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  1. The campaign is enjoyable, memorable and the trophies are totally doable, but the online trophies turned me off to going for my platinum. There aren't many online players anymore and I didn't find the online modes anywhere near as fun as single player.
  2. I must've spent like $400 on Dead or Alive 5 DLC for PS3. Damn Koei and damn the power of moving boobs. At least I learned my lesson.
  3. I feel like we've got no one to blame but ourselves for allowing DLC to become a thing. If we'd just boycotted it in the first place, developers would have had no choice but to just complete their games before releasing them, and saving this kind of stuff for new titles. Oh well. Borderlands 3 -- not just $59.99 USD, but $100+.
  4. Definitely excited. I preordered very early. The 1st Dark Pictures wasn't nearly as good as Until Dawn, but I'm still looking forward to this and staying optimistic.
  5. My experience as well. It shows my own new level though.
  6. Love this disclaimer. This is a surprisingly short list though. Good job Sony.
  7. The level history section is interesting; I do look at it every once in a while, but the milestones are essentially arbitrary. If it just measured levels in increments of 10, 20 or 25, it would serve the same purpose for most players, right?
  8. I was 20. Now 330.
  9. I agree with Rijk. I did one mission in HDR and one in VR. There's definitely a downgrade in visual quality, especially in the hangar portions. Anyone who you're not directly speaking with blurs to such an extent that the experience doesn't feel authentic. That said, I had fun flying in both VR and regular modes. It's especially cool to fly in VR in the X-Wing over the Tie Fighter, because you have a wider range of view from within the cockpit. In the Tie, you can only see in front of you, even in VR, due to the ship's design; but the X-Wing gives you a wide view of any dogfight and feels more immersive. Personally, I'm pretty picky about VR games. If the quality tradeoff is too much (like in Skyrim VR), I'd always rather just play the conventional way, but I think this is a worthwhile VR title. Hope this helps.
  10. How strange. It doesn't for me anymore, but yeah, that's the same thing that auto-posted whenever I used it too. Do you have the latest system firmware installed? I feel like it stopped after one of those system updates.
  11. I find this incredibly annoying. Hopefully everyone knows what I'm referring to from the title, but I've noticed that some games produce multiple status updates to your what's new feed whenever you or your fiends play them. I assume these publishers have paid Sony for this extra advertising, but I feel like I'm advertised to enough whenever I turn on my PS4. Here's a list of games I know do this: -GTAV -Tom Clancy's Division 2 -Borderlands 3 -Anything PSVR (whenever you used PSVR it posted you were using it for the first time. Seems to still do this for some, not others.) -Journey (thanks KingGuy420) -Doom 2016 (thanks W571WE) -Killing Floor 2 (thanks W571WE) -God of War III Remastered (thanks W571WE) -Warframe (thanks helyx) -Elder Scrolls Online (thanks its_archronix) -Rocket League (thanks and98s) -Gravity Ruch Remastered (thanks and98s) -Fifa 2020 (thanks sharkyaya) -Saint's Row IV (thanks vintage_davis) *Edit: Updating this list to include folk's additional titles. Honestly I try to avoid playing these games, because I don't want my friends to have to see these stupid, needless updates that I have no control over. While you can delete them from your profile, it's a pain in the ass to have to do it every time you play the game. I'm pretty happy with Sony as a company generally, but allowing this on PSN perplexes and frustrates me. All that said, here are my questions for the community: 1) Does this annoy you as much as it does me? 2) What other games produce such updates?
  12. I'm terrible at flying games so I'm sure I'll miss many of these, but I'm excited nonetheless.
  13. That sucks.There's small community for the game on PSN. You could try there too. I mean, since it's the first boss you could always start over again. It doesn't take that long to get to him. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  14. Am I the only one that misses turn based FF? I mean, action RPG is fine, but is this medium too dated or something? Is that why Square turned FF7 into an action RPG? From a gameplay standpoint, this looks just like 15 and 7 remake. Just my preference I guess, but I'll probably skip this one.
  15. Lol. Yup. I need to do a second play through too. I wasn't even following a guide, but I noticed after the fact that some of them appeared wrong.