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  1. Hey hope this is the right place to post this^^ I already know about the hidding certain games on your profile, but for some reason I cant hide certain games. They dont appear in the list. Tried doing it on my phone and my console, nothing worked so far. Maybe there is a reason for it and I just dont know it, but maybe I am just doing something wrong lol. Any help appreciated^^
  2. Can confirm this, same for me
  3. Update 1.17 for ps4 is now live. Gonna chech if it pops for me now.
  4. Something strange happend to me today. I played volta first when fifa came out, got into div 6 and didnt touch it until today. Today however I jumped in and got a notification that I was moved from div 6 to div 4. I have no idea why, I didnt play any games for the past couple of months. I take it sure, but I would really like to know, why this happend. The only mode I played was ultimate team, but I dont think it has something to do with it. Just to let you know that it is as buggy as last year...
  5. That I can understand, in flight games I play like this too but most of them have this on default. Well if that would be the case, this post wouldnt exist and the games who doesnt have it would have it. I guess with these things it is about the amount of ppl who actually want such feature and those, who dont even think about it at all. Isnt there a feature for the controller in general, that changes X and Y?
  6. I just dont think that many ppl play like this, otherwise it would be in those games. But I understand why you want it and yes it shouldnt be that hard to implement.
  7. Did you wait for every mission to end and load into the new one? Was a problem for me at first.
  8. Why do you play like this in the firstplace? Is it just personal preference or does it have something more complex about it?
  9. I think the problem is that the fut mode is a concept, which lasts for a year. After that the game is basically dead. Starting out now is like joining a race, which is already half way done. I really got into fut like march and was grinding 3 months to get a team, so i could get into division 4 for the trophy. Ofcourse you can win with a 77 team against a 93 team, but your chanches are very low. Also the matchmaking doesnt really care about your team, its more about the division your in and as already mentioned ppl get down in rankings to do tasks more easily. But dont expect from a complitly pay-to-win-mode that you can join in at the end and have no problems at all. You dont even need a certain amount of skill to get a 93 rated card, some of them doesnt even play that good to be honest. At the end I understand your frustration, but that is just the way it is in fifa. It sucks every year, everyone is complaining but we will never see changes what so ever.
  10. try playing like 50 games with different height and weight. it would go up for me at this point. Check every 10 games or so and look, if there are any changes.
  11. Does everything have to be build on a non custom map? Pretty sure i got everything, but build it on a custom map. Maybe someone can confirm this or not.
  12. Seems to be the only way. It is just weird, some ppl get it after 2 games swaping around all heroes and some get it after years of playing. But thank you
  13. I got a problem with the Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try. trophy. Played every hero to level 3 atleast, but the trophy didnt pop. Do I have to play a hole game with all of the heros? Maybe someone of you had the same problem. Thanks for any help.