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  1. The Last of Us Part II Almost at the end of my NG+/Collectables run, should hit 100% this evening 🤞 Then it's on to Ghost of Tsushima 😁
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2 Working on it myself at the moment. Seems daunting but even the grindy/more tedious tasks are hella fun. Such an incredible game and world to get lost in 😄
  3. Far Cry 3 for sure! My favourite game of all time 😁 Really need to get the classic edition.
  4. Days Gone 🧟
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn Whilst getting into PS4 I watched a couple playthrough videos for this game. Nothing grabbed me and it came off a little boring so I stopped. When I saw it as part of a decent deal with another title I thought I'd just give it a shot to see if it got better - and good lordy did it ever! Now one of my favourite games on the system, and can't imagine ever thinking this game could've sucked!
  6. Ahh that's good to hear! Glad it seems to be fine for all and not just a one off 🙂
  7. Great selection of 100%s on your profile 😁 I'll take LA Noire!
  8. Just an update for anyone reading this with the same issue. I've just finished my Grounded Plus run and the trophy did pop, as well as the lower difficulty ones 😄 The Graveyard subchapter of Bill's Town is still showing as not having been completed, but it didn't matter. No need for chapter select or replaying the epilogue. Also the artefact I missed on the first run I grabbed on the Plus run and that was fine also. So if you have this issue then just finished your Grounded Plus run anyway and you should be fine too! Happy days!
  9. The three star crushing trophies for Uncharted 4 Survival and pretty much any difficulty related trophy. I always imagined they'd be harder to get, like Grounded in The Last of Us or Crushing in the Uncharted series, but it's more learning patterns rather than skill. The three stars on Crushing can thoroughly go to hell though...
  10. Thanks for the advice. So just to be clear, is it a case of complete my current Grounded Plus run and grab the final artefact along the way, select Graveyard from chapter select, create a new save file for it, complete that section, then once it shows as 'Completed on Grounded' go back to my previous save file and do the epilogue again? You reckon doing it all that way will cause the trophies to pop?
  11. Hey all, could use some quick advice. I'm currently half way through a Grounded Plus playthrough and noticed that the Graveyard subchapter of Bill's Town isn't marked as 'Completed on Grounded', whereas the other chapters are. I know this is a common issue but I couldn't really get a definitive answer anywhere so just had some questions about this. 1. If I complete the game will the trophies still pop? 2. If they don't, when I go back and do chapter select do I have to create a new save file or overwrite my current one? Also will I have to replay the Epilogue afterwards? 3. I missed one artefact (note) in my Grounded/collectables run. If I pick up the one I missed and nothing else in my Grounded Plus run will this be enough to pop the trophy? Any advice would be hugely appreciated 🙂
  12. I'd highly recommend either God of War (2018) or Marvel's Spider-Man. Both incredible games with quick Platinums. If you go for Spider-Man though then be sure to pick up the Game of the Year edition 🙂
  13. Whilst I've seen some concepts that I prefer, I actually like the official design a lot. I'm more interested though in seeing how it properly sits horizontally and the stand for this way. My only issue so far, and it's really a small one, is that it lays flat and stands up in the opposite way to previous consoles, which throws display off a little. I have no doubt that Sony will release a black version, but I can guarantee you that there are companies working on skins for this as we speak. You'll get your matte black haha
  14. HZD was my first Platinum too 😁 So hyped for this sequel!
  15. My rarest is '...It' from Uncharted 4's Survival DLC. Ultra Rare at 2.35% or 0.1%. Managed to finally bag it today and I'm extremely proud of it! Biggest weight off my shoulders in ages! 😃