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  1. The new description is "Escape through the hatch by using a key", so I believe you'd essentially have to wait for the killer to close the hatch and start the endgame collapse, then re-open it. Shouldn't be too hard, as they'll usually go patrol the doors after closing the hatch, although they might be more cautious if they see you bring a key in. If you bring Plunderer's and/or Appraisal in though, you can often procure one in the match. Overall, probably a change for the easier, particularly if you're solo queuing- though since you can no longer get it with an AFK killer, which was how I ended up getting the old one, it's definitely more skill based now, so an improvement all round IMO.
  2. Late to the conversation, but; - Playing on the PS5 won't make a difference; it's not a performance issue, but rather that the EU version is coded to run at 50 frames per second instead of 60, due to the PAL/NTSC standards at the time, but that the Battle Game timer isn't frame based. - The EU and US versions do, in fact, share a trophy list, but saves are not compatible. I didn't know about this issue until I started playing Battle Mode (though I did wonder why the game ran like crap), but I switched over to the US version- had to do another playthrough to unlock Battle Mode, but trophies went in the same list.
  3. Assuming you mean the Torn Bookmark add on for the Nurse? There's no 'guaranteed' level it will spawn in the blood web at, since it's procedurally generated, but I believe you have to be Level 25 minimum for Ultra Rare add-ons and offerings to spawn at all; that said, I found it spawned relatively frequently after I reached that point.
  4. If you've only just started playing killer, and you're a lower rank (below rank 12), you actually only need 2 iridescent and 2 gold. Hard to tell why that particular match went wrong without knowing what emblems you got, but I'd say just pay attention to your emblems at the end of each match, and you'll see where the shortfall is- if you hover over them, it breaks down what points you got, and anything that reduced them. You definitely can still get an Adept with a 3k- I got one recently- but it was an extremely drawn out match (and conversely, I've also not gotten them for 4ks). Trying to force them towards a particularly narrow selection of generators you can easily patrol, and kicking generators over downing survivors, is a good strategy for drawing out the game (even if it's less reliable at winning the games), and getting more Chase and Malicious and Gatekeeper points. A short chase gets more Chase 'emblem' points than a long chase (unlike bloodpoints), but if you're not getting any at all from picking survivors in traps- and you could also be losing Malicious emblem points as well, if you did an interrupt instead of an attack, I think- try just hanging out near them while they try and escape, and then downing them shortly after they struggle free. It's a tricky balance- if you're watching a survivor without acting for a long time, the game won't consider it a 'chase' at all- but if you can surprise them around a corner immediately after they get free, it could turn a 0 point chase into a 145 point chase. And, obviously, be very aggressive about not camping- not only do you want unhooks to happen, but that proximity to hooked survivors can absolutely tank your Chase emblem points. The DBD wiki does a pretty good job of stepping through the point contributors and deductors for each emblem, but at the end of the day, practice and perseverance will help you more than any guide- keep at it, don't get too frustrated, and it'll eventually be the cherry on top of a great round 👍
  5. As above. The trophy guide implies the 'Final Judgement' quick Mori that Pyramid Head can do counts towards Blood On Your Hands/Face/In Your Mouth, but unfortunately it doesn't (or at least doesn't at the moment); I got all 4 survivors with it and it didn't pop In Your Mouth, and well over 15 of them on the way to getting that without getting On Your Face. Furiously Googled after it didn't pop, found a few other people confirming. Interestingly, The Pig's reverse bear-traps DO count- kills from them popped both On Your Hands and In Your Mouth. I would assume Devour Hope kills still count as well, but I wasn't keeping count... anyway, PSA for anyone else going for this PTA trophy, and worth noting in the guide if anyone reading has the power.