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  1. How do you do a private match? I only see the option for matchmaking.
  2. Well hey, pop in every once in a while and do a quick run. Keep the population from being even more miserable than it is. I probably will once I got my plat. I mean, I've already 100% this game multiple times, so playing more casually can be kinda fun. And then you'll find that one challenge you can't resist trying harder for.
  3. Thanks guys. Just bought both the DLC for DC and a copy of the marvel version off ebay from the UK. Just hope this whole epidemic thing doesn't complicate it too much. The seller sent me a message saying it may make it take longer.
  4. So I haven't jumped into this game yet, but looking at available trophies, it looks like the marvel ones are totally inaccessible. I was wondering if I get a copy of little big planet marvel super hero edition specifically if that would allow me to get the marvel trophies, cuz there are a fair few of them. If so, does it come with a code? And I would need to get an unused copy? Would the code still work? Or does it just come on the cartridge or whatever? Or does this version just not allow for those trophies at all and they are a totally separate thing?
  5. if you have ever played this game before, I would say so yes. Although this is a bit different since you're using a touch screen. This is the biggest time for you to practice, so if ever you wanted to I would do it now. The 400m ones are significantly less common. And any glitched one as the weekly is insanely rare. It will take a bit of practice, so get going. You have to play a bit to unlock the weekly extreme, but if you've played it before that should only take you a few hours. But I would start doing it NOW.
  6. unfortunately you need to tie with someone (I did a gather them quickly castle run with murphy), or yeah get like second place with 200 people. I've been trying to get on every day but I've been busy.
  7. Wait the PC version's servers are unrepairable? What kind of nonsense is that? Didn't they just even make a switch version and everything?
  8. Yes this is the most consistent place to look. I have seen it other places, but mostly here. I was lucky in that I found a challenge ("Gather them quickly" in the castle) where there was pretty much a finite way to do it for the most part. But other than that yeah you have to be looking out for glitches. Also, remember some of the glitches are hard. You may only get a couple in a year where just on that day specifically where it glitches at 400 meters. The other few will be at like 3000 meters, which is not easy. Also, take note, the reset times are not the same. Right now in central US, PS4 resets at 2am for me, but vita resets at 6pm. Because of this, I missed a glitched 400 meter challenge because I didn't know that.
  9. @AdruA_ Yeah my PS3 is on my desk, so it's not a big deal to be wired. And I use it on my PS4 too much to want to switch it around. I accidentally charged my other DS4 with a fast charger that I didn't realize was a fast charger, and bricked it. There may be a way to fix it but I haven't had the time.
  10. I did kinda wonder about that. Things like moving a platform to bonk your character, or something like that. Well I appreciate the gods up top smiling down upon lowly lads like me.
  11. Glad to see you were able to get the minimum possible time! Everyone who is worried about waiting for a glitched distance one, in the mean time, try your hand at the castle area gather them quickly with murphy, since technically there is a finite best time if you give it a bunch of practice. It's not too too terrible.
  12. Oh absolutely. I got the game for free on xbox 360 many years ago and fell absolutely in love with it and got all the achievements, and then it was free on xbox one, so then I played it there and also 100%ed it. Which, that's a lot of time in this game but dang it it's so good, but it's been a few years since then. So recently I was itching to play it so I remembered it was on PS+ for PS4, so I just recently got the platinum there in betwixt working on Driveclub's platinums. But I'm such a completionist and I knew the vita version was different. I looked into it and my heart sank when I saw it required a diamond because surely the population would be very small. And it is, but then I happened to come across a post by @AdruA_ on idk I think it was on the forums mentioning a glitched run from a few months back. So I decided I'd try and watch for one. Super relieved and yeah, this'll be fun. I actually love Murphy modes on traditional consoles, but wow it's way more fun on the Vita/Wii U/Switch style than I realized it would be. I keep hoping it'll go on sale on PS3 as well. This would absolutely be the kind of game to get a triple platinum for me. Especially nice since Rayman Legends is one of the PS3 games that works with the dualshock 4 as far as I'm aware. I'm not good with the DS3.
  13. Thank you for everyone who helped! That is a load off my mind. You guys were making me worried I may never encounter a glitched distance challenge. Nice to do it on a legit challenge. Anyone else who is worried they may never get a glitched challenge, look out for these gather them quickly ones! I'm an average to good player and I've been getting all ranges of trophies from bronze to silver to gold on Vita, but I was still able to get this. You can do it! I'm so excited to platinum one of my favorite games ever made on one of my favorite systems.
  14. Thank you man! @donner_blitz glad this could help you too!
  15. I DID IT!!!! I just had to get the skeletons right after the spike ball. (EDIT: haha yeah thanks. The way I found it was just, okay I don't care about lums I'll just mash the screen, and then at the end there I saw them. Everything I hit had a small delay so I had to figure out how to hit them as early as possible.). The game really didn't want me to get it either lmao. The moment I got it it said server unavailable. Like immediately popped up the moment I got it. So I had to exit out and try again, and then I got it! Oh my gosh this means I get a diamond right??