At least its not hard, just time consuming.
  3. If its a game i like, sure. if its a game i play, and dont like, i have no problem moving on 😊
  4. So i will have to do it one game at a time? I can't just sim i calendar? How long did it take you? I seems like it will take about 800 games?
  5. Does it matter if its a real player or a created player?
  6. try changing position, and reset your skill points and put Them back on 😊
  7. I did this trophy in FIFA 20, not so long ago, so no worries, it can still be done Unless EA have made sudden changes, and i see no point why they should.
  8. When you play rivals, after a match, it should tell you how many Qualification points you have towards Fut champs
  9. It's locked temporarily Just earn the points, and wait for next opening. Chech once a week
  10. Please do "dazzling personality"
  11. Do you know what is up with the "dazzling personality" trophy? I have more than 75% dominant, and nothing happens
  12. Yes 😊
  13. It's sad that it's all the "easy" trophies that's made videos for. It would've been helpful to make the harder ones first. But good idea none the less
  14. how do you get A grade?
  15. My bad, i play for fun haha I don't care about the meta, and i already gave up on following along with people. The fact that some people use sniping bots, and even worse, some people got the game WAY before others, and already made millions on the market, put me off..... Competition is so ruined. Im just gonna get the plat if i can, and let the game rest until new years... When better players come, and are cheaper.