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  1. Hey everyone! I am currently struggling on deleting my save data on PS5. I have the platinum trophy on PS4 and wanted to do it all over again, but when I load up the PS5 version, all of my save data transferred. At first I thought no big deal, so I unlinked my Ubisoft account and made an entirely new Ubisoft account and linked that one. That's when the issue began. I deleted the save data on my console and made a new email and Ubisoft account once more. That did not help either. My save data keeps reappearing and will not leave me alone! I have literally made 6 more emails and Ubisoft accounts, linking them all. Nothing. I even tried closing my main Ubisoft account. Nothing. I am getting really desperate. I even tried contacting Ubisoft. As usual, they were no help. If anyone knows of a perfect solution, please help.
  2. This is actually easiest by selecting the balloon mini game. You won't have to move at all, except one time to make sure the 2nd controller loses some balloons during one round.
  3. Hi all! I've been searching everywhere for a solution to my problems. I have the platinum on the PS4 version of this game and I just recently bought the PS5 version. I decided I'd go for the platinum again because I loved it the first time, but my save data transferred to the PS5. I am highly against autopop so I'm glad the trophies didn't, but everything is already completed on my save. I've tried deleting all of the save data from the PS4 and PS5 and even the cloud save. It just reappears the moment I open the game. I even tried unlinking my Ubisoft account and linking a new one but still, my save won't go away so I don't know how to start from scratch. Now the game sits on my trophy list...
  4. It'll be hard to boost this since you all need to be the same rank. It's best to boost with only 3 people and go against AI.
  5. Kingdom Hearts 3. Very good game. Earn date was August 17th.
  6. I have done quite a bit of 300-400 hour platinums and I don't mind doing more if this game turns out to be at least 100 hours.
  7. I want to platinum this game. I haven't played the BETA because I want the game to be a surprise when I get it. I'm excited to get this platinum, as I'm sure that it'll be a fun experience.
  8. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Assassin's Creed Origins.
  9. Need Maduin, will offer anything. Would very much appreciate it.