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  1. You do not have to reach wave 50 to “complete”the mode, if you die on any wave the trophy for completion will pop
  2. I can say with all certainty that this mode is the most fun part of the game!
  3. I’m currently on wave 49 and the enemies just stopped spawning..anybody else faced that on any wave? And if yes, have you found a solution?
  4. Well, didn’t mention it at the time and now I’ll pay for it..literally
  5. I really didn’t expect any new content to be released. The platinum trophy was a torture and now they want us to pay for the DLC..well, alright
  6. I know that you already figured this out but for those who haven’t: there is a huge spike in difficulty in the chapter 2. I would recommend to buy all the possible upgrades since you won’t have any problems later on to accumulate 5k at the same time for the trophy. If you have a chance - play in co-op, it will make your life way easier
  7. Had to ignore the storyline completely since the main character is just unbearable to listen to. The gameplay ain’t so bad but getting a plat on this game..what a chore
  8. + now it’s impossible to throw a dead enemy through a window, I’m pretty sure I could do that in the original