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  1. Same road as you right now.... This dlc is hard af
  2. Man these hotlaps are crazy in the dlc, thanks for the post!
  3. Second conversation glitched on me 2.... Tried to do the other ones and completed but no trophy
  4. Did this game 3 times and no problems getting to 100%? Weird... After multiplayer I quit to the singleplayer and the red button in the middle of the screen saves after that I quit the game.
  5. Never heard of this but looks like you'll be leveling very fast! lol
  6. How about now? Thinking of playing it.
  7. Still as much fun as on release.
  8. Looks good to me
  9. Hope this works out!
  10. Hunterdeplunterrrrrrr gjsttttttt

    1. Hunt4Platinum


      Cheeeeeeeeckt em ooooooOOoooOoo

  11. Same here, did 100% loot on the whole game and didn't get all mementos Guess another run is required... At least I can destroy cars haha
  12. Did all missions on mission select screen, no reload missions and no trophy? Wtf... Did ssdd again still no trophy...
  13. Hi, join my gaming session on friday for BF1.
  14. Do you need dlc trophies? I just made a gaming session.
  15. Game is a lot of fun, but they made the dlc a really frustrating experience. Thanks for the tips, will keep them in mind.
  16. Thanks mate. Hope the weird controls don't hold me back
  17. Man, first time gang members got me out and failed the mission, now I pressed triangle together with O wich failed the mission at lvl 12. FRUSTRATING AF!
  18. Well GTA V, not much choice there haha! Nice list!!
  19. 1. MAFIA II (They don't even have to update the graphics just make a few improvements, game is still great!) 2. GTA IV (The reason I got a ps3, amazing game!) 3. MW2 MULTIPLAYER!!! (No not campaign remastered, activision ruined it again. cod4 remaster was amazing.)
  20. Haha, my account has grown a lot since the outbreak. Wish normal life would continue, but making the best of quarantaine now. Happy platinum hunting everyone! Working my way towards the uncharted games now.
  21. Hi there, For me the chevrolet zr1 centenial edition is also locked behind ps store content, can not do apex legends...
  22. Hi, I've got all dlc etc unlocked, only in apex legends dlc the 'Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Centennial edition' isn't unlocked and I have to buy it on the store?? (Wich doesn't have driveclub) On my previous account I have driveclub and bikes 100% so no Idea why this is suddenly the case. This means I can't complete 2 or 3 events in Apex legends dlc therefore not getting the trophies. If anyone has solved the issue or has a solution, you're a hero.
  23. No, just 'playstation store unlock' also the game and dlc downloads in 1 piece, probably it is a glitch. Downloaded it 2 weeks ago.