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  1. This is it. Thanks so much!
  2. Jonaths 1-4 are there but then blank..and 5-9 are in dreadwood…anyone figure this bug out? Need this for plat
  3. Had to start another 30+ hour play through bc of a currpted save file at mortis, only to get stuck again in the same spot every damn time. Screaming attack after round 6 or 7 bring her health from 20% to like 35 then freezes…this is so frustrating.
  4. I had too 25% right at the spawn everytime
  5. Yeah you need to go through there dialogue under meet companions. after a certain time in the story you will get quest for them. 2 quests for the trophy. Yeah i was lvl 61 had mortis at 21% and game froze file corrupted so, after the patch it shouldn't happen again.
  6. Nah you play around pleasing your companions and you will have all friendly and 1 maxed out I got a corrupted data bug so i lost 40 hours of game play. got like 4 companions in a row done.
  7. My corrupted save files started in queen nest. Lost 5 hours of game time bc I ran into the lvl 80 guy and quit to reload a save. That’s when I figured out I had that. In other words if you stop seeing chest items and faction information in your left side. You file is corrupted. You can still get trophies but if you leave the game you done. I’m at 71% so just going to put it in rest mode and try to grind this plat.
  8. Is anyone else getting blue screened mid fights? I’ve gotten 2 at the forge fight and some in other fights. It clearly not during a specific fight because I’ve progressed however the forge fight it’s happened twice
  9. If anyone is able to let me wear the full sets for the trophy's I would appreciate it. I don't mind taking the long grind and get 6 tsar stones for my last piece, however, I would just like to focus on the main faction quest with new play throughs. My PSN is :WhoDidntKnowThat I'm hoping someone will see this!
  10. What??So just go back to him in room 8? I just started a second play through bc I was so tilted
  11. No you can get the plat now.
  12. Having a hard time with overkill trophy..any tips?
  13. I mean took me 122 hours to full clear everything, but to have 3 hoard maps not have anything at the spot to lock me out of a platinum was complete bs.
  14. Anyone having issues with "A new Leader"? I have 2 level 10 soulslingers one actually has the leadership trait and it still hasnt popped
  15. Carmal Creek Hole 11 just like the 2019 golf game hole in 1 hole. Just go to back 9 in settings.