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  1. Welcome to the Site! hope you enjoy it ^.^"
  2. Hi there, i can help you with it Just add me and tell me when ^^
  3. #8 BFA Darksiders I'm so happy of this platinum
  4. yeah, thats correct
  5. here i go
  6. Well, if i dont like a game i will just dont play it anymore, why would i play a game i really dont like? i mostly play games for fun not for trophies.
  7. Hii There Welcome, hope you enjoy the site as well
  8. Double Trouble - Get 50 Double Down Medals - Uncharted 3
  9. EyePet.
  10. a bit small but nice 7/10
  11. Mine was LittleBigPlanet ^_^' i ordered with my ps3.
  12. Your Resident Evil 5 Platinum...
  13. Added you on forums and if you dont mind will add you to psn too when i get back on, its always fun having new friends
  14. Jake Miller - A Million Lives! :3
  15. well, im not very sure yet of getting a ps4 soon since i still have a kinda long journey with my ps3, and since you cannot play ps3 games in your ps4 sounds a little bit upset. So for now im staying with my Ps3 ^.^!