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  1. It’s an easy+weird game but grinding is very boring even with the fastest cars each game you have between 2-3K in destination 10000-12000 miles Overall not bad and not worst besides I bought it just I remembered the nostalgic memories of NFS UG1-NFS UG2 XD-
  2. Thanks a lot @TheYuriG I did your method and I got the the moving up trophy finally after many years because I platinum the game on the ps vita version then I tried doing it on PS3 version and I had this problem + I can confirm this method works perfectly. Thanks a lot buddy :]
  3. Does anyone still play this game because many days I have made a boosting session And nobody did join :/ because the last 9 trophies are online trophies and I’m looking for people to boosted it
  4. I tried 3 times and I got blocked from the chat for unknown reason 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Is the platinum obtainable nowadays or the online is shutdown??