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  1. But I would. Serious Sam and this one are among the worst games I've played. You don't have to agree. Opinions differ
  2. The battle pass gives rewards. The old system was bad, we'll have to see if this one is better. Gamers helped design this new system.
  3. You'll stay around that rp loss/gain level
  4. Spoilers for other games and needless bashing for this, just because you picked a game you knew you wouldn't like had you looked into it more beforehand You could've made it more engaging for yourself. I absolutely loved playing this game. In my opinion it's noticeable that you're a cat and you couldn't just swap it out for any other animal, just wouldn't work. I knew what I was getting into with this game, because I did look into it, unlike some others. However, I did get more emotionally invested than expected and I love that. The game honestly fits the theme of the pandemic, just like death stranding and it's just as unique. The only thing I didn't like are the trophies, but everything else is worth it and makes it my game of the year 22 Then it's clearly not for you and that's okay. So a game has to be triple A to be worth it? No It's a good and unique indie game Indie games beat triple A
  5. Yes, I still play rainbow six siege after getting the platinum And Spiderman
  6. We are done I'm not a he. My gender is listed in my profile here and on Playstation. And you still got it wrong. Learn respect And nope, didn't say my standard is the standard either
  7. It doesn't track people that don't have it on Playstation And it's ultra rare It's difficulty Because it is difficult It's a souls like game, basically Your standard isn't THE standard
  8. That ain't short And I stand by it not being easy There's a reason the platinum is rare
  9. Figured that out At first I was like huh Without the rewind I would've given up on the platinum Thank you for your answer though, appreciate it
  10. What's the benefit of rewinding exactly?
  11. Meant to delete this since I figured it out, but you're right
  12. Experiencing a similar glitch on Playstation 4 Ah, that might be the issue I've been having, thank you so much
  13. Number not increasing after successful delivery I've been trying to load older save files and it still doesn't seem to increase after delivering Does anyone know what to do?