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  1. What was the voice language in? English? Seemed like it might be from a trailer. EDIT: yes the voices are in English. The game seems to be fully in English for me. A bit of a shame it's not the same trophy list but hey. The game seems functional as far as I can tell just booting it up after the initial first 4GBs have downloaded.
  2. Given the trophies are in English, does anyone know if this game is in English if you play it on an American console? Looking to play this version since it's delisted in the west along with it's DLC.
  3. Looks like there is a separate trophy list for that. Do you know if it's in English? The Trophies are in English. My friend has a Japanese account so I might consider doing that if it's all in English.
  4. Just wanted to add another confirmation that I got a US copy from Gamestop for PS4, and it let me download the PS5 version too for Free. Both are installing right now. None of my gamestops had it locally even to throw out so I ordered it off of the website. Was cheaper than amazon or ebay. But hey at least I only had to buy one version.
  5. Now I just did it on PS5 and I absolutely did not get more than maybe one critical kill, and barely used my R1. I barely took any damage during that time and any time I got healing it was the other healer (I think a baptiste) healing me, there's no chance I got enough damage from self heals for that. I don't think that's either.
  6. yup same. i think it's bugged. but I got 5 kills, and they were all crits, so I don't think that's it.
  7. ... you're literally coming to the thread specifically about that topic and complaining that people are "only" talking about this? You are not smart lol. How do you know everyone here isn't discussing the game itself like, ya know, literally anywhere else?
  8. Yeah I am also really struggling with checkmates. If I use a big car, it sometimes seems to convert them to a different style of medal for some reason? And there doesn't seem to be a way to track them in game that I saw? There was one that counted up to 10.
  9. Oh. The plat itself. Duh lol. So looks like you do not have to do the multiplayer function at all. That makes sense. Okay. I'm very confused why the other guy was talking about you can knock out the online stuff in a single session. Like what kind of session are we talking about here. An 8 hour session? Lol. Because this stuff looks like it would take some time, especially the uber tags.
  10. I'm a little confused by what the online trophies are supposed to be. Geared up is apparently an online trophy and that requires like level 80. You can't do that in a session. And the campaign also needs to be fully completed since that's also online. Surely you can't do that in one session? What are the 7? The guide only says 5, and I know it's missing geared up. But now I'm confused because I thought you needed to be online to do the campaign.
  11. Yeah. I think I may try something like that. Just play through on PC but make a bunch of backups as I go. And then transfer them one by one. Someone else I was talking to said that the cross save feature only transfers your most recent save. So it'd be a bit tedious process. But it's that or playing with a sickening FoV and some awful awful controller controls.
  12. How does the save system in this game work? Would it be feasible to play on PC and drop a save before every trophy? Then go back on playstation and just do the thing to get them to pop? Because man the FoV is so low on this game I'd prefer to just experience it on PC.
  13. Only reason I brought up all characters was because the drops from the lootboxes themselves end up spreading themselves evenly across all characters. Like there's no way to focus them into one. I totally forgot you could buy voicelines and stuff. I do have a few characters at 11 items. If that worked for you I could try. Right now I have about 2000 gold. I'll give it a shot. Thank you Yeah, I guess I was thinking like, well surely "already unlocked" of like about 11 wasn't enough. u_mad_bro is saying he started a character at around 11, so I guess I wasn't thinking right. Appreciate both your help. Juggling like 4 games rn. EDIT: so I went and looked and Mei has a TON of sprays. She also has the most items of any character. I also got lucky with her in that I had already a few gold and pink skins just from the free event boxes, so I was actually at 13 for her already. Bought the sprays I didn't already have and it put me at 45. Idk why I even worried. Thanks guys.
  14. With how much time is left and with 32 characters in the game, and now no way to purchase lootboxes, I don't know if this trophy is even physically possible. I haven't played very much of the game on playstation. Only PC. You only get 3 items per lootbox, and some of them are neutral like Player Icons, and they're usually fairly distributed across all 32 characters. Does anyone know if Overwatch League skins count? Is it possible those will go away before October? If so, it'd be expensive but if you somehow got a character up to 30 items, you could buy the remaining 20 from league. Is there anything else I'm missing? As far as I know I can get at least lootbox a day from Arcade, and then three per week for wins, and then of course one per level. If we say just sort of conservatively I get 1 a day from arcade + 3 a week, that's around ehh 42. Then let's say I get to level 50. 92. That's 276 items, across 32 characters (since it average disperses among them), and ignoring that some are character neutral, that only adds around 8 or 9 to each character. Well I only have about 8-10 per character right now. So optimistically if I get like 20 on one character, and I can add 20 to that character from league (a skin from each team), that still leaves me a whopping 10 short. I'm not sure I can make this happen.
  15. Gotcha. I never looked at the character list until then, so I didn't even realize people show up twice. What a fun platinum that was.