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  1. These are right, but just to add on to them the first hat will be on a completely random bugsnax. This can be in any area so you'll need to run around everywhere looking at every bug until you see one wearing a hat. Catch it and it'll activate the quest After that just look at the image on the barn in Snaxburg and it'll show the area the next one is in Maybe I should make a guide ha
  2. I'd say about 3 hours in my experience, granted of course you've completed the base game/platinum. A lot of the house requests will already be completed from that.
  3. Wolfenstein: Youngblood for sure. If you know, you know... 😩
  4. Elden Ring Roundtable Hold Arrived at Roundtable Hold The first of many in what is likely to be a very lengthy and daunting first souls experience πŸ˜…
  5. LEGO DC Super Villains Crime Does Pay Max out your stud bar in every level Really wish I hadn't started this game. It's so shit haha Big DC fan and I enjoyed the LEGO Ninjago game last year for the most part so thought I'd give this a shot when it was free on PS+. Now I really just want it to end...
  6. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for sure! Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful game with great characters and visuals, but length-wise it didn't even slightly justify the price :/ Not to mention the super lazy trophy list...
  7. What a dogshit way of listing the trophies πŸ˜• Don't understand why it's not simply two lists called Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Remastered and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Remastered, both with plats obviously. Legit should've just let Bluepoint do this one too. Hell, I'd even take a brutal run trophy to have it listed normally.
  8. Currently going through the game myself. I'd personally recommend just starting on Death March difficulty. It's not as hard as you initially may think it is. After short while you'll be used to it and have some decent armour/weapons to handle it. Two playthroughs is a waste of time, to be honest. Other than that just know your missables before you jump into it and what to look out for. Make manual saves after every checkpoint in a quest in case you mess up and need to fall back a bit on progress to correct
  9. Somehow managed to get a PS5 on launch day and cleared 17 plats for it since (and no auto-pops), the rest are for the PS4 through back-compat. List is pretty much 90% the same as most other lists in this thread! πŸ˜… Astro's Playroom {25th Nov 2020} Bugsnax {28th Nov 2020} Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales {12th Dec 2020} Maneater {29th Dec 2020} Marvel's Spider-Man [Remastered] {26th Jan 2021} Control {6th Mar 2021} Maquette {9th Mar 2021} Wreckfest {16th May 2021} Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart {14th Jun 2021} Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order {20th Jun 2021} Immortals Fenyx Rising {30th Jun 2021} Operation: Tango {8th Jul 2021} A Plague Tale: Innocence {14th Jul 2021} Ghost of Tsushima {8th Sept 2021} Little Nightmares II {3rd Oct 2021} Deathloop {16th Oct 2021} Life is Strange: True Colours {23rd Oct 2021}
  10. Honourable mentions go out to Life is Strange, Far Cry 3 [Classic Edition], Mafia and Little Nightmares II that came very close! Ghost of Tsushima Red Dead Redemption 2 The Last of Us [Remastered] Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Marvel's Spider-Man God of War Persona 5 Royal The Last of Us Part II Until Dawn Horizon Zero Dawn The amount of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey I'm seeing in some people's list got me like πŸ™„ For reals??
  11. I recently did the Raid partially with randoms. Chapter 1 was entirely with randoms and wasn't too frustrating, though I was already going into it with a bit of knowledge from my PS4 run of it. If you're going in for the first time, go at it with expectations that you won't do it straight away, but just learn each step and eventually you'll match with people that know what they're doing. As for chatper 2, I tried a bunch of times with randoms but they can be very jumpy. One time all it took was one going down in a fight and they jumped ship, another was someone missing a platform a couple times. Really doesn't take much for people to throw in the towel. Eventually I did it with a couple friends and just one random, but luckily the random seemed really eager to see it through. We had no mic with them, so had to direct them with the pointer. Eventually it worked out and we finished chapter 2. Pro tip: search online for a map of the platform symbols so you know exactly who needs to jump next if you have no mics. Chapter 3 shouldn't be too hard with randoms, by that point anyone you matchmake with will know how the game works and be reasonably skilled. Just trial and error, but it's a 10 minutes at most chatper, so failing and retrying isn't really as big a deal as it is in the other chapters. Anyway, you probably could have completed it in the time you read all this crap so I'll shut up now. Good luck to you and anyone else running the Raid!!
  12. Might be a dumb question but is it possible to avoid autopop? I got all the current available trophies on the PS4 version but I really want to collect them all again on PS5. Is autopoping something that you'd need to do manually or does it just happen automatically? Can I avoid autopop by just selecting New Game? EDIT: All good Just avoided the transfer option on the main menu
  13. Loved all the games so the last on my list isn't saying it's bad in any way! ☺️ 1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 2. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 4. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 5. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Never played Golden Abyss or Fight for Fortune sadly so can't rank them.
  14. I was having this issue yesterday. The comment above yours is spot on. The problem is that the game is very picky with what it says is a checkpoint. What I did, which worked, was start a no-death, no-checkpoint run from scratch by using "Mission Select" on the main menu and try to do it all in one sitting to avoid issues. If you absolutely have to leave the session when you continue DO NOT hit resume as it counts it as a checkpoint at the start of the level, instead use Mission Select again and pick the level you were up to. Also if you die/fail an objective restart the whole mission from the pause menu on game. Hope this helps and good luck! πŸ™‚
  15. Getting all weapons to level 10 in Wolfenstein: Youngblood most definitely. There's literally no post game content so I just found myself grinding out the same mission on repeat for months on end 😩 Seriously feel my enjoyment for gaming and trophy hunting slips more away when devs make bullshit like that... Another would probably be Gold Rush from Red Dead Redemption 2. I genuinely loved going for everything in this game as it's one of my favourites of all time! But when it came to getting gold medal in 70 story mission, I was so done after 50. Felt like a bit of a chore to get the last 20...