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  1. Getting all classes to Rank 20 gave me a good extended time trying out all of them to figure which I'd like the most. I think moving forward I'm sticking with the Assassin. With the right Gear and Techniques, they can be such a huge asset in both Story and Survival. I'm a big fan of all of them in their own unique way, though I'm not completely into the Ronin if I had to single one out.
  2. On Nightmare Survival they're more than welcome to come help hack down some of my Oni.
  3. I think I may have put about 8 hours of trophy focused gameplay in so far. Currently what I've achieved is completing all of Story mode and reaching Rank 18 with one class, as well as gaining enough Ki to meet the entry requirement of Gold. My personal estimate, maybe 40-45 hours once everything is out, but we know nothing solid of Raids yet so it's hard to tell. But yeah, anyone reading this don't go into this think it's "grindy". I've achieved a fair amount and it's only been out just over a day. You don't even realise it's dark outside again because the game will suck you right in! 😅
  4. By now I'm sure most of us have faced off against the Summon Crows dude in Survival. Anyone here know any good tips for how best to deal with this guy when up in his face? Rolling doesn't seem overly effective as the crow train appears to auto-follow me, and jumping behind cover (a box, wall, rock, etc) seems to be ineffective also as they phase through things (whether intended or not). EDIT: Just roll. But better than I did. That's seems to work
  5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Definitely intend on doing this on PS5 though 😃
  6. I like the idea of this. I think that in this case it's a matter of making the symbol : come before numbers. This accounts for titles like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune etc Also if not removed entirely, words like Remastered or Remake could have [ ] thrown around them, and again this coming before numbers in the alphabet. I'm very much a fan of the word "The" being not recognised so we can have a true view of the title in the list. For example: Last of Us, Walking Dead: The Definitive Telltale Edition, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It'd be nice for the word to remain of course, just not recognised or even moved to the end of the name (Last of Us, The). Touching on the Custom tab idea. This would be a great alternative to any of the above if some things couldn't be implemented for whatever reason
  7. I think it'd be nice to keep the old one but of course have a new one along side it under Level History. Perhaps with the new one it displays the trophy/game that bumped you into the next tier (Bronze tier 1, 2, 3 etc), and maybe also a summary of what type of trophies where earned and how the points were divided up throughout that tier. For example: Silver tier 2 23 (4,650) 32 (3,400) 98 (4,200) 176 (3,630) Or alternatively how many types of trophies contributed to jumping a level. Level 3 - 1 2 Level 2 - 3 Level 1 - 4 Numbers are completely random, I have no idea how it's all calculated haha
  8. So happy we're getting a New Game + mode finally! I won't even be mad if they tie a new trophy to beating it on Lethal difficulty. Definitely up for the challenge 😄 As for the Legends trophies. I'm glad they're adding some (even though I usually hate online), though I hope they don't add tons or overly grindy ones that suck the fun outta it. Either way, hope the NG+ & Legends lists are shown as game DLC rather than separate (like RE: Resistance for example)
  9. Thanks for trying yours out, seems like it should be fine to play in this case. I'll get a copy ordered asap! Thanks everyone for your help!
  10. Thanks, I appreciate the advice! Would anyone who's picked up and played this title recently be able to confirm the above and that everything is a-okay?
  11. So does this mean that if I buy it physically, even if it's used, I should be able to download and play all episodes without any issues?
  12. Hey all, would someone be able to clear up something for me please? If I buy a used disc copy of Batman: The Enemy Within will I be able to access all the episodes and earn the Platinum? Is everything still accessible? I just like to double check before starting with episodic games. I'm UK based if that matters. Any advice would be super appreciated
  13. Would love another shot at 100%ing Marvel's Spider-Man but if Uncharted 4 comes along on PS5 with Survival then heeeelllllll naw 😫
  14. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered solely because I can't be arsed playing yet another run right now, especially on Brutal 😵
  15. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Massive kudos on that!