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  1. I done 5 wins of TDM and then i found a guy from Australia and played 1 match we lost and the trophy popped.
  2. Thanks for the info got it done!
  3. Got all the invasion stuff done that was pretty simple.
  4. Im so annoyed at myself i always miss the Invasion every single time and i check every so often just not enough.
  5. This XP event has been very good got everything done except the 25 Hero Ships they are a real pain in the ass keep getting Veterans playing and the game is over before you can blink for the most part damn it.
  6. What's the fastest method for Rank 50 trophy guys?
  7. Damn it i checked Tuesday it was not available and i missed out again!
  8. How long does the boss stick around for 24 hours?
  9. So this boss is not good for me to start the game yet then as he sounds annoying damn.
  10. Thankyou i will have a look on those days cheers.
  11. Wonder if there are anymore Invasion boss fights as i wanna start the game but if its not obtainable then no point. I keep checking in the game every few days lets hope it comes back again.
  12. I hope this gets fixed!
  13. Let's hope that this is not another Ghostbusters situation where if you have beaten all missions then you will be locked out of the trophy permanently as that will suck. Im 100% sure we have not got all the content yet and that is why nobody has earned it yet. However im also concerned that if they make us wait till the next call of duty comes out next year with the last dlc we will not have alot of time or movement too moan at them about fixing it if it does not unlock as the next focus is on call of duty 2020 but i guess we play the waiting game.
  14. So far all we have are these 4 Operations which im sure alot of people have beaten already, But yeah im willing to bet that we dont have all the missions released yet,its either that or the Classic Special Ops mission called SAFEGUARD which nobody can beat due to the glitch at the end not being able to extract is causing the trophy not to be unlocked. OPERATION HEADHUNTER OPERATION KUVALDA OPERATION PALADIN OPERATION CROSSWIND