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  1. Thanks for this extension. I will install it later.
  2. people who hack trophies, ¿what's so good about that? The entertaining thing in that is to take out the soul to achieve the trophy. with CFW there is no "achievement".
  3. Action Taimanin, Mario Kart Tour & FE:Heroes
  4. I was expecting a depressing thread and I totally found it.
  5. Since I haven't seen a thread recently, I'm posting it here.
  6. It's a bit late to say, but enjoy your next console! Unfortunately since the change of the web store they have not taken offers again. Some games I have had to buy at normal price. 😕
  7. Only Thursdays
  8. little more to finish again Lucky Star His animation are ahead of their time, literally. and I've also fallen in love with kagami again haha
  9. it's hard to find if you're not familiar with the game. I had a hard time finding it.
  10. From Kandagawa Jet Girls
  11. Added! I think I can no longer leave messages on friend requests
  12. Re:Watching this gem
  13. PSN ID: enuemun Language: English (practicing) & Spanish PS Systems: Vita, PS4 and maybe soon PS5 Accept blank friend requests: Yes I like to platinum Niche games and ocassionaly some other games, I don't talk much but I would like to have some trophy hunters in my list.