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  1. Nice tip. I always struggle with these types of try hard filters. At least the gave the option to remove it!
  2. I had a helluva time getting the last cipher on biome 2. So much so that I literally was in the room where I found it at least 3 times before and knew where the cipher was and it wasn't there which i assumed was because I had gotten it on my initial play through with out paying attention. I have no idea if this was a bug or not because I was missing a xenoglyph from biome 5 and once I got that the final cipher i needed spawned within 5 restarts. I'm not sure if this is good data but very strange. Hope this helps someone, I was very close to throwing in the towel!
  3. This ^^^^^ The damn sharks will troll you and knock your ship upside down over and over. It's really dumb.
  4. Mine was Roffy and now that I've unlocked LISE i stick with that. I love the loading widget.
  5. You don't, however, Spelunky 2 is more challenging and you might learn some stuff by playing around with the first one.
  6. For this game I could of deleted it, but I usually just make a habit out of it in case i want to return for the plat! Like people said, its not that much space in the big scheme.
  7. A true hero you are @Bodyodorthegrave69
  8. Yep Artifact of Command really makes this an easy plat, just completed it. I went in a little blind so my time was on the longer side, with a guide you could do it in 10-12 like @elpoko has stated. Honestly the The Demons and the Crabs Trophy is the most annoying because you can get unlucky with the maps when you loop even with choosing in the shop. Love this game though.
  9. Which class should I focus on buffing up first? My gut says Dark Knight or Armored knight because the extra reach with pole arms are very nice. Anyone have any input, just playing for fun but if I can get to a good place with my line up I'd like to continue and finish the Platinum maybe. Side question: How often should I be reincarnating? Like at what level would be best?
  10. NHL 16, damn dude nice.