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  1. I canĀ“t find a PS4 Trophylist for Catan - Console Edition
  2. Hello guys, I need help with 6 trophies in Minecraft PS Vita Edition. Can you help me, please? I need follow trophies: the Enderdragon Kill the shulker trophy sniperduel the elder guardian trophy 9 hearts damage the beacon trophy my 7th trophy, that i need is the 100 days trophy.
  3. hello I need help with a "end-world" trophy in the PS3 Version.
  4. I would prefer, that add both stats, the old one and the new one. I love statistics
  5. I have a german account, is this update for german accounts, too? ^^
  6. Hi everybody, I have a question, when will update psnprofiles the new trophy level up system on the member trophycards?
  7. thank you
  8. Hello, my Name is Sascha and I have a Problem with the Connection of discord and psnprofiles. My discord Name ist Brusa / Blacksword and my discord tag is #9568 When I click on the psnprofiles site on the Point discord, I come to the false site. Can here anyone help me ? When this was the false Posting area for this Topic, sorry I'm new here. PS.: Sorry for my very bad english, I'm from Germany and english was not my best mark in School