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  1. Vudix, and no, unfortunately he's got a lot of projects right now. Newer games that have never been completable are a bit more of a high priority than discontinued. I get it but it sucks. Doesn't mean he won't ping things but my pinging him isn't something I can just do constantly. I'm going to keep plugging away cuz man I really wanted to play this with my friends. I've only got one MAYBE that I could play with in person. And that's a huge logistical maybe. This sucks. I'm also getting spammed with people either on PSN and discord and even had someone on twitter, I guess because of my activity here, asking me about Fuse and I don't know why. I'm vocal about this but I'm just some guy. Obviously you guys asking here like the question above is fine but I've had like a bunch of randos asking me. Should probably private my stuff for a while because this is obnoxious, sorry. Also unrelated had a rando on PSN ask me if I wanted to play a...singleplayer game... using my real name...which is creepo. So. Yeah. No idea what's going on there. Also dealing with some family shit that's being aggravated by Thanksgiving so I'm kinda stressed out right now. Sucks. Mean time I'll keep asking Vudix and try asking him if there's something I can do.
  2. So. I've made a small, but interesting discovery about how the two assassination trophies work. I did a local offline game, with my alt account as the player 1, and my main account as player 2 via split-screen. I got up to a section where there were two guys shortly before the intended spot where there are 4 guys ready to be assassinated. Well in this two guys section I decided to try something. I lined up a random AI controlled character (Izzy) against a wall (well, not exactly, but when I got in her spot she moved to right behind the guy), I then used Dalton with my main account (second player via splitscreen) to get an assassination. While I was doing so, Izzy got the assassination too. Now, you cannot warp to a buddy while they are doing some sort of complex animation, like ladders, hanging, or doing assassinations. But regardless I spammed the button to warp to her and it let me as soon as she finished. The trophy for getting two at once in a co-op game popped!! Even though my alt account, as player one, did nothing and just stood back. But here's what's weirder, it popped for the alt account, I'm assuming because my alt was player one. It did not give me the trophy. Presumably I'll need to do it again with my main as player 1. So, encouraged, I decided to try it out the 4-player trophy. But I did notice that the wording on the achievement does say in a 4-player game. And sure enough, I got the timing as tight as I could. I had two up top as my mains, because the AI would not stay put unless they were the two down below. I had both controllers get an assassination, and then spammed the warp to the two in the middle. I never got it perfect, but I got it as close as I can just me by myself trying to use two controllers and hold Select + Face Button lol. Did not pop. So, sort of disappointing, but enlightening. You can use warp, and if they hadn't programmed it to look for four players, it actually would literally have worked. So the next roadblock would be somehow, someway, convincing the game four people are connected. Unfortunately I don't know a way of doing that.
  3. Sent a message to Insomniac support asking if they could talk with EA about either acquiring the servers or asking EA to put them up again, since as a consumer I can't do much with any weight.
  4. Yeah, I double checked the servers
  5. It wouldn't be that difficult for them to do. It just means someone needs to get off their ass and fix it. It's just hard in a complicated corporation structure to make things like that happen. PS3 isn't a dead platform and EA still supports a number of PS3 games. And it's not just people wanting the trophy. Multiple people have mentioned groups of four that want to literally play the game they bought, like, for fun. There's a bunch of us that also want trophies, but there are people who genuinely want to just play the game and had no warning it would go down. This isn't that unreasonable or unusual of a situation.
  6. Vudix was away at some military thing for over a month. I asked him when he got back. He said he'd asked several people to look into it. "The definitive answer was that EA has positive control of the server status and ports. Insomniac can’t do anything at all." Given we've heard from both Insomniac customer support and someone who has contacts in the industry that not only do Insomniac not control the servers, but straight up had no idea about this happening, this seems to rest fully with EA. I don't know where you might be able to take this with BBB then. But I'd tell the BBB that we'd reached out, as someone I think mentioned in this thread(?), and Insomniac said they absolutely have no control over this. Which makes sense. Typically publishers, especially a company like EA, have control over servers. It would be pretty unusual as I understand it for the developer to hold the servers in a case like this. While you're on that I'll keep trying to plug away and see if I can find a way to ask him to ask his Insomniac contacts to talk to EA themselves and ask about a fix. That, and keep recruiting people to post on the forum asking for a fix.
  7. Yup. Talked with Vudix a month ago before he left to help do some military training and he said that he was able to ask someone at Insomniac before he left and they were totally clueless that Fuse had even been taken down at all. He's got a zillion games he's trying to follow up on so I'm trying not to be obnoxious about this, but it is something that he's interested in trying to communicate with people at EA and Insomniac about. This is just going to be slow. But hey, Dante's Inferno was really really slow too, and Visceral doesn't even exist any more. This is just going to be a long war of attrition until someone sensible at EA sees us asking for several months and decides to help.
  8. Don't they have to respond by a certain point?
  9. Hey did you ever get an update on the BBB complaint for insomniac?
  10. At best you are going to slow it down by introducing that concept, and the compensation would be pennies. It isn't worth it. Just don't get involved at that point. And again, this just is not true. Not only does this kind of decision get changed, even for older games, it has also been changed by EA. I've already given examples.
  11. I mean this isn't even always true. Dante's Inferno has been fixed twice due to player feedback, and that's an EA game. Shadow of Mordor literally even got a patch to remove the requirement for always online. Splinter Cell Blacklist has been taken down and fixed more than once. I helped get Forza Horizon 2 on 360 fixed. A number of games have gotten fixed due to play feedback, including through BBB complaints too. It's worth trying to do something. Also, it's worth raising awareness for trying to fix this game anyway because I genuinely think it's underrated and I'd like more people to get to play it together. It's just it's built to be a co-op game first, so it really would be great if that could be fixed for that too.
  12. I mean if you pay for a product, you should expect that product to work as long as it says on the tin. Some people don't just want the trophies. I for one was really planning on playing through the game with some friends as I find it really fun. Our plans in April unfortunately fell through, so we were going to try again in a couple months after that. Turns out the servers were down. This is pretty unfortunate given one of my friends only has a PS3 to really play games on and not all that much free time. Maybe a bit extreme, but there is something to be said for the principle of a company fulfilling its policies. That's important to watch for and keep them accountable for. That said, there are more and less wise ways of approaching it.
  13. You're not understanding. I'm saying that is what they are always going to be instructed to do. They should not need to tell you that. If you knew what making a legal threat entailed, you would know that. None of this requires making a legal threat, regardless of how "strong" you think it is. You can simply show that a thread exists and that you commented on it asking for a resolution. That would be sufficient for your requirement. Mentioning legal action is not useful here. If you want to threaten legal action, do it in an email. An email to an official email address is sufficient to express that you have made a good faith contact with the company. Do not make legal threats on public forums. Period. That does not make sense, man. Their lawyers are a lot smarter than you, and have specifically crafted their ToS in such a way as to make this really impossible for you. You should consult a lawyer before ever considering legal action. Period. If you don't have an easy way of doing that, then you REALLY should not be engaging in this kind of thing.
  14. Man...don't fuckin make legal threats on a support forum. That does not help the company fix the issue. If anything it slows them down, because often with legal situations a situation may be forced to freeze. And any CM will be instructed to stop talking to you by the company's lawyers. Hence banning. I don't know why you would do that. And I don't know why you need that proof they viewed your request since they literally responded to the thread saying that the issue was escalated and they are aware of the thread. I don't think this is even a legal battle you can win, since the 30 day thing isn't binding given they have a disclaimer, can't remember where, that they can change it. They should be held to it, and it's a bad idea for them not to make good on it, but I'm not sure what your plan is here. What are you going to do if it turns out it really is Insomniac who is responsible?
  15. The issue is that this was "intended" except EA is saying they aren't responsible for it. But also Insomniac doesn't seem to know. So this sounds like EA is trying to reach out and get it resolved, because like, they have a policy that got broken. A policy getting broken because people can't communicate right isn't the end of the world for them, especially if customers don't bother complaining, but it still isn't a good thing, and it is something they should probably fix and make good on, and they're only going to bother if customers seem to care. So right now it sounds like it's up in the air a bit. If we do nothing, it's definitely not coming back. Don't be toxic, or rude, or anything. But I think if we keep making our voices heard, and keep the conversation going, we could get somewhere. I wasn't even sure we'd get a response like this. It's a good sign. I say don't give up, even if personally you are setting your expectations low, for the sake of your own like, emotions and getting hopeful. But just looking at this objectively, I think there's a fair chance we get this working. So I say let's keep this conversation going. If one company did something without the other one knowing, it's not uncommon for that company to go "hey, so this didn't happen like we expected, and wasn't communicated. And now we've got some upset customers. Let's see if we can get a resolution here and rework things to make all parties happy." So I say as customers we should keep our voices like, around. Because even if "planned," it still didn't go down like it was supposed to, and it's not great for a company's brand to set expectations and just break them without trying to resolve the issue. If no one says anything, then certainly they're not going to bother doing anything. In the mean time, Vudix is really busy, but I sent him the update on the situation about the BBB report and all that, and he said to remind him later to ask some people he knew at insomniac. So I'll just need to follow up on that. Let's not give up on this. I've been around to help rally people to get servers fixed before and run into similar language in the past (Hello Forza Horizon 2 on xbox 360), so I know for a fact it's absolutely possible.