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  1. I used most of this guide
  2. I think my trophy might have glitched the 1st time. I had a save for finding the crown. So I did the following Mad Dunncas High King Helped San Matheus Helped Hikmet Used the seeds on the stones Got all the allies again 5 / 5 Killed Constantin and "A better world popped", I think I had a trophy glitch because I got the trophy now. Now just to do a quick female run. romance kurt and the platinum is mine
  3. Yes I did. I did the trial, he was sentenced to death. I brought Aphra to the execution. I don't know what else I missed. All factions were friendly, I made Dunncas King. Kurt was alive through the coup. I just don't know what I missed.
  4. What exactly do I need to get the "A better world" trophy. It's literally the only ending trophy I need and I don't know what to do to get it. All my faction are friendly, I made the alliances 5 / 5 but it still won't pop. I'm am so frustrated. I am so close to the platinum
  5. Hi Everyone I am stuck with the trophy A better world. It's literally the only ending trophy I still need. I am 2 trophies away from the platinum I don't know what I did wrong to not get this trophy. I have friendly with all the factions. Did all companion quests (friendly with all of them). I got 5 / 5 to ally against Constantine. Tried 3 separate High Kings. But the trophy simply won't pop. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I am beyond frustrated. I literally need this trophy and the Kurt romance then I have the platinum. But I feel like giving up because I don't know what to do anymore Can someone please help me understand how to get this trophy because I literally have the requirements for it but it won't unlock instead I unlocked "A big step towards peace". Any help would be appreciated.